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History, Cricket and Indian Fine-dining at Lord’s

There is always much to digest on a trip to north London.

Bollywood Embraces the New Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan, one of the most sought after Pakistani singer-actor, has drawn criticism for his decision to enter Bollywood

Hindu Mythology-based Card Game Captures Gamers' Attention

A strategy card game, unique for being based on Hindu mythology, has recently hit the market, capturing the attention of a sizable number of gamers.

Bollywood’s Affair With Shakespeare

In India, Shakespeare was first attempted on the screen in Khoon-e-Nahak (Murder Most Foul)

Bollywood's Answer to Four Lions

The film will be Bollywood's first mainstream comedy to deal with terrorism.

Indian Club’s Ban on Dhotis

A regional leader in southern India condemned “sartorial despotism” after a posh English-style cricket club denied entry to several men wearing traditional Indian wraparound garments.

After Bollywood

How India's film festival boom is boosting indie cinema

Dilip Kumar's Pakistan Home a Heritage Site

Media in India are praising Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's decision to declare legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar's ancestral home as a national heritage site.

Bollywood Mysteries

Bollywood mysteries that remain unsolved even today.

Tributes Four in For Indian Actress Zohra Sehgal

Tributes have poured in for celebrated Indian actress Zohra Sehgal who has died in the capital, Delhi, aged 102.

I Can Walk English, I Can Talk English

Finding Fanny and the business of non-Hindi Indian films

Bhangra is Forever

Forget Aishwarya, This Daler Mehndi Song is India's Greatest Export


What Madhuri Dixit did next.

Priceless Sarod Missing From British Airways Flight

Legendary musician Amjad Ali Khan today said the British Airways had misplaced his "beloved" Sarod, which hasn't been found even two days after he took a flight from London to Delhi.

The Curious Case of Katrina Kaif

Here is a star who is the definitive outsider, can’t speak proper Hindi, can’t really act and yet has socked the box office, hearts of audiences and advertisers and remains the most googled.

Bollywood Scion Invests in Hollywood Future

The scion of a Bollywood filmmaking dynasty is forging a career in Hollywood in a bid to emerge from the shadows of his legendary father.

Love or Murder

Was India's 'monument to love' built out of guilt?

11 Dancers You Find at Every Desi Wedding

When it's not the food, alcohol or eye candy, it's these dancers that make a desi wedding truly come alive.

Another Indian Site Gets Heritage Tag

The Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, has been added to the World Heritage site list of the UNESCO

Preity Zinta Says She Won't Settle in US

Actress Preity Zinta on Wednesday night ruled out selling her stake in IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab.

India to Roar at Cannes Lions 2014

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s 2014 edition has just released the shortlists for four more categories

Attacking Preity Zinta: So Rich Girls Should Not File FIRs

It seems there is no shortage of fools who rush in where even film stars fear to tread.

When Did You Last Watch a Pakistani Movie

The mindless insulation of Indians from all things from Pakistan hints at a superiority complex

Finishing line

The unfinished works of MF Husain express a longing for the India of his imagination

Phirangi Bollywood Bimbos

They seem to be "here today, gone today" eye-candy, seductive time-pass distractions for a constituency who, once the movie is over and the phirang bimbos exit, are happy to relapse into contented amnesia.

The Real Reason Why the '90s Bollywood Died

Bollywood has technology to blame for killing so many possible plots, packed with drama and emotion.

Bollywood's Getting That FIFA Feeling

Which Team are our Bollywood Celebrities Rooting for?

Taj Mahal Gets Mud-pack Treatment

India's iconic Taj Mahal monument is to be given a mud-pack to remove yellow pollution stains, archaeologists say.

Varanasi's Zardozi Market Eroded by Pakistan

Ten years down the line you might not find the art practiced any more in Varanasi

Two Approaches to Women’s Empowerment

Both thee worlds give women so much but they also take away a lot.

India: The Power of One Billion

The world's fastest growing mobile market remains relatively untapped - but tread lightly, there still be dragons

Bollywood Film Titles: As Desi as it Gets

It's the desi colloquial flavour that Bollywood has latched on to for its film titles to strike a chord with viewers.

Shah Rukh Khan Richer Than Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp

Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian celebrity to make it to a list of the top ten wealthiest Hollywood and Bollywood personalities.

Aishwarya Rai Dazzles at Cannes Red Carpet

She's undeniably the most glamorous woman at the festival

The Last Song of Awadh

A musical tribute to Lucknow's heritage

A R Rahman Files Police Complaint in LA

The composer approached the cops after his house in Los Angeles was vandalised.

Ballets Retell India's Ancient Tales

It's an endearing saga that's lasted for decades and will endure for many more.

I Them Differently

Art is how people tell their stories through their craft.

Uncle Sam V Uncle Shyam

Being a celeb in Politics is no guarantee on transporting the voting public to a never-neverland-of-happy-ever-after.

Oz University Names Scholarship After Amitabh Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who inaugurated the Indian Film Festival Melbourne (IFFM) along with the governor and his wife on Thursday, is ecstatic to hear that the La Trobe University has named a scholarship after him.

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