Britain Clears Indian-origin Doctor of Misconduct

The doctor could still face sanctions over the bungled operation and admitted record keeping errors if the panel finds his errors amounted to serious misconduct.

Jalebi Among World's Most Fattening Foods

One of the favourite sweets for Indians, jalebi has featured on an American news website's list of 10 most fattening food items across the globe.

How Yoga Became a $27 Billion Industry

Perhaps inevitably, yoga’s journey from ancient spiritual practice to big business and premium lifestyle has some devotees worrying that something has been lost along the way.

Decoded: How do You Become an Alcoholic

Men who are less sensitive to the negative effects of alcohol drink more heavily and are more likely to become problem drinkers later in life.

For Africans, India is Healthcare Destination

Over a period of time African people have developed a certain amount of confidence on the Indian healthcare system.

Indian-American Physicians Raise Issues with US Lawmakers

An influential body of Indian-American physicians is pressing US lawmakers on several issues including how to continue to provide healthcare to patients while being rewarded in a just and sustainable way.

WHO Certifies India Polio-free

India, was certified polio-free by an independent commission of the World Health Organisation (WHO) with no case of the disease being reported in the country for three years.

Fauja Singh Run On, You Crazy Diamond

He’s a few days shy of 103, and still lacing up for his daily run. It’s the closest you can come to immortality

Buried Treasure

Villagers in Uttarakhand turn to a lucrative fungus to supplement income - See more at:

Retail Chains Open Up India's Dental Market

The surest sign that dental chains are a rapidly growing area comes in the form of interest from the private equity industry.

The Doctor With a Razor Blade in India

The ancient practice of bloodletting as a medical treatment continues in India.

Too Much Facebook Use May Fuel Eating Disorders

Frequent Facebook users might be sharing more than just party pictures, vacation videos and selfies - they also share a greater risk of eating disorders

Indian-origin Physician Charged With Healthcare Fraud in US

Mahesh Kuthuru 43, who owned and operated a medical practice, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Syracuse, New York.

Deadly Superbugs Spreading Fast at Indian Holy Sites

The concern is growing worldwide over the threat from bacteria that are resistant to the so-called 'last resort' class of antibiotics known as Carbapenems.

Meet Obama’s Controversial Surgeon General Nominee

While Murthy is unquestionably accomplished, there is one major gap in his résumé: He has never served as a traditional doctor.

In Taj City Agra, a Monument to India-Japan Love

Just a few hundred metres from the Taj Mahal, there's another monument to love that few people know about or few tourists would care to visit.

Is This The City With The Loudest Car Horns

For Delhi residents the backdrop of rush-hour traffic is causing noise pollution so serious that experts are warning of serious health consequences.

Investigation Ordered Into Death of Shashi Tharoor's Wife

The Delhi Police has been ordered to determine whether the death of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor was accidental, a suicide, or murder.

India's Growing Fitness Craze

In India, fitness is becoming a serious business and the growing popularity of marathon is testament to that.

Ranbaxy Says F.D.A. Lists Possible Violations at Plant

Ranbaxy said it was assessing the document and would work to resolve the regulator’s concerns as soon as possible.

WHO Set to Declare India as Polio Free Nation

The World Health Organisation is set to officially declare India a polio free nation as no polio cases have been detected in the country for the past three years.

Laughter Yoga

Can having a good laugh or even making a complete fool of yourself with colleagues really help you at work?

Indian Scientists Use Plant Molecules to Fight Cancer

Indian scientists have shown how certain naturally-occurring plant chemicals when used in combination with routine cancer drugs can actually lower the dosage of the medication.

Indian Surgeons Refuse to Operate in Pakistan

A team of Indian surgeons collaborated with their Pakistani counterparts for liver transplants throughout the summer last year.

Is Modo Yoga the Next Big Thing

The hot and sweaty yogic world of Modo Yoga is growing.

Indian Companies Get FDA Nod for Anti-depressant Drug

In a major boost to some of the Indian drug makers, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic versions of Cymbalta

Indian-origin Couple Britain's Oldest

An Indian-origin couple, both aged over 100, will become Britain's oldest married couple when they celebrate their 88th wedding anniversary later this week.

Does Doing Yoga Make You a Hindu

There are lingering doubts about whether they should be there at all, or whether they are betraying their religion.

Women Climbers Moving Mountains

Debt, disability and societal pressures were but some of the hurdles Indian women faced in 2013 on their quest to conquer Everest

India-born Doctor Gets US Post

President Obama nominated Dr Vivek H. Murthy, an early supporter and grass-roots advocate for the Affordable Care Act, as surgeon general.

Indian-American Surgeon Gets Highest US Immigrant Award

An Indian-American transplant surgeon has been presented with a prestigious immigrant award of the US government,

Washington Exhibition Explores Yoga Mysteries Through Art

The mysteries of the ancient Indian practice of yoga and its profound meanings are explored

Exhibition Reveals the Warrior Yogis of Medieval India

Early yogis struck lovely poses - and also fought fierce battles. An exhibit in Washington shows the complex dimensions of yogi life.

Brunei Beckons India's Pharma, Tourism Industries

India's pharmaceutical and tourism industries should take a look at the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam, where the two area hold immense potential for partnership.

UK Looks to India to Manage National Shame of Elderly Care

Britain's Health Minister Jeremy Hunt said that the country should look at India's attitude towards caring for the elderly for lessons on how to manage "national shame" of ignoring old citizens.

US Should Learn From Indian Pvt Hospitals

The United States may be good at innovations in medicines, procedures and equipment. But it should learn from India how to keep health care affordable

Indian Doctors in Legal Action Over UK Exam Bias

Legal action by a group representing Indian-origin doctors in Britain, who allege a bias in the medical practitioner's exam in the country, will come up for hearing later this week.

Indian Woman in UK Forced to Carry Dead Fetus For Two Days

An Indian woman in the UK was forced to carry a dead fetus in her womb for two days after doctors at the hospital ignored signs of its death and sent her back home.

Living Inside the House of Surrogates

Commercial surrogacy is estimated to be worth more than $1bn a year in India.

Ethnic Indians Heroes in Nairobi Aftermath

Members of Kenya’s Indian community are emerging as heroes of last Saturday's terrorist attack at a Nairobi mall they frequent in large numbers.

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