Bigger India

Is Bubble Bursting For India's Online Start-ups

Hundreds of layoffs at several Indian start-ups have sparked fears the bubble is starting to burst for the country's e-commerce companies.

Billions in Change

Who is Manoj Bhargava and just how is 'free electricity' coming?

Hollande Chief Guest at 2016 Republic Day Parade

It is understood that the invitation by PM Narendra Modi to the French President was extended last m...

Yale University May Reserve Seat in Bengaluru

Ivy League member Yale University is scouting for partners to help set up a multidisciplinary centre in India's silicon valley Bengaluru.

In India, James Bond Has Only Half a Licence to Kiss

The Indian Censor Board has succeeded where British Intelligence failed -reining in the legendary sex life of UK's most famous fictional spy .

Indian Spices That Prevent Cancer

Turmeric is the king of spices when it comes to dealing with cancer diseases, besides it adding a zesty colour to our food on the platter.

Grocery Shopping Goes Online

In the past year or so, India has seen a virtual mushrooming of online grocery portals, with some even promising free delivery on the same day

India’s Unseen Foods

Why the staples of a large section of India are shrouded in deliberate invisibility

Baba Ramdev to Now Launch Khadi Yoga Wear

From a conception pill to organic toothpaste, instant noodles and ayurvedic products, India's favourite Baba Ramdev has it all under his brand "Patanjali."

Taking Indian Whisky Upmarket

Most of the whisky sold in India is locally made and generally considered low quality, but some are now trying to show that need not be the case.

Food Authority Challenges Lifting Ban on Nestle's Maggi

India's food safety authority has appealed to the country's top court against a regional court order overturning a nationwide ban on Maggi instant noodles sold by the local unit of Nestle.

Rahul a British National

Document shows Rahul Gandhi as British national, but it could be an error: UK government department

Paris Attacks: Mumbai Relives 2008 Horror

As more details emerge from Paris, striking similarities between the two attacks are coming to light, and for so many people here in Mumbai, it's bringing back painful memories.

Indians Troll BA Over Sachin Tendulkar Row

British Airways has incurred the wrath of Indian cricket fans over cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Tea Versus Whisky

India and the UK have a long - and troubled - relationship, but it is also one that has evolved considerably over the years.

Danving AcrossThe Cultural Divide

Bharatanatyam dancer and Royal Ballet star join forces.

Bengaluru Became The Biotech Capital of India

Biotech startup activity is about 15 years old in Bengaluru, but most startups remained isolated entities with little interaction between them.

Infosys a Brand For Digital Services in US

Software major Infosys has been named as one of the most relevant service providers for digital strategy.

India's Forgotten Coronation Park

Now India is the fastest growing large economy in the world - and Britain is not even among the country's top 10 trading partners.

Why The UK Visit is Designed to Dazzle Modi

For David Cameron, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UK is personal.

Indian-American Companies Fined For H-1B Visa Misuse

Two Silicon Valley companies owned by an Indian-American have been fined $103,000

The Flip Side of Diwali

Firecrackers are in great demand ahead of Diwali, a festival that signifies the victory of light over darkness.

Builder’s Suicide Unites Real Estate Developers Battling Red Tape

The property industry’s push to revive a proposal meant to ease project approvals has gained momentum after developer Suraj Parmar’s suicide

Why India Really Needs to be More Intolerant

It's not intolerance that's on the rise in this country. What is making some folks deeply uncomfortable is too much tolerance.

India Can’t Cut a Saree Figure For Posterity

It seems that the popularity of India’s timeless garment is definitely on the wane, at least among the younger lot.

Bihar Election Results Challenge Modi's BJP

India's most-talked about election this year has now delivered what many say is a historic verdict.

Pakistan Anger at TV Show With Bollywood Judges

Pakistani social media users are trying to put pressure on a leading local media network to cancel a singing competition involving Indian judges.

From Femme Fatale to Plain Jane

Business of beauty struggles, 20% fall in cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

China Biggest Doctor Factory For India

China is today the largest contributor of MBBS doctors to India

The Ghost Who Guards The Indian Border

The legend of a ghost has made its way into Indian Army folklore, giving them some respite from their tedious and mundane activities in the Himalayas.

Where Does The Educated Indian Emigrate to

The overall migrant population of Indian origin in developed countries was 3.6 million in 2010-11, an increase of 83% over the previous decade.

The Indian Superheroine Fighting Discrimination

India's much loved Tinkle comics have entertained and educated children for more than 35 years.

Bihar's Long And Bitter Electoral Battle

Polling for the fifth and final phase of elections has ended in the northern Indian state of Bihar.

Back on Home Ground

How will Team India, forged during a two-year period of overseas Tests, fare at home?

India's Goa wants British Tourists Back

Businesses are trying to tempt Brits back, not least because the collapse of the rouble has meant fewer Russian visitors to the region.

Should Making Fun of Sikhs be Banned

Nobody quite knows when Sikh jokes became a part of pan-Indian humour.

Google to Beam Internet From Sky in India:

Internet giant Google is working with the government on a pilot project for providing Internet connectivity by using large balloons.

Increasing H-1B Visas Big Mistake

A Republican presidential aspirant has said he is against increasing H-1B visas - the most sought-after work visas for IT professionals and companies the US.

Bizarre And Beautiful Places to See in India

From haunted forts to snacking with the dead, here are some of the quirkiest tourist places in India.

Tendulkar And Warne Sell Cricket to New Yorkers

When Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne walk the streets of New York, they create an odd phenomenon.

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