Gazing at a Dying God

This is a god who has lived a full life and will continue to do so when he is reborn, and is ready to ride his chariot once again a month later.

Why Indians are Ready for Retirement

With the highest score of 7 on the Aegon Retirement Readiness Index 2015, Indians seem to be the most prepared globally to face retirement.

Young India Moves Beyond Corrective Cosmetic Surgeries

The whole focus of plastic surgery has shifted from looking younger to looking in shape.

In e-age, Desi Snail Mail Still Crawling Along

Millions of Indians continue to rely on postal services to reach across to their loved ones.

India innovates on the Internet of Things

Make in India is having a successful moment, developing mobile apps and other IoT devices comparable to any in the world

Indian Home Cooks Lead the World

A global survey of cooking habits around the world found that Indian cooks spend 13.hours a week preparing food.

Dal Lake — Jewel of Srinagar

One of Kashmir’s main tourist attractions a view of the the mirror calm Dal lake.

Polo Fades in India on the Backs of Endangered Ponies

Players and advocates for the pony see little hope for the species and the sport if there is no government intervention.

Sari Design Gets a Modern Twist

New technology has helped to speed up the design process and market the saris to a global audience.

Why the Indian Soldiers of WW1 Were Forgotten

Approximately 1.3 million Indian soldiers served in World War One, and over 74,000 of them lost their lives.

Beyond the Net Sari

Why don’t Indian designers make Ramadan fashion collections?

Lalit Modi’s Powerful Frenemies

As more names come tumbling out in the Lalit Modi row, a look at Modi’s growing list of friends and enemies.

Women in Love and on TV

A perspective on a recent advert featuring lesbians in India, of which we shouldn't be surprised, given India's ancient liberal tradition.

India's Food Truck Expansion

Food trucks - mobile restaurants serving fast food - are a common sight in America, but not so much in Asia. In India, however, the trend is catching on.

5 Indians Charged in Bank Fraud Case in US

Five Indian-origin persons are among seven charged with conspiring to commit bank fraud in the US through a scheme that resulted in losses of over $3 million to the victims.

Vijender Singh Next Manny Pacquiao

India's Olympic champion Vijender Singh wants to follow into the footsteps of Asian boxing legend Manny Pacquiao after turning professional.

India's Star Boxer Vijender Singh Turns Pro

Olympic boxer Vijender Singh announced that he was turning a professional and signed what was called a ‘landmark, four-year deal’ with a British promoter, thus excluding himself from representing India at the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

Maharajas' Express: The Most Expensive Train in India

A high-end boutique in the train houses some perfect memorabilia to cherish this royal sojourn for a lifetime.

Inside India's 4,000-year-old Transgender Community

While for centuries they were sought after to perform blessings and ceremonies, their long-standing religious respect has not protected the hijra from modern-day discrimination.

Wimbledon’s Famous Towels Made, and for Sale, in India

The colorful terry-cloth towels used by tennis players on court are the most-prized keepsake from the annual tournament.

Weird Indian American

I knew I was different, but I also knew the world was big. If I didn’t fit-in in the Midwest, I would fit in elsewhere.

Hauz Khas Global

It is hard to believe that Hauz Khas Village, or HKV as it is colloquially known, is supposed to be New Delhi’s coolest hang-out.

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Parsis

The Parsis in India are fighting a battle with dwindling numbers and orthodox, insular mindsets.

India Needs to Stop Obsessing Over IITs

Where India desperately needs someone in the cockpit is in rescuing our universities from oblivion and irrelevance.

The Sikhs Who Saved Parmesan

Immigrant Sikhs from the Indian state became the backbone of Italy's most famous cheese-making industry.

The Best Heritage Hotels in India

India is home to several well-restored heritage hotels that combine their old-world charm with modern conveniences.

Punjab Boy Becomes First Indian to be Drafted in NBA

Punjab’s 19-year-old Satnam Singh Bhamara has created history by becoming the first Indian basketball player to be drafted in the National Basketball Association (NBA) after being picked by Dallas Mavericks.

Desi Deli, Mumbai

Gourmet burgers, hot dogs and more, all with interesting local twists

Selfie Girls

A village in India recently held an unique contest to raise consciousness about girl children.

Why Solo Dining Can be Tough For Women

Solo dining can sometimes be a harrowing experience for a single woman in the Indian capital, Delhi.

After Selfies, the Velfie Strikes a Chord

At least two Indian mobile apps—Frankly and Velfie—are tapping the potential of video selfies and offering it for various uses.

E-visa Making India a Popular Tourist Destination

Currently applicable to 77 nations, the e-Visa scheme has further given impetus to India's inbound travel

Bangladesh Make History Against India

Bangladesh defeat: Why it's a harsh, bitter reality for Indian cricket.

The Maggi and Modi Affair

Without a sound regulatory framework that runs itself, individuals will falter, and everyone will suffer. That is the simple lesson

China Opens New Route for Indian Pilgrims

China inaugurated a new land crossing into Tibet on Monday for Indian pilgrims who wish to visit one of the holiest sites in both Hinduism and Buddhism

India-made Food Products Face USFDA Heat

The data shows that most of snacks that were rejected were made by Haldiram's, a major Indian snacks and sweets manufacturer based out of Nagpur.

The Town Built on Indian Art

The town of Rishikesh in northern India is often called the yoga capital of the world.

Millions in India, World Mark 1st International Yoga Day

Millions of yoga enthusiasts bent and twisted their bodies in complex postures across India and much of the world on Sunday to mark the first International Yoga Day.

Nestle India's Maggi Problems

Nestle will destroy 400 million packets of its hugely popular Maggi noodles, following a ban imposed by India's food safety regulator.

India's Most Outraged Man Speaks Out

A Sikh man, described on social media as "the most outraged man of India", has told about his life as the "face of street protests in Delhi".

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