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How India Is Helping in Hunt for Missing MH370

India joins 10 other nations in the search for the missing MH370 jet including China, the U.S. and Vietnam.

How India Can Create Its Own Silicon Valley

What youngsters need the most is mentorship and networking. This is where India's grown-ups need to step up.

Exploring How Indian Americans Helped Shape US

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington celebrates Indian-American culture, history and experiences

India PM Candidate Narendra Modi's Tea Party

Indian election campaigns are lively, colourful affairs which many believe best capture the essence of its democracy.

Indians Most Active Buyers of Property in Dubai

Indians have topped the list of Dubai's most active real estate buyers as they view the city in the same league as London

US Judge Dismisses Charges in Devyani Khobragade Case

An Indian diplomat whose arrest and strip-search spurred an international flap had the case against her dismissed by a federal judge

In Kerala Temple, Devotees Offer Chocolates

Ever heard of a temple where mouth-watering chocolate bars are offered by devotees to the presiding deity

Ultra-cheap Origami Microscope Developed

A microscope seems like a complex piece of kit so the idea that one can be printed on to A4 paper for around 50 cents (30p) seems incredible.

Malaysia Seeks India’s Help in Search For Missing Plane

Search for flight MH370 expands to cover an area stretching from China to the Andaman Sea

NRIs on Short Trips Barred From Gold Imports

Imports of gold are likely to get further impacted, with the effort to check the alleged misuse of the facility for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to bring some with their luggage.

US, UK, India Bodies Among Worst Online Spies

Three of the government bodies designated as ‘Enemies of the Internet’ are located in democracies that have traditionally claimed to respect fundamental freedoms.

India's Vibrant Holi Festival

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, heralds the beginning of spring and is celebrated all over India.

Miraculous Temples of India

Facts about Indian temples that can keep you up at night.

2 Indians in US' Most Powerful CEOs Under-40

Two Indian CEOs have been named among America's most powerful CEOs under the age of 40 - who head publicly-traded companies with highest market value.

Auspicious Signs

Astrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses

Priyanka Chopra: The New Face of Guess

She is a household name in India. But she is a relative unknown in America, where she spent a part of her childhood. She hopes that being the new face of Guess will change that.

Pentagon Urged to Allow Sikhs Leeway in Military Attire

Lawmakers urged the Pentagon on Monday to lift a virtual ban on Sikhs serving in the US armed forces.

New Laws May Hurt Indian Bank Branches in UK

Indian banks that operate branches will have to go through a lengthy overhaul of their legal structures into subsidiaries or deliver what is called “a very high level of assurance” from the bank regulator.

Global Recognition of Indian Degrees Soon

India is set to get full-fledged membership status of the Washington Accord by June, enabling global recognition of Indian degrees and improving mobility of students and engineers.

What Do India's Swiss Banks Do

One of the narratives that have emerged is of the companies being crooked and the investors being small, uneducated and innocent.

Tourists Lose Thousands in Goa Gemstone Scam

The gemstone scam had originated in Thailand two decades ago, and is still quite rampant in Jaipur, Delhi and Agra.

70 Indian Passports Stolen From San Francisco

About 70 Indian passports have reportedly been stolen from a private company, to which the Indian Consulate in San Francisco has outsourced various visa and passport related services.

The Doctor With a Razor Blade in India

The ancient practice of bloodletting as a medical treatment continues in India.

Delhi's Deli Boom

Whether it is expats or Indians, specialist farms and businesses are benefiting from customers with a global palate and a wallet to match.

India’s Masquerade For the Gods

For the devout, this festival is more than a tale, it’s a time they can be someone or something else

India’s Conversion Laws Threaten Religious Freedom

The acts of violence are part of a broader pattern of instigating fear into the minorities, sending them a message they don’t belong to this country unless they either keep at the margins or turn to Hinduism.

Why India's Landmark Education Law is Shutting Down Schools

In an unauthorised colony of labourers in Delhi, a class of six-year-olds is reciting English, a language their parents hope will get them jobs in call centres and offices.

India, US Break Ice But Differences Persist

India strongly feels that the White House has been both inconsistent and indifferent to Delhi’s interests.

How Bangalore-based Firm is Taking on Google and Facebook

We are basically one of the largest players in the planet that understand user behaviour, more deeply than what psychologists ever understood or psychiatrists ever understood.

Kejriwal's Off-record Interview Leaks

a video showing AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal asking a TV news anchor to emphasise certain sections of his interview went viral on YouTube

Facebook-WhatsApp Deal May Face Detailed Scrutiny in India

Facebook's $19 billion deal (Rs. 1,16,000 crore) to acquire WhatsApp may face a detailed scrutiny especially since both players have significant presence in India.

Google Faces up to $5-billion Fine in India

The case has been before the Competition Commission of India (CCI) as well for over two years now and it relates to allegations that Google is abusing its dominant position in the Internet search engine space.

Flipkart, India's Reply to Amazon, Sees $1 Billion Sales

Flipkart, India's answer to US online giant Amazon, said its sales would cross the milestone $1 billion-mark (over Rs. 6,100 crore) this year.

97% of 12,000 New NRI Voters From Kerala

For the first time, non-resident Indians will be voting in the general elections.

Why Indians Want to Settle on Mars

I want to meet aliens. I strongly feel that we are not alone in this universe.

Too Much Facebook Use May Fuel Eating Disorders

Frequent Facebook users might be sharing more than just party pictures, vacation videos and selfies - they also share a greater risk of eating disorders

A Home of Their Own for Indian Expats

A weak rupee and attractive deals are luring Indian expats back to their nation’s property market.

How Zuckerberg Courted and Won WhatsApp

How do you woo one of the world's biggest messaging apps? Flirty emails, whisky and billions of dollars, as it turns out.

Being a Transgender Voter in India

A recent change in Indian government policy that gives voters another choice apart from the two genders traditionally mentioned on most official forms

No Country for Single Women

For many young people, India is a land of opportunity. Male or female, if you're well educated and resourceful there's the chance of a well-paid career. J

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