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Agraites Show no Pride in Taj City's Rich Heritage

The people in Agra displayed no sense of pride in their history and rich architectural legacy that draws millions of visitors to the city every year.

With Awards, Bollywood Shows Growing Imprint in US

Bollywood this week throws its premier awards event for the first time in the United States, which has quietly become the leading overseas market for India´s prolific film industry.

Why Tamil is the New Punjabi

Like Republic Day parade floats, Hindi cinema is rolling out new backdrops against which to stage the latest entertainment spectacles

Kiss Happens Only in India

A film entitled the 'The First Indian Kiss' is one on the best pieces of social satire.

Book-ed For Art

Imagine a reading room where books are not just meant for reading but they also double up as pieces of art.

A Story of Displacement in Gujarat Comes to Mumbai

I wanted people to think about what is happening in this country and, for a night, experience what it is like to be displaced,

Are Heroines the New Heroes

There is an exciting space and opportunity for bold film-makers and gutsy, gifted actresses to rise above the stereotype, safe, comfort zones and go where few have dared.

The Sacred and Sensuous in Indian Art

Paintings and carvings in ancient Indian temples challenge Western ideas of the relationship between spirituality and sexuality.

David Rocco’s Dolce India: Easy on the Eye and the Palate

David Rocco’s Dolce India is the Indian leg of his international show, David Rocco’s Dolce Vita.

Indian Election Turns Into Battle of Bollywood

A young film star and a veteran actress are facing off for a seat in the Indian parliament, with the election being dubbed the "battle of Bollywood".

Bollywood's Most Blatant Copies of Hollywood Movie Posters

If imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, the Indian film industry has been paying Hollywood poster designers "compliments" for years.

Why did US Send Comedians to India

A Republican Senator has questioned the utility of sending comedians to India at the expense of tax payer's money,

The Yellow Experiment: Coming of Age of Indian Comedy

Comedy in India has certainly come of age, with stand-up comedians gaining sizeable fan following, particularly in the metros.

Pseudo Intellectual’s Day Out

The sudden craze of the hoi polloi to gatecrash into every cultural and literary event in India

Destiny's Kathputli

Displacement makes survival tough for artisans.

Hindu Temples of Pakistan

Today, only 26 out of Pakistan's 428 Hindu temples exist

Incredible A Poem That Can be Read Backwards

That this poem was written by a 14-year old makes it worth sitting up and taking note of.

NGA Refuses to Return $US5m Shiva Statue

The National Gallery of Australia will continue to resist returning the Dancing Shiva statue it purchased for $US5 million from disgraced antiquities dealer.

Exploring Bollywood’s Morality Problem

If the point of a film is to entertain, then why ‘force’ a social message just for the sake of it?

Priyanka Chopra: The New Face of Guess

She is a household name in India. But she is a relative unknown in America, where she spent a part of her childhood. She hopes that being the new face of Guess will change that.

Art Depicting Life in 19th Century Delhi to be Sold

Art commissioned by two Inverness brothers depicting life in Delhi in the 19th Century are to be sold at an auction in London later this year.

Indian Street Art Festival Gives a Facelift to Delhi

A number of neighbourhoods in the Indian capital, Delhi, are getting a colourful facelift thanks to a unique street art festival

US Museum Eyes Influences of Indian-Americans

Curators are probing the history behind certain cultural stereotypes of this population of 3.3 million Americans in a new exhibit

Sun Sets On Sham-E-Mehfils

After Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last nawab of Awadh, was exiled to Calcutta, the culture of Sham-e-Mehfils spread rapidly.

Changing Seasons to Take Woolmark Prize

When all five presented their collections, the jury awarded the prize to Mr. Mishra in an upset.

Sita Makes Her Stand

Recent events lead to a surge in strong, visceral women-based plays

Artificial Pricing

Does Christie’s’ India auction reflect the market reality?

Pakistan Stops Issuing NOCs For Indian Films

Pakistan has now stopped issuing No Objection Certificates for the release of Indian films in the country.

Uttar Pradesh Festival Honors Unsung Feminists from Region’s Past

For the festival’s theme, “Feminists of Awadh Par Salaam,” the organizers reviewed the achievements of iconic women of Awadh, the historical region in the center of modern-day Uttar Pradesh.

Do Beauty & Brains Mix?

Beauty acts as a double edged sword.

A Homegrown Comic Con Highlights Growth in Local Comics Market

As the popularity of the Comic Cons grows, so has interest from both Indian and Western publishers.

Foreigners in Bollywood Posters

Most of the new customers of this kitschy art form are foreigners.

Chef Vikas Khanna Brings Food Alive, Kills English in Twist of Taste 3

This season, you get to rest your eyes on “New York’s Hottest Chef” and the one of the sexiest chefs alive, Vikas Khanna.

Does Anyone in the U.S. Still Go to Foreign Films? Yes. Indians

But Hindi-language movies aren't "foreign" to them. Is the subtitle-reading audience finally extinct?

Katrina, Ranbir Love in Trouble, Rumours of Hrithik Affair Loom

Rumours coming out from the 'Bang Bang' sets suggest that Hrithik and Katrina are more than just friends.

US Producer Buys Rights to Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy

Author Amish Tripathi, who created waves in Indian publishing with a $1 million book contract, has cracked it even bigger this time with an American producer purchasing the rights to “The Immortals Of Meluha.”

Indian Actress Suchitra Sen Dies

Veteran actress Suchitra Sen, known as the Greta Garbo of India, has died in the eastern city of Calcutta.

Suchitra Sen no more

The iconic actress passed away due to prolonged illness

US Returns Stolen Artifacts to India In Wake of Nannygate

The sculpture and two others – a 600-pounder called “Vishnu and Parvati” and a depiction of a Buddhist “Bodhisattva” or enlightened being – were swiped from the Gadgach Temple in Rajasthan, India, in 2009.

Bollywood Couples Who Keep Mum

In Bollywood, news of ­relationships between actors is common.

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