A Biased Urdu Press Can Harm India's Secular Image

As much as the Urdu media is guilty of unethical professional conduct in peddling a one-sided picture of a very complex situation it reveals a disturbingly sectarian worldview that critics are likely to seize on to question the secular claims of Indian Muslims.

Life in Exile

Twenty years after she was expelled from Bangladesh, controversial author Taslima Nasreen still has no idea whether she will ever return home, but she refuses to give up trying

Understanding the New Rules of Digital Journalism

In a changing media landscape, no newspaper has the final say on anything.

New York Times Shuts India-specific Blog

The New York Times has shut its India Ink blog, “the first-ever country- specific” news site after a nearly three-year run, as it no longer wants to “direct its resources” towards blog-style content.

Tarun Tejpal: India Tape Case Editor Gets Bail

India's Supreme Court has granted bail to Tarun Tejpal, the former editor of a news magazine who is charged with raping a female colleague.

English Explodes in India

From hanging out on street corners to "hands-free underpants", English is resurgent in India.

A Strange Meeting of Minds

An unlikely encounter between two very different poets—Wilfred Owen and Rabindranath Tagore

Is There a Distinctive Indian English

Yes, according to a hashtag that's been trending in the country - #IndianEnglish.

Greatest Indian Novels

This is a list of the greatest Indian novels ever written.

The Loneliest Library in the World

Chinnathambi keeps it active, serving the reading and literary hunger of his impoverished clientele.

Indian Businessmen to Promote Hindi in Israel

In a major boost to promotion of Hindi in Israel, Indian businessmen here have announced a grant of about USD 33,000.

Global Digital News Brands See Growth Opportunity in India

Newspaper is everywhere in India. Print readership, especially of the country’s vernacular press, is continuing to rise.

India’s Ultimate Bromance Goes Public on Twitter

Modi’s secret admiration for Bhagat, on the other hand, leaked through in more subtle ways, signaled in form not content.

Book-ed For Art

Imagine a reading room where books are not just meant for reading but they also double up as pieces of art.

India-born Poet Vijay Seshadri Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize

India-born poet Vijay Seshadri has won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category for his collection of poems "3 Sections."

Pseudo Intellectual’s Day Out

The sudden craze of the hoi polloi to gatecrash into every cultural and literary event in India

The Man Who Wrote His Own Epitaph

Khushwant Singh, one of India's best known writers won fame for a searing book on partition of the subcontinent as well as his once-daring descriptions of sex.

Khushwant Singh, Writer Who Targeted All With Wit, Dies

He shrugged off intellectual trappings and promoted jokes in a way that no other writer had ever done before him, or since.

Bengal’s Proverbial Everyman

The ‘babumoshai’ has moved up and down the social hierarchy in less than a century, but he dresses like it’s still the 1950s

Careless Whispers

Hugging saint’ in a spot of bother, ex-disciple alleges abuse in tell-all book

Banished From The Bookshelves

Six authors tell their stories about what it is like to see their life’s work go waste.

India Slips Down Asia’s Restaurant Rankings

If India served up a disappointing result in the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia in 2013, this year its performance could be described as undercooked.

Disgraced Indian Editor Charged with Rape

After months of apologies and outright denials, the former Tehelka magazine editor faces prison.

Indian Censorship and the Curious Case of Wendy Doniger

Penguin’s decision to withdraw controversial scholar Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History has resonated strongly in the academic world.

Penguin India Defends Decision to Recall Book

Penguin India has defended its decision to recall and destroy copies of a book on Hinduism by a prominent US scholar.

Why did Penguin Recall a Book on Hindus

Wendy Doniger said she did not blame her publisher Penguin India for withdrawing her book The Hindus

US Academic Angry After Book on Hindus Pulped in India

American scholar Wendy Doniger said she was "angry and disappointed" that all copies of her latest book on Hinduism will be pulped in India.

Why It's Easy to Ban Books in India

The problem, increasingly, in this Republic of the Gagged, is that everything seems to offend.

Penguin to Withdraw Wendy Doniger’s Controversial Book, The Hindus

Wendy Doniger has confirmed in an email to Firstpost that the book is being taken out of publication in India.

Read And Weep

Indian Readership Survey 2013 figures leave print media smarting.

Indians Among Tiger Mother Amy Chua’s List of Six Superior People

According to Chua and Rubenfeld, the three features that distinguish the six from others are superiority, insecurity and impulse control.

A Homegrown Comic Con Highlights Growth in Local Comics Market

As the popularity of the Comic Cons grows, so has interest from both Indian and Western publishers.

US Producer Buys Rights to Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy

Author Amish Tripathi, who created waves in Indian publishing with a $1 million book contract, has cracked it even bigger this time with an American producer purchasing the rights to “The Immortals Of Meluha.”

Illiterate, But in Love With Books

Since the vast majority of those who visit the library are tourists, he has named it the Travelers Library.

Why Indian Author Vikram Seth is Angry

The constitution protects the liberties and rights of Indian citizens. It is not for the judges to confer rights or take them away.

The Growth of India's Publishing Industry

It is being put down to the rise in the number of Indian authors writing in English.

Why India is a Big Market for English Language Dictionaries

India, among other countries like China and South Korea, is seen as a big market for the English language dictionary, despite a swell in digital tools for word learning and usag

Indian Writers Give Mills & Boon Brand a Fresh Lease of Life

Today the challenges for the Mills & Boon genre are multiple including carpet bombing from various other forms of entertainment for young women, a transition to digital reading habits and retail bookselling chains shutting down in India.

A Selfies Word For a Self-obsessed Generation

Two obsessions have come to dominate human social interaction in the age of social media: obsession with the self, and obsession with the screen

India’s Press Faces an Online Future

India is frequently considered the last vestige of printed news. In many ways, it is.

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