A Case For Chutney

A look at the ‘daavi baju’, or left side of a traditional Maharashtrian ‘thali’, where chutneys occupy pride of place.

India's Mango Diplomacy Has Been Winning Friends And Foes

Mangoes are native to India and we have always adored them. Something so prized would always have made for good gifts, but often with the slight twist shown in one of the oldest printed accounts of them.

Food Politics

Is India's ban on cattle slaughter 'food fascism'

India's Leading Gourmet Coffee brand DEVI Now in USA

Based in Goa, India, Sussegado specializes in gourmet, specialty and artisan coffees.

A Tale of Two Passovers

ow an American girl’s celebration of a ritual feast in Mumbai, far away from her home in New York, puts Jewish history and food traditions in perspective

Why Gaggan, The Best Restaurant in Asia, is Shutting Down

Gaggan’s owner-chef plans to shut down the restaurant, which registered its third straight win in the Asia’s 50 Best awards, as he believes in an expiration date.

Curry, Not Colour, Says UK Landlord Facing Legal Action For Banning Indian Tenants

The UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) confirmed that it had applied for an injunction against Fergus Wilson at the Central London County Court

World's Oldest YouTube Star

A great-grandmother from India is winning hearts with her cooking videos.

Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Wants to Take on McDonald’s, KFC

Ramdev says Patanjali Ayurved is working on ‘an extensive plan’ to start a restaurant chain.The firm will compete with McDonald, KFC in food retail business.

Whisky Cocktails For The Indian Summer

Contrary to popular belief, whisky provides a complex and flavour-packed base for a range of cocktails, suitable even for the Indian summer

Indian Restaurant In UK Fined Over Smell of Biryani And Bhaji

Middlesbrough Council fined 'Khushi Indian Buffet Restaurant' owners after the establishment sent aromas of 'biryanis' and 'bhajis' filtering through the area.

This Indian Tea brand is World's Costliest

A special 5kg pack of handcrafted Darjeeling tea from iconic Makaibari tea estate in Kurseong has fetched the best ever price for any first flush tea at $302 a kilo.

India Heading Towards a Egg-alitarian Society

Eggs may be escaping the veg/non-veg divide, emerging as a market ready to be cracked open.

Puppychino: The Indian Cafe Where Drool is Cool

A new cafe in the Indian capital Delhi is catering to humans who don't want to leave their four-legged friends languishing at home.

The Drink Brits go to Bed With And Indians Wake up With

The fact that the same liquid can be perceived in two such different ways is a great example of the "crazy nonsense and beauty of marketing.

Human Cost of India's Meat Ban

The government's crackdown on meat shops in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has left many traders and butchers without much work and money.

The Cheese Revolution

One of the world’s oldest dairy traditions is cultivating a brand new culture.

McDonalds In For A Major Change In India

As part of a brand transformation, McDonald's India is launching a series of concept restaurants with enhanced digital capabilities to improve customer experience.

Kamala Mills is India's Hottest Dining Spot

The 37-acre premises of Kamala Mills in Mumbai's Lower Parel is bursting at the seams with almost all major restaurant companies in the country setting up shop here.

Haldiram: Old Spice, New Success

Haldiram beats fast food giants to become India’s largest snack maker.

South India Traders Ban Pepsi, Coca-Cola

Traders in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have banned the sale of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in favour of local products.

Britain’s Tough Immigration Laws Could Destroy Its Iconic Indian Restaurants

The British curry industry is responsible for 100,000 jobs and contributes more than £4 billion to the UK economy.

The Indian Restaurant Revolution

The traditional curry house .menu has been overhauled in Britain’s modern Indian restaurants.

Indian Food That Crosses Religions

The best Indian food is like the best parts of Indian life. It rises above religion and focuses instead on the things that really matter: refinement and quality.

Quirky Cafés in India

in India, these are the cafés that are offering reasons to keep returning.

UK Food And Drink Trade Mission Looking For Indian Partners

The UK's Department for International Trade, is bringing in a strong delegation of UK food and drink companies to participate in the 10th India Food Forum.

Indian Food Bears a Middle Eastern Stamp

the food platters from the UAE resemble those from India, and the treats from India bear a Middle Eastern stamp.

Why Indians Must Say No to GM Diet

This crash diet that became a fad in India a couple of years ago wasn't actually meant for Indian stomachs.

When Fast Food Gets an Indian Twist

McDonald's created quite a stir when it announced plans to start serving classic Indian dishes in the form of burgers.

Vegetables From Kerala Get an NOC to Europe

the EU has lifted the ban imposed on the export of taro, bitter gourd, snake gourd and eggplant from the country.

How Food Inspires Names of India's Parsis

It is no exaggeration to say that Parsis, the Zoroastrians of India, take their food seriously - very seriously.

The Best Breakfasts Across India

There’s no better way of getting a taste of a city than by trying the places local eat at and the local breakfasts.

Fit For Kings

The restaurant that has an entire city eating out of its hands.

Enjoying Indian Curry in Japan

Curry is now so popular in Japan that it is almost revered as the country's national food.

USA Pear Month Comes to India

This year, National Pear Month is going global.

The Clinginess of Chapati

Many Indians are in an exclusive, addictive relationship with the ‘chapati’. Promiscuity reveals the life beyond

An Ode To Punjab’s Aromatic Makki Ki Roti & Sarson Ka Saag

There's nothing quite like a mouthful of saag, soothing not just your taste buds but satiating your soul.

Kebab And Korma Topped by Kurmura

Lucknow is justly renowned for its princely fare, but its street food in the lanes of Aminabad, Hazratganj and Chowk is as unique.

The Miracle Rice Which Saved Millions of Lives

IR8 was so much better than traditional rice varieties that its use spread rapidly throughout Asia and output soared. Famine was averted.

Mad Over Donuts to Expand Operations in India

Its rival Dunkin’ Donuts, operated by Jubilant FoodWorks in India, has 73 outlets across 23 cities.

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