Why Indian Bosses Rarely Pull a Mark Zuckerberg

Many Indian bosses don't completely hang up their suits in favour of their parental duties and prefer juggling the demands of their jobs with personal responsibilities:

Indian Healthcare Making a Difference in Africa

India’s healthcare outreach to Africa, including the smaller ones, is through the Pan African e-Network Project, which links 48 African countries.

Despair Over Ban in India's Surrogacy Hub

India recently announced a ban on surrogate services for foreign couples and notices have been sent to fertility clinics to not accept any more overseas clients.

Indian Spices That Prevent Cancer

Turmeric is the king of spices when it comes to dealing with cancer diseases, besides it adding a zesty colour to our food on the platter.

Baba Ramdev to Now Launch Khadi Yoga Wear

From a conception pill to organic toothpaste, instant noodles and ayurvedic products, India's favourite Baba Ramdev has it all under his brand "Patanjali."

Taking Indian Whisky Upmarket

Most of the whisky sold in India is locally made and generally considered low quality, but some are now trying to show that need not be the case.

From Femme Fatale to Plain Jane

Business of beauty struggles, 20% fall in cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

China Biggest Doctor Factory For India

China is today the largest contributor of MBBS doctors to India

The Shrinking World of The Healthy Eater

Middle-class India has forgotten healthy eating. The solutions lie at home

India to Ban Foreign Surrogate Services

The Indian government has said it plans to ban surrogate services for foreigners wanting babies in a move which will hit a thriving industry.

Rebranding India’s Rural Cigarette

Popular in rural areas, manufacturers are trying to change its image and attract city smokers too.

Philanthropy: Money For The Mind

According to WHO, one in seven Indians is depressed. India also has the highest number of suicides. Yet mental health is not a cause favoured by philanthropists.

Air India to Ground Fat Cabin Crew

Air India says being grossly overweight does have a bearing on reflexes and can impair agility.

Women Who Wait

Whether they exist or not, babies can rule women’s lives.

India Top Court Lifts Ban on Jains' Santhara Death Fast

India's Supreme Court has suspended an order of the Rajasthan high court banning santhara - the controversial Jain ritual of fasting unto death.

India Weighs Update to 1970s Abortion Law

The plight of rape victims has put India's abortion laws under the spotlight.

Indian Doctor’s Legal Troubles Bedevil World Medical Association

Dr. Ketan Desai, who is scheduled to be inaugurated as president of WMA next year, faces charges of conspiracy and cheating in two cases registered against him

Haldiram’s Snacks Checked for Safety

Inspectors in Maharashtra are checking Haldiram’s popular snacks and salty mixes for contamination after it was reported some of the food company’s products were found unfit for consumption and rejected for sale in the U.S.

Is India Losing its Appetite for Packaged Food

Maggi ban hits sales of packaged fast food, noodles and pasta; sales dip by 10%

Young India Moves Beyond Corrective Cosmetic Surgeries

The whole focus of plastic surgery has shifted from looking younger to looking in shape.

Indian Home Cooks Lead the World

A global survey of cooking habits around the world found that Indian cooks spend 13.hours a week preparing food.

Indian Nurses in UK Could be Forced to Return Home

Nurses from India employed with Britain's state-funded National Health Service (NHS) could be forced to leave the UK under new immigration rules.

India-made Food Products Face USFDA Heat

The data shows that most of snacks that were rejected were made by Haldiram's, a major Indian snacks and sweets manufacturer based out of Nagpur.

Fiji to Paris, India Flaunts Soft Power

Modi led what India's foreign policy establishment rates as arguably the country's most successful single public diplomacy initiative ever.

Nestlé’s Noodle Mess Has Entangled One of India’s Hottest Industries

Nestlé s struggle serves as a cautionary tale for all the food companies that have recently rushed in to set up shop in Asia’s third-largest economy.

The Town Built on Indian Art

The town of Rishikesh in northern India is often called the yoga capital of the world.

Millions in India, World Mark 1st International Yoga Day

Millions of yoga enthusiasts bent and twisted their bodies in complex postures across India and much of the world on Sunday to mark the first International Yoga Day.

Nestle India's Maggi Problems

Nestle will destroy 400 million packets of its hugely popular Maggi noodles, following a ban imposed by India's food safety regulator.

Yoga Gets India all Knotted Up

21 June is set to be celebrated as International Yoga Day. The Modi govt seeks to brand yoga as India’s gift to the world.

The First Lady of Yoga Wasn't Indian

According to Michelle Goldberg, it was Russian woman Indra Devi who took yoga from India to Shanghai to Hollywood, where she opens up one of the first yoga studios.

Rajneeti Asana Day

Yoga without the ‘surya namaskar’ is like Karate without punches

After Maggi, are Starbucks, Kellogs Next

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has rejected approvals for 500 products as of 30 April 2015.

Our Cupboard Laid Bare

We looked into our larder and found it stacked with goodies that are mostly not so great for our health.

Singapore Resumes Sale of India-made Maggi

Singapore has allowed the sale of Maggi noodles manufactured in India after safety tests by food authorities here found that the popular instant snack does not pose any health risk to consumers.

Maggi Fiasco Prompts Celebs to Rework Ad Contracts

The government had announced that any brand ambassador or celebrity endorsing products or services is liable for action if an advertisement is found to be misleading.

Maggi Controversy

Court Orders Case Against Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta.

No Time to Eat, Silicon Valley Drinks its Meals

Soylent, Schmilk typically taste like bland, gritty pancake batter. But never mind that, since the meal replacements save techies money and time.

Four of 10 Stents Used Locally Made in India

A sizeable number of stents-tiny, mesh-like tubes that are used to open up narrowed diseased arteries - used across hospitals in 2014 carried the 'Make in India' label.

Decoding Diets

Eat like a caveman, lower your calorie intake, sugar is enemy No.1—a low-down on popular diets and what they can or can’t do for you

Suicide Fruit Makes Headlines

Odollam tree widely grows in Kerala’s marshy areas but it is relatively unknown to Western doctors, chemists, analysts and even coroners or forensic scientists.

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