Isro Plans to Send an Indian Into Space

Isro had done a study seven years ago about the requirements of a human flight.

Sai Baba Devotees Can File Case Against Shankaracharya

Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati had ran down the followers of Shirdi Sai Baba, saying they ought not to worship the 19th century mystic who was no God.

How Cyclone Hudhud Got Its Name

Cyclone Hudhud, expected to hit India's south-eastern coast on Sunday afternoon, was "born" in Oman?

The Useful Salwar

A top-selling retail separate, designers subvert the original ‘salwar’ for modern versions on the fashion ramp

A Happy Homecoming For India's Widows

A group of Indian widows have returned to their home city to raise awareness about the plight of women who are thrown out by their families after their husbands die.

Dhoni Sole Indian Athlete on Forbes’ List

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the sole Indian sportsman to figure on Forbes' list of the world's most valuable athlete brands

New York Times Apologises For Cartoon On India's Mars Mission

NYT apologised for publishing a cartoon on India's successful Mars mission which a large number of readers accused of mocking India.

India And An Overburdened Planet

The lifestyle of an Indian places less demands on the ecosystem than that of the citizens of many other countries.

This Burger is World’s Costliest

Priced at £1,1237.50 with service the burger took three weeks to develop.

Indians to Benefit From New Irish-UK Visa Deal

Our aim is to boost tourism and business travel to our countries.

Skype to Bar Calls Within India

Skype will end support for calling within India, meaning calls to mobiles and landlines from Skype within India will no longer be available.

Cutting Down India’s Forest of Laws

A multitude of laws is the surest way to create a lawless society

Himachal Apple Orchards Beckon Tourists

In a unique initiative to make tourism business more fruitful in Himachal Pradesh, the state Tourism Department is all set to take tourists to apple orchards.

Why Love is a Four Letter Word

The current jihad against love is only the latest and most visible instance of a virulent Indian misogyny

Apology Follows Threat to Hundreds at Harvard

The email list appeared to target people with Asian surnames.

Incheon Bares Sordid Sports Saga of India

India’s ranking has gone down from the sixth four years ago to eighth now.

NYT's Racist Cartoon

The New York Times cocked a snook at the Mangalyaan spacecraft by publishing a cartoon that showed a turban-wearing man with a cow knocking at the door of the "Elite Space Club".

Stolen Ganesha in US to Return Soon

The Ganesha will be the third stolen idol that Tamil Nadu is getting back in the Kapoor case.

Is Yoga Really About Exercise

Yoga practitioners are fighting a new sales tax by insisting the activity isn't primarily about fitness.

The Spaniard Who Loves Us

The man who is poking about in our homes to find new ways to make them beautiful and functional

Gender Dispute

When is a sportswoman not woman enough?

India Singer Criticised For Sexist Jeans Remark

Women's groups in the southern Indian state of Kerala have criticised the legendary singer KJ Yesudas for saying women should not wear jeans.

Indians Shop for Apartments in US

For affluent Indians, U.S. real estate is a security blanket.

India Beat Pakistan To Win Men's Hockey Gold

IT took Indian men 16 years to reclaim Asiad hockey gold, which also earned them a direct berth to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

1,000 US Academics To Teach in Indian Universities

The idea is to invite and host up to 1,000 American academics every year to teach in centrally-recognized Indian universities.

85% of Indians are Offline

The countries were ranked on the index on the basis of their scores on four kinds of barriers: incentives, low incomes and affordability, user capability, and infrastructure.

Indian Varsities in World’s top 300

It should be a cause for serious concern that India does not yet have a top-200 entrant, and does not seem to be making enough progress up the rankings.

Why is Adolf Hitler Popular in India?

The different attitudes that have given Hitler his unique Indian afterlife can surprise those from the West who are confronted by them.

Photoshopping Federer

Images of the tennis star in India, created by his fans

Delhi Metro Ranked Second

Delhi Metro has been ranked second among 18 international Metro systems i

Brain Repair May be Boosted By Curry Spice

A spice commonly found in curries may boost the brain's ability to heal itself.

India's Race For Space Success

ndia's maiden mission to Mars, the Mangalyaan, has arrived in orbit after a 300-day marathon covering over 670 million kilometres.

Hello Ello, Goodbye Facebook

Social media network without ads woos users.

Mumbai Ranked 12th Most Expensive City

London has overtaken Hong Kong as the world's most expensive city to live and work in.

Red-letter Day For India

India created history becoming the first country to succeed on its first Mars mission when Isro's Mangalyaan slipped into Martian orbit after a few nail-biting moments.

Smoked Meat Deadlier Than Liquor

When meat or fish is cooked directly over fire, it gets covered with cancer-causing carcinogens, making it more dangerous than even smoking or consumption of alcohol,

Suspicious Spouses

Delhi marriage detective in high demand.

Bollywood Cleavage Row Shows India's Crass Side

A clash between India's top newspaper and a Bollywood actress shows no signs of abating.

Indian Junk Food Scandal

It's a storm in a cup which we all must look into.

The Mobile Gatekeepers of India's Railways

Some 11,500 of the more than 30,000 railway crossings in India are unmanned.

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