Hyderabad Largest Source of Indian Students in the U.S

The southern Indian city is the hometown of one of the world’s most successful émigré Indians but its lead in sending students to the States is still a bit surprising.

NRIs Don’t Want a New System to Replace PIO & OCI Cards

The 29 millionstrong community of overseas Indians hopes the Narendra Modi government will quickly take a final call on whether GoI will change the way it classifies NRIs.

Easier Test For UK-bound Nurses

Britain has relaxed employment rules for foreign nurses, including from India which accounts for the second-highest number of applicants, to plug a severe shortage.

US Immigration Bill Can Lead to $30 Billion Per Year Loss

The Indian economy could lose $30 billion annually with the IT industry being the hardest hit if the Immigration Bill under consideration in the US Congress becomes a law.

Germany Hot New Destination for Indian Students

Indian students' enrolment in German universities up more than 100% in 5 years

What Prompts Kerala Nurses to Leave India?

Kerala is known for giving the finest theoretical and practical training to its nurses but there is no value for their specialisation,

Stringent New Visa Rules for Foreign Spouses

The UK Court of Appeal has cleared the way for a minimum income threshold of 18,600 pounds for British citizens bringing foreign spouses to live with them in the country

H-1B Visa: Backlash Against Foreign Workers Stirs US

Critics say there is no across-the-board shortage of American tech workers, and that if there were, wages would be rising rapidly.

India to Ease Visa Application Process

India’s tourism bosses are hoping a relaxation of the visa regime will drive a growth in tourism.

Govt Scrambles to Pull Out Indians from Iraq

India's operation in strife-torn Iraq is fast taking the shape of a full-scale evacuation of all Indians.

E-visa Soon for India

New tourism minister Shri Shripad Yesso Naik to implement as soon as possible e-visa to boost tourist arrivals to the country.

Iraq Crisis: Tikrit Nurses' Plea For Help as Fighting Rages

A group of Indian nurses working in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit say they are are petrified following the bombings

Long Lines, Lost Passports in the U.S. for Indian Visa

People traveling to India from the U.S. are wading through a bureaucratic nightmare when applying for documents to get overseas.

Improvement in Visa Approval for Indian Doctors

An influential US lawmaker yesterday asked the State Department to improve the visa approval process for doctors from India

Indian Missions in US Scramble to Clean up Visa Mess

Indian missions in the US have turned to social media like Facebook and Twitter as they scrambled to clear up a visa mess in the wake of a change of contractors for processing consular services.

Indian Expatriates to Face Delay in Getting Passports

Indian expatriates in the UAE seeking to renew their passports till the end of July will face delay.

Surge in Number of Indian Students in Australia

There are currently 35,000 Indian students in Australia and the numbers are growing rapidly.

Fall in Indian Students Studying in US

Slowdown in the job market and opportunities in other destinations such as Singapore, New Zealand and Dubai has resulted in a continuous decline in the number of Indian students studying in the US.

India Evacuates 1,000 Nationals From Ukrainian City

The first batch of 500 Indians, mostly students, are leaving violence-hit Ukrainian city of Lugansk to Kyiv today as India made arrangements to evacuate close to 1000 of its nationals from that city

UK Becoming Unpopular Among Indian Students

The number of overseas students coming to study in Britain from Commonwealth countries like India and Pakistan has dwindled from one lakh to 35,000 in the past three years,

H-1B Visa-holders Hail Move to Let Spouses Work

The Department of Homeland Security, a U.S government body, had decided to allow spouses of H-1B visa-holders, who are seeking green cards, to get work authorisation.

Doctors From India More LikelyTo Be Struck Off

Warnings over foreign doctors as figures show those trained in India are four times more likely to be struck off

Identity Crisis Faced By H1B Visa Holders' Spouses

Will work permits help solve 'identity crisis' faced by H1B visa holders' spouses?

Stop Treating Us Like Garbage, Indians Tell High Commission in London

A petition on CHANGE.ORG has been scathing in its criticism of the treatment meted out to some at the Indian High Commission.

India Takes Up Students Work Visa Issue With UK

India has taken up the key issue of Britain closing the post-study work visa, which allowed self-financing Indian students to work here after completing their studies

No Indians No PRCs': Singapore's Rental Discrimination Problem

A quick glance at online rental listings shows many that include the words: "no Indians, no PRCs [People's Republic of China]", sometimes followed by the word "sorry".

Indian IT Firms Under Greater Scrutiny

Indian information technology firms are facing greater scrutiny from financial sector clients in the United States, following the new risk-mitigation rules.

UK to Recruit Indian Doctors Through Skype Interviews

The UK is mulling recruiting doctors from India to tackle a staffing crisis.

Indian Grad Students Eyeing U.S. as Land of Opportunity

Over the past 2 years, applications from India have skyrocketed, while those from China have tapered off—leaving analysts scrambling for answers.

Over One-third Of Temporary Workers in US From India

This also accounted for the largest number of non-immigrants residing in the US.

Expatriate Indians Return Home to Have Their Say

This is the first parliamentary election in which Indian expatriates,can vote in their home country, as part of an amendment to a voting law passed in 2010.

Action Sought Against Agents For Luring Punjabis to US

The youths, detained in prisons in the US for the past few months, have gone on hunger strike seeking early resolution of their plight

H-1B Visa Applications Surge to 172500

USCIS conducted the computerised draw of lots to select the Congressionally mandated 65,000 applicants, who would receive the H-1B visas.

Indians Denied US L-1 Visa More Than Others

Indians are experiencing a significantly higher denial rate of the American non-immigrant L-1 visa as compared to applicants from any other country.

In UK, Indian Domestic Workers Face Abuse

Under the terms of the new ‘tied visa,’ overseas domestic workers cannot legally leave their employer and find new work.

The Donkey Route to Britain

Among the illegals are Indian engineers, lawyers, graduates, pharmacists and well-educated men.

The Dark Side of EB-5 US Visa

Exercising caution while pursuing the American dream

Great News for Indians Applying for a British Visa

The service will allow Indian applicants to keep their passport while their visa is being processed.

UK Witnesses 21% Drop in Study Visas to Indians in 2013

Over 90 per cent of the applications received get the visas,clarifying that Britain does not look at India as a high risk country.

NRIs on Short Trips Barred From Gold Imports

Imports of gold are likely to get further impacted, with the effort to check the alleged misuse of the facility for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to bring some with their luggage.

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