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PM Narendra Modi Fasting During US Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on a Navratri fast during his visit to the United States and will only have water, tea and nimbu pani or lemonade while there.

Chennai to LA

Up, close and personal with Hollywood biggie Ashok Amritraj

Indian Spectacle in French skies

Indian kites fly high in French skies.

Beauty Pageant That Celebrates Indian Culture In America

Miss India Connecticut is a biannual contest that seeks to celebrate Indian culture and is simultaneously an assimilation into American society.

Eye On The US

Takeaways from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first interview

The Mobile Gatekeepers of India's Railways

Some 11,500 of the more than 30,000 railway crossings in India are unmanned.

Indians Spend Big On Hotels Abroad

It turns out the cliche that Indians are the stingiest travellers is not true.

In Step With The New Kala Ghoda

The city’s only art precinct isn’t becoming Times Square just yet, but is it an evolving site for the arts?

The Insanity That Fuels Our News

How an English-medium Indian can look perfectly rationally at Saturn and Mars, but simultaneously fear the wrath of ‘Shani’ and ‘Mangal’

Al-Qaeda India Branch Delusional

Indian PM Narendra Modi has dismissed al-Qaeda's plan to set up an Indian branch, saying that the group was "delusional" to think that Indian Muslims "will dance to its tune".

A Tale Of The Haunted Houses Of Lutyens Delhi

The disruptive potential of the diktat of the Modi government is hopefully not lost on his ministers too, now slowly moving into the bungalows vacated by many long-term residents.

Indian Architect Named Leader of Tomorrow

A 28-year-old Indian architect has been named "young leader of tomorrow" by Time magazine for his pioneering work in designing affordable flood-proof houses for slum dwellers.

Why Indians Bargain With No Apologies

Just because we are known to be brains behind some of the big companies, does not mean we have piles of cash in our accounts.

Visa On Arrival Facility On The Anvil For US Tourists

The ministry of home affairs is working overtime to finish the work on the VoA proposal to finalize it in time for the Prime Minister's visit.

To Be or Not To Be English

English is a foreign language and I believe it can never be a language for social inclusion.

Five Big Takeaways From Xi Jinping’s Visit to India

China's President Xi Jinping's visit to India this week will go down the history in five major aspects.

Artificial Sweeteners Can Trigger Diabetes

Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, causing metabolic changes that can be a precursor to diabetes.

US Body Will Help Resolve Indian Firms' Visa Issues

Amidst India raising concerns over visa issues with the US, an American investment facilitation body, SelectUSA, today said it would help in resolving them.

Modi's Madison Square Garden Event Sold Out

Tickets for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's community reception at the Madison Square Garden in New York City during his US visit later this month are sold out

The Return of Nalanda

Against the epic scale and lofty credentials of its first millennium avatar, the return of India’s oldest university has been modest so far.

India's Farmers Beat Climate Change With Technology

While not all farmers here have switched to new techniques, seeing neighbours who succeed when they do so is bound to be a strong incentive.

India Pitches For Currency Buffer

India urged G20 nations should consider swap lines to mitigate impact of Federal Reserve's stimulus rollback.

Indian-American As Ambassador to India

President Barack Obama nominated former State Department official Richard Verma as U.S. ambassador to India.

Indian Company Plans 1,200 Jobs in North Carolina

HCL Technologies' American subsidiary will add about 1,200 jobs in North Carolina.

It’s Time For Indimerica Now

A new working paper published by US National Bureau of Economic Research says India is set to replace China as the dominant periphery country

A Merry-Go-Round For Cricket Coaches

Long-Term Faith in Short Supply Among Test-Playing Nations

Why Bollywood Stars Are Speaking Out On Sexism

Padukone is not the first Bollywood star to clash with the media recently.

Kashmir Eyes Scottish Independence

Several thousand Kashmiris will be voting in a historic and much awaited referendum, this week.

A Taste Of Italy Up In Shimla Hills

The Himachal Pradesh capital is now offering a platter of authentic taste of Italy

Does Third Eye Open At The Time Of Death

Hindus acknowledge it and pay respect to it daily by wearing a bindi or tilak at the exact spot where this invisible third eye is located.

With Winter's Onset, The Gods Return From Heaven

Every village has several resident "gods" and "goddesses" who are invoked as living deities.

The Great Indian Wedding Obsession

Why Indian fashion designers are obsessed with weddings

This IIT Is Ahead Of Its Peers

A global university ranking has placed IIT-Bombay, ahead of its other counterparts.

India And Friends Fight For Ocean Rim Space

It is the Indian Ocean Region where India is looking to take the high-stake power play into China's camp with special focus on joint naval exercises.

India, China Sign Deals Worth $3.4 Billion

Indian businessmen signed deals worth $3.43 billion with their Chinese counterparts who are part of a delegation accompanying President XI Jinping here

Deepika Cleavage Row

Deepika took exceptional and very public umbrage to show no signs of settling down over the 'cleavage tweet' row.

India Looks Offshore, More Scottish Jitters

. If voters choose to leave the UK, Scotland would likely see renewable energy investment drop due to uncertainty about future support.

India-China Border Skirmish Flares Up

Indian and Chinese troops are locked in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation at Chumar, close to the disputed border in eastern Ladakh.

7 Classics Of Hindi Literature You Must Read

It's a reservoir that can never go dry, and neither is it possible to ever do justice to any list of top classics.

The Ashes Of Pleasure

How the curtains came down on Calcutta’s professional theatre - See more at:

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