Social Media Madness Takes India to Uncharted Waters

Indians are risking life and lip to capture that perfect selfie.

India Health-Care Providers Look to Tap Africa Growth Wave

Cash-rich Indian hospital groups are setting up operations in Africa to tap a growing stream of middle-class patients from the continent seeking quality health-care.

Drug Smuggling Racket Between India UK US Russia Busted

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) busted a smuggling racket of psychotropic drugs being carried from India to US, Russia and UK on Tuesday.

WHO Settles India, EU Medicine Dispute

In a significant victory for the global access to medicines campaign, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dropped the term ‘counterfeit’ and retained ‘falsified’ to describe medicines of inferior quality.

Indian-American Doctors Asks Trump to Enact Medical Liability Reform

AAPI asked President-elect Donald Trump to enact medical liability reform, which it claims is driving up healthcare cost in its current shape through "extra testing and the practice of defensive medicine".

Gluten Free Think Again

There is nothing wrong with being healthy, but the way that culture has developed these days, being healthy is more about performing as healthy for other people. And that performance becomes an identity.

Indian-origin Researcher's Smart Textiles to Help Measure Illness

Research by an Indian-origin scientist at the University of Rhode Island has shown that clothes and other wearable items could possibly sense illness and transmit data to a doctor in a distant clinic to monitor health and prescribe drugs.

US Couples Seek Return of Embryos

In April 2015, the Indian Council of Medical Research had given its no-objection certificate to the couple to import their frozen embryos from the USA. Accordingly, these were sent to India.

Regulate, Don’t Ban Surrogacy, UK Couples Urge India

Several India-origin couples protested on Saturday against the November 2015 ban in India on surrogacy, complaining they were unable to get their embryos back from clinics in Gujarat and elsewhere.

Surrogacy Rules Wipe Out UK Couple's Family Dreams

The impact of the proposed Commercial Surrogacy ban by the Indian government is being felt on the ground even before the Parliament has passed the bill.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In India

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world with an estimated 125 million people consuming it in some form or the other every year.

Fake Doctors

Unqualified medics, popularly known as quacks, are routinely arrested in India for posing as doctors. But a charity is now trying to train them in primary medical care.

The Link Between Indian Classical, Folk Dance And Enhanced Memory Power

Horizontal saccades—when eyes move from side to side in rhythm with the legs—in classical dance forms such Bharatanatyam improves human memory, studies show

Indian Doctors Flown In To Meet UK Staff Shortages

Doctors from India are being flown in Britain to meet staff shortages in the UK's state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

NHS Trust Chiefs Fly to India to Find Doctors For British Hospital

THE UK’s health crisis was exposed today as an NHS trust had to jet abroad to find staff.

Online Block For India Gender Test Ads

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will block online ads for gender determination tools in India, following an order by the country's top court.

What Al Capone Can Teach India About Prohibition

Can India's gigantic prohibition experiment succeed, 80 years after America's failed?

Sushma Swaraj To Extend Stranded UK Couple's Indian Visa

The couple faced hassles in taking their surrogate daughter Lily to the UK as her British passport was not yet ready.

Indian-Origin Peer Wins Lifetime Achievement Award In UK

A 78-year-old Indian-origin British obstetrician and member of the UK Parliament has been honoured by a leading publishing group for his work in the medical profession and being incredible role model for social justice, equality and those less fortunate.

U.S. Among Most Depressed Countries in the World

US NewsIndia, China and the U.S. are also the countries most affected by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

British Couple in India Amid UK Wrangling Over Surrogacy

Lily is one of the last babies to be born to a foreign couple in India through a surrogate mother since the Indian government banned commercial international surrogacy last November.

India Susceptible to Zika Outbreak

India, with 1.2billion residents in a potential Zika virus transmission area, and a large number of travellers from countries affected by the disease, could be the next country susceptible to the virus

Tuk-tuk Trip From India to UK Halted by Passport Theft in France

An engineer travelling from India to the UK in a solar-powered tuk-tuk to promote clean energy has been thwarted agonisingly close to his goal after being being robbed in France.

Dental Graduates Look Towards Foreign Shores

Indian dental graduates can straightway practice dentistry in Canada, UK, Australia and several Middle Eastern countries once they clear their respective licensing exams.

India, Africa to Boost Collaborations in Medical Research

he statement by the India–Africa Health Sciences Meet said that both India and Africa decided to make efforts to ensure accessible and affordable health services for all among other measures.

India, Body And Soul

India's health tourism undoubtedly embraces the ancient practices of yoga and ayurveda. Thousands visit the spiritual and wellness centres there where these usually go hand in hand.

Entrance Test For NRIs Challenged

The entrance test for NRIs for admission to MBBS course has come under the judicial scanner.

Outwards to Africa

Africa and India together cover about a quarter of the world’s land area, support over a third of its population and harbour about half of its disease burden.

100-Year-Old Runner From India Gets Gold Medal

Ms Kaur's energy and drive to compete have become an inspiration to participants in the unique international event for athletes over 30.

The Woman Who Discovered India's First HIV Cases

Thirty years ago, India discovered the dreaded HIV virus had reached its shores when blood samples from six sex workers tested positive. It was largely due to the efforts of one young scientist - but until now, her pioneering work has been all but forgotten.

Shared Priorities Make India-Africa Health Tie-up Critical

In an attempt to bring down dependence on the West for expertise on health research, the government is preparing the ground for a partnership with the African continent.

Indian-origin Eye Specialist in UK Sentenced For Negligence

An India-born woman optometrist in the UK was on Friday handed down a two-year suspended jail term for failing to spot a life-threatening eye infection in an eight-year-old boy who later died.

Surrogacy Bill: Modi Govt Sets New Terms

By shutting down commercial surrogacy—as this new bill seeks to do—the state, instead of helping the woman apply her agency in a more equitable environment, takes it away altogether.

India Unveils Plans to Ban Surrogacy

The Indian government has unveiled a draft law which would ban commercial surrogacy.

India Plans Surrogacy Ban For Foreigners, Unmarried Couples

The Indian government plans to ban foreigners, single parents and gay couples from using India’s surrogacy services under a proposed law intended to protect poor women from exploitation.

Africa's Health Strategy Can Benefit India's Pharma Firms

With a $106.8 million strategy to tackle Africa's public health emergencies over the next five years, stakeholders here feel it will be an ideal opportunity for the Indian pharma companies to take advantage.

Indians Fare Better Than EU Doctors in English Skills

Doctors trained in India and other non-EU countries are far less likely to face allegations of poor English skills than those trained in the EU.

Indian-American Couple Jailed For Medical Fraud In US

An Indian-American couple has been sentenced up to eight years in the US for receiving more than 4.8 million US dollars from Medicare and private insurance companies for knowingly producing thousands of fraudulent medical test reports.

India Surrogate Mothers Talk of Pain of Giving up Baby

India is known as the "surrogacy hub" of the world where infertile couples, many from across the globe, head to rent a womb.

Indian-origin Cancer Expert Warns of Brexit Impact

An Indian-origin cancer expert who was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II today warned against London losing out on scientific talent in the wake of Brexit.

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