Bigger India

India Weighs Update to 1970s Abortion Law

The plight of rape victims has put India's abortion laws under the spotlight.

More Luxury Less Laundry

TV adverts in India target 'modern' women

Indian-Origin CEOs Of Global Tech Giants

Pichai's elevation is another milestone for Indian-origin CEOs -- of whom at least half a dozen are in Fortune 500 companies.

UAE to Allot Land For Temple in Abu Dhab

Indian expatriates comprise 30 percent of the UAE's population and are the largest nationality group.

10,000 Indians lose Jobs Due to EMigrate System Snags

Discrepancies in implementation of the eMigrate system have added to crisis caused by software glitches.

Tourist Arrivals Keep up The Tempo

the ministry of tourism claimed an 8% increase in foreign tourist arrivals and a 10% increase in foreign-exchange earnings.

National Treasures, Really

Mumbai’s visionaries and freedom fighters deserve better. It will be a shame lest we forget the very names who shaped our city and our country.

PM Modi Meets NRI Investors in UAE

In the meeting, Modi, the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the country in 34 years, appealed to NRI investors to renew their efforts to bring in more investments into the country

India Finally Faces Up to an Ugly Reality

One must look unflinchingly at one’s country while, at the same time, never giving up on beauty.

Indian Woman's Freedom Agenda

Indian women need a blueprint that safeguards their interests and one that pays no heed to the mindless masculine white noise around us.

Twitter is at a Dead End

Something has gone wrong at Twitter, the world’s second largest social media company.

Yuan’s Fall is Spooking India

China's move to devaluate its currency yuan has spooked the Indian markets.

India's Bid for Permanent Seat at UN Security Council Suffers Blow

In a setback to India's bid for a permanent seat in an expanded UN Security Council, the US, along with Russia and China, has opposed negotiations to reform the powerful UN body,

Faith And Traffic

The Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage undertaken by Shiva devotees to places of worship.

40 Years of Sholay

Lessons for corporate India from Amitabh Bachchan.

The Selfie Impact on Indian Teens

Study says people who posted a lot of selfies tend to have higher levels of narcissistic traits

Indians Bag 86% of H-1B Visas

Most of the H-1B visas granted by the US government for workers in computer jobs are for people from India, according to new data.

I Have Faced Justice, Got A Clean Chit

Composer Nadeem Akhtar Saifi on how his life changed after being accused of murder of Gulshan Kumar

Twitter Trolls Self-styled Godwoman

Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa might have denied the allegations against her and claimed that she is 'pure and pious' but it seems people on Twitter are not convinced.

Facebook is Posting a $20-mn Appening India Story

Social networking giant Facebook has distributed benefits worth $20 million to developers in India

Indians Biggest Power Players in Silicon Valley

Ever since Indian graduates poured into Silicon Valley in the 1970s and 1980s, talented Indians have broken glass ceilings for immigrants.

The Fear of Censorship in Indian Media

George Bernard Shaw once said that "censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions".

Fading American Dream

Sundar Pichai is a metaphor for new kind of elitism in US.

The Best Cooking is at Home

Is our modern food culture keeping us out of the kitchen.

Caste Order: The Patel is The New Shudra

Patels want to be OBCs because their children cannot get into colleges. They have never been backward or helpless.

Proud to be a Bihari

Why is India's Bihar state planning to send the DNA samples of up to five million of its people to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Gandhi on Religion, Cow and Caste

It is very dangerous to inject religion into politics in our subcontinent. However, our ‘Mahatma’ thought that was the only way to get mass support.

India's Anaconda Parody Rap

Indian activist Sofia Ashraf's "parody rap video" against consumer goods giant Hindustan Unilever has clocked nearly two million views

India’s Creche Empire Far From Child’s Play

Around the world, one of the biggest reasons women give for not returning to work after having a baby is the lack of childcare .

India Off The Beaten Track

Can we really experience the beauty, benevolence and uniqueness of India in one lifetime?

Alaap in C Minor

The difficult encounters between Indian and Western classical music.

Why Stampedes Occur Again and Again in India

India is vulnerable to stampedes, especially at large religious gatherings, because of poor implementation of the NDMA crowd management guidelines

America, No More the Land of Opportunity

In the United States, there is now less economic mobility than in Canada or much of Europe.

Goddess Kali on New York's Empire State Building

In a breathtaking spectacle, Goddess Kali was projected on the Empire State Building in New York.

Indian Singer Disappears in Pakistan

Indian pop singer Sukhbir Singh on Sunday fled from the Karachi airport after authorities found $27,000 in his luggage

Only 2 Indians in Forbes' First Ever Tech Billionaires List

When it comes to producing billionaires in the technology space, the country cuts a sorry figure.

Is Kama Sutra a Feminist Book of Erotic Love

Does the world's oldest textbook of erotic love need to be redeemed and accorded its proper place as a literary landmark of India's rich heritage?

Next Himalayan Quake May Affect India

There is an increased risk of a future major earthquake in an area that straddles the west of Nepal and India, scientists warn.

Indian-made Liquor is on a New high

With improved quality and packaging, country liquor scores over Indian-made foreign brands

Man, the Booker

Why Indians feel a certain pride about this prize, and how this might change soon.

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