Did Kabali Depict Eethnic Indians in Malaysia Accurately

Arguments about whether the movie accurately portrayed the plight of ethnic Indians here, or deliberately played up certain issues to put the community in a bad light continue on various social media platforms.

Namaste: Washington Press Club Goes Desi

There was mehndi for female guests, bhangra dancing, and tandoori dinner. There were sarees galore, Nehru jackets, and the reigning greeting for the night was 'namaste'.

The Indian Wine Tasting Experience

Education indeed seems to be the answer that may change and convert India into a wine drinking culture.

Same-day Visa for Indian Investors, No Cap on Students:

British Prime Minister David Cameron out to woo Indian businesses and students

Fusion Fails to Save Dull Day 2

Guests at Day 2 of the Lakme Fashion Week might be forgiven for thinking there is a crisis of sorts on the Mumbai fashion scene. Whether it was the heavy rains or the fact that it is Anna Hazare — and not fashion — that is making news right now, the main show area of the Grand Hyatt (where LFW is held) was emptier than usual.

India's Mauling Deepens Crisis in Test Cricket

Geoffrey Boycott: "India are the paymasters of cricket. Every time their board auctions a TV rights package, at least five broadcasters bid. And those broadcasters provide vital funding for other countries when India tour abroad. So if India sneezes, the whole world catches a cold."

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