Indians in Demand Despite H-1B Noise

Presidents of the top US universities have recently assured international students, particularly those from India in high-tech courses, that they are still in demand by top American industrial and business enterprises notwithstanding the recent noises to change H-1B visa norms.

Mood in Central, Eastern Europe an Advantage For Indian Cos

We have now got about $1 Billion worth of joint investments with Indian companies.

Indian police Arrest Alleged Kingpin of U.S. Tax Scam

Indian police arrested the suspected mastermind behind a call center scam run out of a Mumbai suburb that targeted thousands of Americans and netted more than $300 million.

Indian Power Majors to Hawk Masala Bonds in UK for $1 Billion This Fiscal

State-run power companies will raise nearly $1 billion (roughly Rs 6,400 crore) through 'masala bonds' in the UK during this fiscal

Indian Firms in U.K. Employ More Than 110,000 People

The U.K. is the largest G20 investor in India and India is the second biggest foreign investor in the U.K.

Multinationals Can Help Solve Migration Debate

Perhaps the next thing that needs to be privatized is migration.

UK Offers to Handhold India in Financial Inclusion Drive

The United Kingdom, being one of the world's biggest financial hubs, has the technological prowess to handhold India to achieve its target of 90% financial inclusion.

Tougher H-1B Clause For IT Programmers

A new memorandum issued by the USCIS makes it mandatory to ensure a closer scrutiny of computer programmers using H-1B work visas.

India Dents UK Trade Hopes With Lapsed Deal

Move highlights difficulty of Brexit .Britain relying on Commonwealth boost

Indian IT Professionals Face New challenges as Singapore Shuts Door

Singapore has slowed down on issuing new visas to Indian professionals. The move is apparently an attempt by the Singapore government to foster the hiring of local talent.

Indian Travellers' Spend in South Australia Grows to AUD 28 Mn

The increase in spend can be attributed to a number of factors like shift in travelling habits by Indians who are now looking to spend more on experiences.

Human Cost of India's Meat Ban

The government's crackdown on meat shops in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has left many traders and butchers without much work and money.

Tougher H-1B Norms Open Dors For India's Real Talent

Programmers certified as eligible for H-1B in 2014 and 2015 were only about 12% of the total number of certified applicants.

Walmart Okay With Selling Only Made-in-India Products

Walmart Stores Inc, the world’s biggest retailer by sales, would consider opening physical outlets and selling products online.

India May Ease Rules For Foreign Food Retail

The government is looking at allowing global companies with a permit to sell local food items to market made-in-India non-food products.

Indian IT Firms Generating, Not Stealing, Jobs in US

Indian IT companies operating in the United States are generating jobs and not stealing jobs of the Americans, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said.

The Rise of Lego's New Indian-origin CEO

Born in Punjab in 1956, Padda had humble beginnings and worked his way up the corporate ladder through sheer passion and determination.

India’s Prized Silicon Valley Hires Keep Burning Out

The allure of working in India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem has quickly evaporated for a number of senior executives.

A Swift Post-Brexit UK-India Trade Deal Unlikely

As London launches Brexit proceedings, the UK's position as a trading power will depend on the kind of pacts it will strike with nations worldwide.

New Rule Will Stop Indian Cos From Gaming H-1B

Indian firms, which account for the bulk of H1B visas, have "gamed" the system, an influential American lawmaker today alleged and insisted his legislation introduced in the Congress will help fix the existing flaws.

Foreign Tourism Boards Rope in Bollywood Stars

International tourism boards were also seen leveraging social media feeds of Bollywood actors to promote destinations, cuisines and fun activities.

Trump US Visa Plans to Scrutinise L1 Visa Holders at Indian IT Firms

USCIS have confirmed plans for more scrutiny of foreign workers in the US on L1 visas in 2017. The plans mean that Indian IT companies, with a base in the US, will face more frequent visits from USCIS officials.

GCC Sees Massive Surge in Indian Tourists

India has been named the largest growing outbound tourism market in percentage terms.

UK Clears India's Request For Vijay Mallya's Extradition

MEA on Friday informed that extradition of absconding liquor baron Vijay Mallya has been stratified by Secretary of State of the U.K. Government and soon a warrant would be released against him.

India Notifies Amended Tax Treaty With Singapore

The government today notified the amended India-Singapore tax treaty under which capital gains tax will be levied at source of investments with effect from April 1.

U.S. Lawmakers Urge India to Lift Curbs on NGO

The U.S lawmakers said they were “long time supporters of U.S. –India partnership” but the Indian government’s treatment of CI has “caused serious concern within the U.S. Congress.”

American Economic Policy’s Impact on Indian Business

India and the United States have a positive economic relation that can be strengthened in the context of the policies of the new US administration.

British Government Certifies Vijay Mallya's Extradition

The Ministry of External Affairs on Friday said the British government has certified India's request for loan defaulting liquor baron Vijay Mallya's extradition and a UK court is considering issuing warrant for the same.

Amazon is Top Recruiter at IIM-A

With 18 offers, e-commerce major Amazon emerged as the top recruiter for the class of 2017 at India’s top B-school, IIM-A.

H-1B Visas Could be a Source of Tension in Indo-US Ties

"Demonising" the H-1B work visa issue could be a "source of tension" in Indo-US ties.

New Tax in US Could Cause Trouble For Indian IT Industry

Indian Information Technology companies may just be in for some turbulence due to the potential of a new tax regime backed by Donald Trump aimed at discouraging US companies from outsourcing work.

16 PIOs Charged in US For Credit Card Scam Worth $3.5 Million

Sixteen Indian-origin people, including a woman, in the US have been charged for their alleged role in a massive stolen credit card and identity theft operation resulting in losses of over $3.5 million.

Illegal Immigration, Not H1B Visa an Issue For US: India

India said the contribution of the Indian technical professionals helps the US economy become competitive, and added that currently, illegal immigration is the priority of the US administration and not the H1B visa.

McDonalds In For A Major Change In India

As part of a brand transformation, McDonald's India is launching a series of concept restaurants with enhanced digital capabilities to improve customer experience.

Jamsetji Tata: The Make In India Pioneer

Jamsetji Tata made some of the most enduring contributions to the material reinvigoration of India after its industries were systematically smashed under the British Raj

The Indian Presence Among World’s 50 Most Promising Start-ups

AI start-ups Mihup and Mad Street Den, and online fashion rental Flyrobe (Omapal Technologies) are among the 50 most promising start-ups in the world

India Loses 11 Billionaires After Note Ban

While the number of billionaires in India fell after demonetisation, the aggregate total wealth of the ultra rich increased by 16 per cent over last year

Fears Rise H-1B Spouses May Lose Right to Work in US

The Trump Administration has sought 60 days to respond to a court case that challenges the decision of the previous Obama Administration to authorise spouses of H-1B holders to work in the US.

Mid-level Employees in Indian IT Sector Facing Uncertain Future

Middle-level employees in the Indian IT sector are facing an uncertain future even as the industry gears up to adapt itself to the changes brought about by automation and newer technologies.

Adamant Trump Ends Techies' Dollar Dreams

H-1B priority suspension: Indian companies would have to better plan its onsite staffing in US.

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