Over One-third Of Temporary Workers in US From India

This also accounted for the largest number of non-immigrants residing in the US.

Expatriate Indians Return Home to Have Their Say

This is the first parliamentary election in which Indian expatriates,can vote in their home country, as part of an amendment to a voting law passed in 2010.

Action Sought Against Agents For Luring Punjabis to US

The youths, detained in prisons in the US for the past few months, have gone on hunger strike seeking early resolution of their plight

H-1B Visa Applications Surge to 172500

USCIS conducted the computerised draw of lots to select the Congressionally mandated 65,000 applicants, who would receive the H-1B visas.

Indians Denied US L-1 Visa More Than Others

Indians are experiencing a significantly higher denial rate of the American non-immigrant L-1 visa as compared to applicants from any other country.

In UK, Indian Domestic Workers Face Abuse

Under the terms of the new ‘tied visa,’ overseas domestic workers cannot legally leave their employer and find new work.

The Donkey Route to Britain

Among the illegals are Indian engineers, lawyers, graduates, pharmacists and well-educated men.

The Dark Side of EB-5 US Visa

Exercising caution while pursuing the American dream

Great News for Indians Applying for a British Visa

The service will allow Indian applicants to keep their passport while their visa is being processed.

UK Witnesses 21% Drop in Study Visas to Indians in 2013

Over 90 per cent of the applications received get the visas,clarifying that Britain does not look at India as a high risk country.

NRIs on Short Trips Barred From Gold Imports

Imports of gold are likely to get further impacted, with the effort to check the alleged misuse of the facility for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to bring some with their luggage.

70 Indian Passports Stolen From San Francisco

About 70 Indian passports have reportedly been stolen from a private company, to which the Indian Consulate in San Francisco has outsourced various visa and passport related services.

Immigration Curbs Have Deterred Indian Students

Immigration curbs have "played disappointingly badly" in India despite prime ministerial charm offensives to show Britain welcomes students

UK Mulls Dramatic Visa Fees Hike

A move that can hit Prime Minister David Cameron's efforts to boost student and business visits from countries like India.

Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers

For freelance techies, the temptation is overwhelming. And that, naturally, has opened up a world of opportunity for fraudsters.

Indian Student's Bashing Sparks Change to Australia's Migration Laws

The case of an Indian student, brutally bashed in Melbourne late last year, has prompted calls for changes to Australia's migration regulations.

Tata Says USA Rejecting Hhalf of Indians' Work Visa Requests

Outsourcer forced into stateside campus recruitment blitz to fill junior roles

India Warns US of Consequences on Visa Reform

India has warned the United States of consequences for its companies if lawmakers tighten visa rules on high-tech firms as part of an immigration overhaul.

India Expands Visa-free Travel to Include 180 Countries

Tourists travelling to India from 180 countries will no longer have to queue at their local consulates to obtain visas.

US Prosecutors Says Devyani Khobragade Enjoys No Immunity

Devyani Khobragade, the Indian diplomat whose December arrest led to a major international dispute, holds no immunity from US prosecution

India Set to Ease Visa Restrictions

India's intelligence agencies have now given their backing to proposals that would allow tourists to apply online and then wait only three days before receiving the green light,

US Immigration System Completely Backward

Describing the current US immigration system as "completely backwards", Indian-American Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said the country needs a system of "high walls and a broad gate".

163 Indian Pandits Go Missing in US

As many as 163 Vedic pandits, who were brought to the US from north Indian villages, have disappeared from the Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa during the past year

US Embassy School Under Scanner for Visa, Tax Violations

The elite American Embassy school here is under scanner for suspected violations of tax laws and visa status of some of its staff.

Asylum in USA for Indian Gay Couple

On December 20th, just days after the Indian Supreme Court reinstated the ban on “sex against the order of nature” in the Indian Penal Code, the duo received political asylum in the United States

Devyani Khobragade Case: US to Proceed With Her Prosecution

The US is reportedly proceeding with the prosecution of senior Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade and has no intentions of withdrawing the case of visa fraud against her.

How an Alleged Cavity Search is Threatening India-US Relations

An Indian diplomat said U.S. authorities subjected her to a strip search and cavity search when she was arrested on visa charges in New York City, sparking outrage in India.

US Can’t Do Much About India’s H-1B Visa Concerns

The changes under the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) put a curb on use of H-1B visa for those companies which have a higher ratio of work force under this category. - See more at:

Why the OCI Card for NRIs is a Hogwash

This “lifelong” visa just lulls the cardholder into a false sense of complacency.

Story Behind a Stapled Chinese Visa

Indian immigration officials have responded by refusing to let Indian holders of stapled visas board their flights to China.

134000 Lakh Indians Return, Centre Watching Situation in Saudi Arabia

Government is closely watching the situation in Saudi Arabia which is targeting illegal foreigners under its new labour policy,.

89 Per cent of Indians in Favour of a Common ASEAN Visa System

Skyscanner’s survey reveals that three quarters of Indians choose holiday destinations based on visa requirements

Federal Inquiry Into Indian Firm Puts a Focus on Widespread Visa Abuses

A federal investigation into visa use by Infosys has brought to light widespread abuses in the industry and prompted investigations into other foreign outsourcing firms.

US Visa Fraud Claims: Will Infosys Lose Face in Paying Record Fine

The US government will hit Indian outsourcing giant Infosys with the largest immigration fine ever levied.

Infosys Likely to be Penalised with Record Fine for Visa Fraud

The US Justice Department is likely to penalise Infosys with record immigration fine over misuse of business visas.

India to Extend Visa on Arrival Facility to 40 Countries

Planning Commission calls a high-level meeting of different ministries and national security advisor on Monday

Indian, Chinese Passports Among Least Attractive for Global Visa Waivers

Finland, Sweden and Great Britain, whose citizens have visa-free access to a maximum of 173 out of 218 countries, occupy the top three positions in the index

Thousands March in US For Immigration Reform

Thousands of people poured into streets across the United States on Saturday in a push to overhaul immigration and end the legal limbo of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

India no Longer a Hot Destination for Jobs

NRIs disillusioned; many flee after impulsive return

No Move to Finalise Visa Bond for Indians in UK Soon

Britain has indicated to India that there is no move to finalise the controversial 3,000 pounds visa bond scheme for Indians soon

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