Searching Europe for Tamil Heritage

Proselytism by western missionaries in the pre-independence period introduced Indians to Christianity.

The Indian Experience in Africa

Makindu town, on Kenya’s Nairobi-Mombassa Highway, is most known for its grand and immaculately-maintained gurdwara, which is a must stop for all travellers, not only Sikhs.

Why Indian-Americans Win Spelling Bee Contests

Apart from winning the last nine spelling bees in the US, Indian-American children have also won the last five National Geographic Bees.

Indian Author Wins Asian Book Award

Book on a mysterious script of the Indus Valley civilisation wins S$10,000 award for “Scholastic Asian Book Award”

Hindu Groups Against California Textbook Change

Thousands of academics and Indians have signed a petition to stop the California State Board of Education from changing "India" to "South Asia" in its social studies textbooks.

Adventures of India's Tea Planters

How a desi won equal pay with the British. History on the business of making the subcontinent's favourite brew.

How Chhota Bheem Took on Spiderman, And Won

Chhota Bheem has trounced every other Indian and global contender when it comes to winning over kids in the subcontinent, clocking in a stated 40 million viewers in India.

The Case Against Boycotting Jaipur Literature Festival

The campaigners against Vedanta at the literature festival in Southbank, London, this weekend undermined their cause by trying to shrink space for conversation and debate

A Digital Success Story

The Digital Library of India makes access easy to rare books on literature, science, art, culture and music.

Major US Media Outlet Outsourcing IT Jobs to India

Chicago-based Tribune Publishing Company said it informed its IT employees last month that it is moving work to Tata Consultancy Services.

India Rejects Pakistan Concerns Over Kashmir Map

ndia has rejected Pakistan's concerns over a proposed law to ban maps or satellite images of the country unless they are approved by the government.

Buddha in The City

Bengaluru-based psychiatrist red-flagged India’s impending mental health crisis,

Friends, Indians,Countrymen, Lend me Your Ears

Indians, not Brits, are Shakespeare’s biggest fans, survey finds.

Priyanka Chopra is Humbled by Her Time Magazine Cover

The good days for Priyanka Chopra just keep getting better. The Bollywood actor has expressed gratitude for her inclusion in Time magazine’s prestigious list of 100 most influential people.

India Figures Low in World Media Freedom Index

Media in India continues to be under stress as the country figures low at 133 out of 180 nations in the latest press freedom index

Indian-English: A Bridge Between Two Different Planes of Existence

The choice of English by writers whose mother tongues ranged from Kashmiri to Konkani made people trounce them as elitist “Coca-colanisers”.

Bard More Popular in India Than in U.K.

William Shakespeare is understood far better in India than his birth country and the iconic playwright’s popularity in the emerging economies exceeds his fame in the UK.

Stories From The Jaipur Court

The commonly held notion that everything about medieval India was about Mughal or Deccani patronage and ownership shattered.

Princess Kate’s Marilyn Moment Causes a Stir in India

One of India’s top newspapers faced a social media backlash after it splashed a picture across its front page of Britain’s Princess Kate suffering a “Marilyn moment” as her dress blew up in the wind.

Halloween Sambhar And Other Stories

o matter how glowing the reports of the school canteen or the dedication to quick-cooking noodles, there will come a time in every Indian student’s life abroad when he will yearn for Ma ke haath ka khaana.

Our Un-Indian Constitution

When the Constitution was enacted, there was a self-conscious sense that in writing a text, India was finding a way to resolve major substantive debates and disputes over norms and values.

Leftist Scholars in US Trying to Undermine India's Glorious Identity

RSS on Monday accused Leftist scholars of attempting to replace 'India' with 'South Asia' in textbooks in California and said efforts by Hindu activists have thwarted their bid to "undermine the country's glorious identity."

Indian Media in a Global Age

The daily media bashing on Twitter is better understood if you know the history of news media in the country

Perchance to Dream

In literature, dreams as inspirations, settings or plot devices are wide-ranging, right down to J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer.

Will Hinglish Replace English as India's Lingua Franca

New competitors are emerging to displace English, especially in rich multilingual contexts such as India.

Love And Ageing in The Classics

Dasharatha and Kaushalya spend their later years with a weary gratitude rather than with remembered passion

Portrait of a Writer

the ongoing metamorphosis of authors from solitary types to social media celebrities

Two Rupee News

A group of street children are busy in an unusual editorial meeting in a house in the Indian capital, Delhi.

Congress Periodical Criticises Nehru

A periodical published by India's main opposition Congress has criticised India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru over his foreign policy moves.

The Indian Superheroine Fighting Discrimination

India's much loved Tinkle comics have entertained and educated children for more than 35 years.

India Literary Council Condemns Attacks on Writers

India's Sahitya Akademi, which bestows literary honours, has condemned recent attacks on writers and rationalists.

How to Cook a Goat Head

The first printed cookbook in India, with recipes that go back nearly two millennia.

Writers Returning Akademi Awards Are a Manufactured Paper Rebellion

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today termed the steady stream of writers returning Sahitya Academy awards as a "manufactured paper rebellion" against the government in the wake of a "manufactured crisis".

Shakespeare in Modern English Now

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has decided that Shakespeare's language is too difficult for today's audiences to understand.

Writer Returns Award in Modi Protest

A leading Indian writer has returned a prestigious literary award to protest the "vicious assault" on "diversity and debate" in the country.

Open For Business

The Bookshop in Delhi’s Jor Bagh, a window to the pre-Kindle world, makes a compelling case for book stores

Reasons Indian Newspapers Have Been Unshaken by the Internet Storm

The plunging newspaper circulation numbers and widespread reporter layoffs that have come with the spread of the World Wide Web are a distant concern for India’s many newspapermen.

Indian Diaspora in Fiction

Politicians, business magnates, sports stars — the Indian diaspora has done well for itself in its new homes around the world.

Is Kama Sutra a Feminist Book of Erotic Love

Does the world's oldest textbook of erotic love need to be redeemed and accorded its proper place as a literary landmark of India's rich heritage?

Man, the Booker

Why Indians feel a certain pride about this prize, and how this might change soon.

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