Two Rupee News

A group of street children are busy in an unusual editorial meeting in a house in the Indian capital, Delhi.

Congress Periodical Criticises Nehru

A periodical published by India's main opposition Congress has criticised India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru over his foreign policy moves.

The Indian Superheroine Fighting Discrimination

India's much loved Tinkle comics have entertained and educated children for more than 35 years.

India Literary Council Condemns Attacks on Writers

India's Sahitya Akademi, which bestows literary honours, has condemned recent attacks on writers and rationalists.

How to Cook a Goat Head

The first printed cookbook in India, with recipes that go back nearly two millennia.

Writers Returning Akademi Awards Are a Manufactured Paper Rebellion

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today termed the steady stream of writers returning Sahitya Academy awards as a "manufactured paper rebellion" against the government in the wake of a "manufactured crisis".

Shakespeare in Modern English Now

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has decided that Shakespeare's language is too difficult for today's audiences to understand.

Writer Returns Award in Modi Protest

A leading Indian writer has returned a prestigious literary award to protest the "vicious assault" on "diversity and debate" in the country.

Open For Business

The Bookshop in Delhi’s Jor Bagh, a window to the pre-Kindle world, makes a compelling case for book stores

Reasons Indian Newspapers Have Been Unshaken by the Internet Storm

The plunging newspaper circulation numbers and widespread reporter layoffs that have come with the spread of the World Wide Web are a distant concern for India’s many newspapermen.

Indian Diaspora in Fiction

Politicians, business magnates, sports stars — the Indian diaspora has done well for itself in its new homes around the world.

Is Kama Sutra a Feminist Book of Erotic Love

Does the world's oldest textbook of erotic love need to be redeemed and accorded its proper place as a literary landmark of India's rich heritage?

Man, the Booker

Why Indians feel a certain pride about this prize, and how this might change soon.

India's Tea-selling Author

Thousands of people make a living selling tea on the roadside in Delhi, but one man stands out. Laxman Rao is not only a tea seller but also a prolific author.

Delhi’s Fifth Estate

The story of the legendary newspaper agency in Connaught Place through the life of a family patriarch.

The Oldest Bookstores in India

From the mountains to the metros, a few gems that have survived the tests of time and are a true testament to the old world charm of reading the written word.

The Last Katibs Of Delhi

The computerisation of calligraphic fonts has damaged the livelihoods of the remaining few calligraphy artists or Katibs in Urdu Bazaar, Delhi.

The Future of Political Cartoons

Editorial cartoonists have critiqued India since the 1960s, even through the Emergency. Now, a clutch of new political satirists is emerging online

The Scottish Surgeon Who Discovered Hindoostanee

John Borthwick Gilchrist, part of the East India company’s medical corps in Calcutta, translated Aesop’s Fables into Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit and Bengali

Newspapers in Half Pants

India is a Hard Market for Booksellers

One of India's most influential publishers says that it's "very hard" to make money in the Indian book industry.

Chetan Bhagat Slapped With Defamation Suit

The suit was filed in the Delhi high court by Chandra Vijay Singh for "express and implied references" to his family in Bhagat's latest book Half Girlfriend that are "false and derogatory in nature",

The New Life of English Poetry

Long confined to a niche literary circle, Indian poetry in English is becoming part of the mainstream.

The Many Strands of Indian Identity

An ambitious new library of Indian literature shows the cultural riches ignored by today’s Hindu nationalists.

Ancient Indian Epic to be Retold on Twitter

Ancient Indian epic to be retold on Twitter this time from the perspective of the main villain.

The Jaipur Jostle

The Urdu type’ at literary festivals in Jaipur and Kolkata.

Cartoonist Behind India's Common Man

Legendary Indian cartoonist RK Laxman has died aged 94.

Indian Author in Hiding After New Book Sparks Fury

The author disappeared from public view earlier this week and announced he would no longer write books.

How to Design an Indian Classic

When it came to the Murty Classical Library of India, whose first five books were published this week by Harvard University Press, part of the answer turned out to be: think pink.

India's Troubled Tryst With Free Speech

The attack on French weekly Charlie Hebdo has sparked off a furious debate globally about the limits of freedom of speech. In India, that fundamental freedom is a legal oxymoron.

Smell An iPad

The physical book meets its many avatars.

Tejpal and Tehelka a Year on From Sexual Assault Allegation

A year after an allegation of sexual assault led to his arrest on a rape charge, Tarun Tejpal, the founder of Tehelka magazine, is once again in the spotlight.

Vape is Word of the Year for Oxford Dictionaries

The word, which was first used in the 1980s, can be employed as a verb to mean inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes

No Women or Dogs Allowed in Library

Aligarh Muslim Univ ban on girl students is a shame.

Dan Brown Couldn’t Crack Delhi

The bestselling author was less racier than his novels.

Lost Jain Text on Indian Philosphy Reconstructed

Analyses contained in Dwadasharnayachakra are key points of reference for scholars from across the globe who come to Gujarat to study Indian religious thought.

The Problem With The English Language In India

Aperson’s socioeconomic status in Indian society is approximately in line with his or her fluency in the language. In other words: a new caste system.

Google Launches Alliance for Indian Language Content

Google Inc launched the Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA) n an aim to boost Indic language content that would boost demand for the internet and indirectly aid its search business.

Indian Fantasy

It has been an exceptionally fertile year for erotic writing in English for Indian publishing.

Round The Bend

The hardship posting to end all hardship postings

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