Averting Future Disasters

After yet another devastating flood, experts say that what Pakistan and India need to do is build more dams and reservoirs.

India’s Dirty Secret: Modi Goes Where Gandhi Failed

If Mr. Modi, with all his energy, drive, determination and reputation for getting things done, fails to clean up India, then there is little hope that it will ever happen.

Watery Horror

Tens of thousands of people are still stranded in Indian-administered Kashmir after the worst floods in half a century.

Facebook Addicts To End Up Feeling Lonely And Depressed

Facebook addicts are likely to develop depression and end up feeling lonely, according to a new study in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

Cancer Behind 70% Deaths in India's Atomic Energy Hubs

Cancer caused almost 70% of the 3,887 health-related deaths in the atomic energy hubs across the country over the last 20 years

7 Superfoods You Should Avoid

Not all superfoods are worth your money. And everybody reminding you to adopt it just to shed those extra kilos is a buzzkill.

How Much Has The Ice Bucket Challenge Achieved

The media is reaching saturation point in its coverage of the ice bucket challenge. But what has actually been achieved?

The Bar Is Closed

With Kerala again springing the prohibition bogey, a look at how the great liquor ban story has played out in India

Indian Scientists May Have Found Wonder Herb

Indian scientists may have found a multi-functional "wonder herb" that can regulate the immunity system, adapt to challenging environmental situations and help people stay protected from radiation.

Going Gourmet with Maggi

Going gourmet with Maggi is worse than Madhuri Dixit calling it healthy.

Easier Test For UK-bound Nurses

Britain has relaxed employment rules for foreign nurses, including from India which accounts for the second-highest number of applicants, to plug a severe shortage.

The Latest Gadget From Gujarat: Toto Toilets

Japan’s Toto Ltd. has started churning out toilets in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat in hopes of cashing in on the new Indian leader’s push to put toilets in every Indian home.

Researchers Reveal World's Best Diet

Researchers have revealed the 'world's best diet' that would help people us shed kilos and would help them to not on more weight.

A Rejuvenating Career

Improved health awareness and exposure to global beauty and ­fashion trends are driving growth in the wellness space.

Hyderabad's Desi Rival to Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge has a desi rival, Rice Bucket Challenge.

An Open Door For Those in Search of Moksha

As per Hindu mythology, those who die here go to heaven.

No-poo Movement Reaches India

The latest fad is really radical — it says `no' to shampoo.

Man Who Took Yoga to the World Dies at 95

BKS Iyengar, the world’s best known and most widely followed yoga guru, died at the age of 95 in Pune

Egg Whites or Whole eggs for a Healthy You

Whole eggs don't raise your risk of heart disease

Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Call

India Inc queues up to invest big money in building toilets.

India Heading to an Anti-antibotic Era

India Heading to an Anti-antibotic Era

Nobody Beats Indian Cows

The Indian cow has an intestine that’s unique in the animal world, more like the human intestine.

Every Second Urban Indian Wants to Lose Weight

While 40 percent of the overweight people have intent to lose weight but are not taking action to control their weight, the remaining 60 per cent are making an effort to lose weight.

Nearly 45,000 Indians in Ebola-hit Countries

A total of 44,700 Indians are living in different countries affected by Ebola, a deadly virus that has claimed 932 lives so far.

44 Kerala Nurses Return Home From Strife-torn Libya

The nurses were brought by bus from Tunisia to Dubai where they boarded a scheduled Emirates flight to Kochi.

World Bank Warns Against Excessive Healthcare in India

Excessive healthcare is emerging as a serious issue in India, the World Bank warned.

US Hospitals Are Fined Millions, Indian Ones Go Free

In the face of hard evidence of doctors getting commissions and cuts, health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan recently promised he would refer the matter to the ethics committee of the Medical Council of India

Delhi Gets its First Internet De-addiction Centre

In the post-digital world, here's a first for the capital. An NGO has launched Delhi's first internet de-addiction centre.

Doctors Back Right to Die

The Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to be impleaded as a party in the case on withdrawal of life support to terminally ill patients.

Between Life and Mere Living

It was heartening to read that the Supreme Court (SC) has finally opened the debate on the controversial subject of euthanasia.

Liquid Gold

Milk banking can help tackle child mortality as long as it is part of a larger strategy to promote breastfeeding

What Prompts Kerala Nurses to Leave India?

Kerala is known for giving the finest theoretical and practical training to its nurses but there is no value for their specialisation,

India is Heavily Dependent on China for Drug Imports

India has become heavily import dependent on China when it comes to many essential and large-volume drugs making it vulnerable to sudden disruption of supplies.

Indian Nurses Freed in Iraq

A group of 46 Indian nurses freed by Isis militants after being trapped in Iraq has arrived home

Indian-American Doctors Focus on Giving Back to India

One of the largest ethnic organisations in the US is focusing on enhancing collaboration among physicians of Indian Origin across the world and India.

Iraq Crisis: Tikrit Nurses' Plea For Help as Fighting Rages

A group of Indian nurses working in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit say they are are petrified following the bombings

Fight Against Healthcare Graft to Focus on India

British Medical Journal has announced the launch of a campaign against corruption in medicine, which will begin with its focus on India.

Drug From Indian Spices to Fight Hypertension

Some spices and condiments commonly used in Indian soups, curries and rasam, when taken in a specific proportion with white lotus petals, can bring down blood pressure.

India Moves to Establish Hospitals Across Nigeria

The new Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria disclosed his government's readiness to establish more Indian hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

Indian Story of Kickbacks in British Medical Journal

Corruption in Indian health care has hit the headlines of the prestigious British Medical Journal, which has termed it cancerous and said it is "ruining doctor-patient relationship".

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