Shocking Scientific Inventions by Ancient Hindu Saints

The land of India is known to be the land of saints and Gods. It is filled with various types of unexplainable things.

Startups Now Help Students to Study Abroad

Startups like Collegify, FreshMentors help students heading abroad in selecting right courses & university

The Morality in Using Bodies For a Living

India may be the land of Mrichchakatika and Vasantsena, but the prostitute lacks status here

The Rare Pleasures of Serendipity

No online retailer can match the serendipity that brick-and-mortar book stores engender

Australia to Return Stolen Hindu Statues to India

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will return to India two ancient Hindu statues displayed in Australia, but allegedly stolen from Indian temples.

Jeans Face an Uncertain Future Amid Yoga Wear Rage

As a result of jeans' waning popularity, retailers and designers are focusing more on activewear and less on denim.

Cancer Behind 70% Deaths in India's Atomic Energy Hubs

Cancer caused almost 70% of the 3,887 health-related deaths in the atomic energy hubs across the country over the last 20 years

India is World's Suicide Capital

India has by far the largest number of suicides in the world, accounting for nearly a third of the global total and more than twice as many as China, which is second on the list.

7 Superfoods You Should Avoid

Not all superfoods are worth your money. And everybody reminding you to adopt it just to shed those extra kilos is a buzzkill.


These Recipes Will Change Your Perception About Veggie Food.

How Much Has The Ice Bucket Challenge Achieved

The media is reaching saturation point in its coverage of the ice bucket challenge. But what has actually been achieved?

China Plans To Join Bullet Train Race in India

After Japan, China readying proposal to join the race to provide bullet trains in India

Delhi’s Belly-The Hidden Village

A lesser-known route to Hauz Khas Village reveals the hip district in all its colours

10 Significant Scientific Discoveries India Gave the World

The rich scientific past of India is something the world will never be able to compete with.

Cleaning up Ganges

Media in India are highlighting the Supreme Court's concerns over the government's "bureaucratic plan" to clean up the Ganges river.

Jamsetji Tata’s Home Gets Unesco Honour

The decade-long conservation work on the 19th century Esplanade House wins recognition.

In India an App for Chats and for Keeping Secrets

Hike’s selling point is that it lets users filter the information they transmit in sophisticated ways — and, more to the point, cloak aspects of their social lives from their parents.

The Bar Is Closed

With Kerala again springing the prohibition bogey, a look at how the great liquor ban story has played out in India

A Romantic Getaway to Udaipur

As the backdrop of countless romantic movies, Udaipur charms with its regal splendour and stately aura.

MS Dhoni Goes Past Md Azharuddin

MS Dhoni went past Md Azharuddin as the most successful Indian skipper in ODIs

Varanasi: The Holy City is Now a Superhot City

PM Narendra Modi's promise to develop Varanasi into smart city turns it into realty hotspot overnight

Indian Case Studies in Demand in Business Schools

The huge jump in number of case studies studies originating from India is prompted by an increasing demand for domestic cases in local business schools and a similar expectation from prospective employers.

Pan of Action

A bit of what we eat comes from the pot we use to cook our food. Clay and stone, steel and iron—take your pick.

Hyderabad Largest Source of Indian Students in the U.S

The southern Indian city is the hometown of one of the world’s most successful émigré Indians but its lead in sending students to the States is still a bit surprising.

Why The Newspaper Feels Like An Anachronism

The era of the newspaper is over. For the first time, Indian newspapers have registered decaying readership

India's Coal Miners

India is the world's third largest coal producing nation and coal supplies 60% of the country's energy needs.

Indian Scientists May Have Found Wonder Herb

Indian scientists may have found a multi-functional "wonder herb" that can regulate the immunity system, adapt to challenging environmental situations and help people stay protected from radiation.

India Reclaim No. 1 ODI Ranking

Australia's shock defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe has meant that India have leapfrogged them as the No. 1-ranked ODI side in the world.

Nalanda University Reopens

The revived Nalanda University, an ancient international centre for learning in Bihar which has attracted over 1,000 applications from around the world.

An Opening And a Closure

Newly restored Jewish centre Chabad House retains some scars from the 2008 Mumbai attacks

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Goes Green in Mumbai

People in Maharashtra produce 6.8 million Ganesh statues, including two million large ones, annually.

Indian Marriages Are Now Made in Mauritius

With destination weddings catching up amongst rich Indian families,Mauritius is targeting this segment in a serious manner.

India to Turn Orwell's Birthplace Into a Museum

India began work to restore the dilapidated house where "Animal Farm" and "1984" author George Orwell was born and turn it into a museum.

Burger Chain Wendy’s Coming Soon to India

US' third-largest burger chain, Wendy's, is likely to come to India in the first half of 2015.

Going Gourmet with Maggi

Going gourmet with Maggi is worse than Madhuri Dixit calling it healthy.

India Launches Bank Accounts For All

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to launch a plan to provide a bank account for every household, in a landmark initiative to help the poor.

Not Flying High

Air India faces maximum passenger complaints.

The Latest Gadget From Gujarat: Toto Toilets

Japan’s Toto Ltd. has started churning out toilets in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat in hopes of cashing in on the new Indian leader’s push to put toilets in every Indian home.

Angry BCCI May Discipline Dhoni

The BCCI top brass is fuming at Mahendra Singh Dhoni's comments at the pre-match press conference in Bristol

Researchers Reveal World's Best Diet

Researchers have revealed the 'world's best diet' that would help people us shed kilos and would help them to not on more weight.

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