January 2012

Astronomers Discover Remnants of 1500 Km Long River on Mars

New astonishing pictures by the European Space Agency have revealed a 1500 km long and 7 kilometre wide river that once ran across Mars.

Singapore Arrests Indian Boy over Facebook Bomb Threat

The unnamed boy vowed to take "a big big revenge", "spit everywhere" and "plant bombs on Marina Bay Sands".

Shah Rukh Mum over Patch Up

After the patch up, Shirish had told that their frienship has become stronger than ever

Are Diet Soft Drinks Invitation to Heart Attacks?

People who consume diet soft drinks daily could be unwittingly inviting strokes and heart attacks.

This Scientist Left US Job to Fight Maharashtra Local Polls

the nanotechnology scientist left his cutting edge work when conscience beckoned him to help change and improve things in his deprived village.

More Indians Opting for Public Varsities in US

With the rupee depreciating against the dollar and the economy taking a downward swing, more Indians are choosing to study at public universities in the US vis-a-vis private ones.

Antony, General Singh Blame Army for the Age Row

As the Supreme Court gets ready to hear the Army Chief age row, both Defence Minister AK Antony and Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh on Tuesday blamed the Army for the mess.

Filmfare Awards: K Factor Steals Show With Khans, Kapoors

The venue could have easily passed off as another motor show, as Jaguars, Audi Q7s, BMWs, Beamers, Ferraris, Mercs and a lone Rolls Royce rolled onto the red carpet.

Little Known Facts About Kashmir

Did you know that adventure tourism is one of the biggest attractions of Kashmir? Well, not many must have been aware of that fact because most of the time, the beautiful valley is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Jimmy Choo Bag Collection Woos India

When Jimmy Choo, the legendary shoe-couturier, came to India in 2009, there was quite a flurry in the country's high society.

Australian Firms Keen to Invest in Indian Retail Sector

Although the government has put on hold its decision to open up the multi-brand retail sector to FDI amid strong opposition to the move, Australia has said that its big retailers are keen to enter the sector here

Dell Readies $1 billion Crore War Chest for India Buyout

Dell is on the prowl for an India acquisition worth up to $1 billion (Rs 5,000 crore), part of a strategy to bolster its information technology services business and compete better against the likes of IBM and Accenture.

Offshore Transactions Should Not be a Device to Evade Tax

January 20, 2012 can without a doubt be said to be the day when Vodafone Group emerged vindicated by the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision that to tax Vodafone in India would amount to imposing capital punishment for capital investment.

Fidelity Set to Sell India Business

International mutual fund giant Fidelity is considering the sale of its India business, hurt by mounting losses and years of underperformance. Fidelity has appointed multinational investment banking firm JPMorgan to find a buyer for the business that oversees assets worth Rs 8,800 crore.

Starbucks In Equal Joint Venture with Tata Global

Starbucks Corp, the world's largest coffee shop company, will open its first cafe in India in August through an equal joint venture with Tata Global Beverages, the two partners said on Monday.

Foreign Nationals Permitted to Change Jobs Within Same Company

Brad Taylor, a US national working for ABC Company has been enjoying his stay in India amidst the chaos, the traffic, Hindi music and the chaat. Last week, he was offered a challenging assignment in PQR Company, a subsidiary of his employer, ABC Company.

Child was Promised Snacks and Rs.5 to Bathe in R-Day Tableau

An eight-year-old boy who was made to bathe in cold water for hours

Cops Turn Entertainers in Bollywood

Doors have opened up for cop-centric films with audiences lapping up the brawny, brash and over-the-top characters.

Kashmir Education Minister Cheated for Son's Exam

The expose could endanger the minister's continuation in the state cabinet.

SRK-Shirish Brawl Jokes Storm internet

The much talked about brawl between Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder has become the focus of many jokes on social networking sites with most barbs targeting the fledgling director.

Madhuri to Launch her Official Site

She is back in B-town to play another innings.

TCS Expands US Presence, Opens New Facility in California

The centre, which is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, will also act as the base for the TCS' next generation solutions unit

India Eyes $100 bn Foreign Investment in Nuclear Power Sector

Sharma said France would play an important role in developing nuclear power facilities in India.

Adults Only: The Indian Nanny State’ Needs to Grow Up

Kiss goodbye to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – but don’t let the censors see you do it. What the ‘ban’ on the film says about India’s regression as a nanny state.

Good News from Kashmir: Education Back on Rail

Ramshackle and damaged buildings are being repaired, teacher-student ratios are improving, enrolment is rising and so is the literacy rate.

64 Years on, Family of Man who Caught Gandhi's Killer in Penury

The father of the nation was shot from close range by Godse, a Hindu nationalist, while he was proceeding for the prayer meeting at Birla House Jan 30, 1948.

Anti-outsourcing Move will Hurt US

Mukherjee's comments Sunday came after Obama last week raised concerns on outsourcing, calling out US firms to bring jobs back home.

BJP Dares Rahul Gandhi, Says Let him Become the PM

With just over a week before polls begin in Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today took on Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi. Throwing down the gauntlet at the young Gandhi scion, senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad dared him to become the Prime Minister.

Protectionism to Hurt Both -- US and India, Warns Pranab

Worried over the adverse fallout of protectionism, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said if the US stops outsourcing jobs to India, profitability of both the economies will be hurt.

Filmfare Awards: Juiciest Bites from the Best Bollywood Celebs

It was an evening when all the stars were under one roof. We get you the juiciest bites from the best Bollywood celebs.

Top Berkshire Executive Ajit Jain Potential Witness in Rajat Gupta Trial

A superseding indictment against ex-Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta, an accused in insider trading scam, is expected to be filed by January 31, according to US prosecutors, who said his "close friend" and top Berkshire Hathaway executive Ajit Jain could be a potential witness in the trial slated for April.

Govt to Help Smaller Firms Mount Global Takeovers

The government is no longer fighting shy of Indian companies going for overseas acquisitions. Instead, it is preparing a plan aimed at boosting foreign buyouts by smaller players.

India World's Fourth Largest Steel Maker in 2011

India maintained its position as the fourth largest steel producer in 2011, despite 5.7 per cent output growth as against the world average of 6.8 per cent, the World Steel Association (WSA) said.

India-China Trade Hits all Time High Of $ 73.9 Billion 2011

India-China bilateral trade hit a record USD 73.9 billion last year, but the ballooning trade deficit in Beijing's favour rose to over USD 27 billion, raising concern among Indian authorities.

Nasscom Sees Cloudy Skies for Indian IT

The apex body of Indian technology companies is likely to forecast a slowdown in software exports in 2012-13, as corporations keep a wary eye on the global economic uncertainty and control expenses on information technology outsourcing.

HCL Wants More Indian Companies to Create Jobs Abroad

Asserting that the Indian IT industry is looking at new growth models, HCL Technologies has said more companies from the country should look at creating local jobs in the foreign lands.

Telenor Keen to Broaden IT Outsourcing Pact With Wipro Beyond India

Norway's Telenor, which retails mobile services under the Uninor brand, plans to broaden its IT outsourcing pact with Wipro beyond India to ring in cost efficiencies in other Asian markets where it is a mobile operator.

Overseas Indians Have Increased India's Stature

Praising overseas Indians for their hard work, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said the community members through their soft power have increased the stature of India at international arena.

Time to Study, Invest in India, Says Britain

For this century will be shaped by India more than any other that has come before it. Now is the time to study India, to invest in India and to work with India.

More than Five Mn out of Work in Spain

The jobless rate stood at 22.85 percent at the end of last year, its highest level since the 23.49 percent registered in the first quarter of 1995.

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