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Music Gives India's Slum Children a Voice

India is home to some of the richest but also some of the poorest people in the world.

Unseen Ajanta

The oldest classical Indian paintings, retrieved from time, and decay

Australia's Indian Dance Lessons

It's a really good opportunity to connect with India

Should Celebrities Have a Right to Privacy

Can the tantalizing enigma of romance and mystery even begin to take shape in today’s media and paparazzi-driven era?

Bollywood Men and Their Invisible Wives

There are some celebs who have kept their personal life from the media glare.

New Delhi 25th Most Fun City in the World

New Delhi has been ranked 25th among the world’s ‘Most Fun’ cities with Germany’s capital Berlin topping the survey.

Bachchans, Kapoors, Khans Continue Dynasty Rule in Bollywood

Even if you maintain a myopic distance, you will see Bollywood that has thrived on nepotism since the days of Prithviraj Kapoor, continues to do so even today.

Sadashiv Amrapurkar: Bollywood Actor Dies

Actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar, who made his name playing villainous characters in Bollywood films, has died aged 64.

The Centennial Weave

The only Patan Patola museum in the world shows how conservation can strengthen a textile legacy

The Spoils of Royalty

Why do we cling on to the idea that it is the royal that is luxurious? Real Indian luxury is not the objects, but the service

Rare India Jewels at New York Museum

A show presenting some 60 jewelled objects of India from a private collection is opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Illuminating India’s Little-Known Legend

One of India’s most radical and reclusive contemporary artists until his death in 2001, V.S. Gaitonde was little studied in his lifetime, even in his own country.

Nobody Can Beat Dilli Punjabi at Diwali

Diwali is not a one day affair with close friends and family but rather a month-long saga of parties, events and melas.

The Monetary Value Attached to Art

The usual terms of valuation and profit go out of the window with art.

Is Mamata Banerjee India's Most Underrated Artist

Few Indian painters can boast such an astonishing rise in value without any major awards or artistic milestones.

12 Unforgettable Bollywood Character Names

The brilliant brains behind these deserve a loud round of applause.

Life Stream From The North-East

Tracing music from the Ziro festival of music to the monks of monasteries in Majuli

Blast From The Past

Can Sushmita Sen regain her universe with her new, ambitious comeback film?

Tyeb Mehta’s ‘Blue Painting’ Sold For £1.1 Mn

Sotheby’s inaugural India Art Week fetches a little less than £12.5 million in total

A Definitive History of Shah Rukh Khan's Signature Pose

Shah rukh khan has mastered the art of spreading love all over the world, one inviting hug at a time.

Prosthetic Bollywood

Prosthetics has acquired prominence in the industry.

Bollywood Immortalized at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

There is only one place in the world where the biggest stars like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan co-exist in peace.

India Singer Criticised For Sexist Jeans Remark

Women's groups in the southern Indian state of Kerala have criticised the legendary singer KJ Yesudas for saying women should not wear jeans.

Caste And Conservatism in Our TV Serials

Why do most of Indian serials feature basic types like Banias, Punjabi mercantile communities or Rajputs?

Bollywood Cleavage Row Shows India's Crass Side

A clash between India's top newspaper and a Bollywood actress shows no signs of abating.

Chennai to LA

Up, close and personal with Hollywood biggie Ashok Amritraj

Indian Spectacle in French skies

Indian kites fly high in French skies.

Beauty Pageant That Celebrates Indian Culture In America

Miss India Connecticut is a biannual contest that seeks to celebrate Indian culture and is simultaneously an assimilation into American society.

In Step With The New Kala Ghoda

The city’s only art precinct isn’t becoming Times Square just yet, but is it an evolving site for the arts?

Why Bollywood Stars Are Speaking Out On Sexism

Padukone is not the first Bollywood star to clash with the media recently.

Deepika Cleavage Row

Deepika took exceptional and very public umbrage to show no signs of settling down over the 'cleavage tweet' row.

The Ashes Of Pleasure

How the curtains came down on Calcutta’s professional theatre - See more at:

Apple Finally Kills an Iconic Product

iPod Classic Disappears Quietly from Apple's Website

Kolkata Chromosome

A historic neighbourhood sheds its old ways, prompting locals to record its vanishing past

A Slice of New York’s Times Square in Mumbai

Nicknamed Crossroads of the World, Times Square is a focal point of the global entertainment industry and hosts over 39 million visitors annually.

Star Shutterbug Has City in Frame

With almost 10 million fans on Facebook, the photoblog is a darling of social media across the world.

10 Hindi Films That Take You On a Journey Through India

A snapshot of a few films where you can just sit back and admire the landscape, or even get inspired to pack your bags and travel.

And Pop Goes Culture

Comic Con India has become an annual pop culture event across different cities.

India's Screen Goddess

In the summer of 1987, the TV epic Ramayan had Indian audiences gripped, with more than 100m people tuning in each week.

Indian Origin Banker Pays $81,000 to Kiss

He was a top bidder when Elizabeth Hurley offered a kiss with herself - however, explaining this win to his wife will may prove a little more expensive.

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