Doctors Expose The Ugly Truth Behind Fancy Hospitals

At a time when the US is trying to rectify its mistakes with Obamacare, a poor country like India is regressing in that regard.

Indians Swipe Left on Desi Tinder Ad

But there was a lot of scepticism about whether the advertisement reflected the reality in most Indian homes, where dating openly is not the norm.

Poisoned River

The Ganges is revered in India but it is also the sewer that carries away the waste from the 450 million people who live in its catchment area.

India Doubles Its Grape Exports to Europe

Exports of grapes from India touched an all-time high in 2015-16, with exports to Europe more than doubling compared to that in the previous financial year, even as India became an importer of many other commodities such as maize, wheat and soyabean.

Foreign B-schools Continue to Dazzle Indian Students

81% of Indian students preferred to study internationally, up from 76% in 2011, according to GMAC report

Most Students Seek Admission in Global B-schools

Half of the students seeking admissions in business schools abroad from across the world also want to work away from home, says a new global survey.

A Year Since Zika Outbreak, India Keeps a Check

Since Zika has been detected in parts of Asia and Africa for decades, scientists have been flummoxed as to why the virus has not yet affected Africa or India

5 Famous Foreign Temples

Having more number of Hindus in India, there are several temples. Situation is different in foreign countries where there are limited number of the devotional places. But though the number is limited, most of those temples are popular.

The Untouchable Muslims of India

Most of India's 140 million Muslims are descended from local converts. Many of them converted to Islam to escape Hindu upper-caste oppression.

Pak India Hockey Series in UK Delayed

A three match hockey series between former stars of Pakistan and Indian hockey teams that was scheduled to take place next week is likely to be delayed as some former Pakistan Olympians and internationals could not get UK visa in time.

First Ever Pomegranates From India to USA

The Bhagwa variety, renowned for its soft seeds and sweet taste, has finally managed to reach the USA after sustained efforts by the Indian NPPO (National Plant Protection Organisation).

Indians Getting Hungry For Gourmet Vacations

Indians are no longer travelling for just shopping and sightseeing. We have witnessed a lot of demand for gourmet food and beverage experiences, which offer more of an insider's perspective for the traveller,

Biometrics No Deterrent For Europe-bound Travellers

Switzerland continues to be one of most sought after tourist destination in Europe for Indians.

India, UK to Launch 100 Foot Journey Club

As part of an initiative to take bilateral cooperation in the education sector forward, India and the United Kingdom will launch the "100-foot Journey Club" on May 10 .

India’s New Line in Budget Medical Tourism

A small but steadily increasing number of transgenders are travelling to India for sex-change surgeries, which are cheaper than those in their homelands.

Malaysian Cuisine Closest Cousin to South Indian food

Malaysian cuisine can be termed the closest cousin of South Indian cuisine. Nevertheless, Malaysian dishes taste different.

Navtej Sarna Meets Indian Academics in UK

India's High Commissioner to the UK Navtej Sarna today interacted with more than 75 Indian academics and students here to explore Indo-UK cooperation in the field of education.

The Battle For The Indian Mind

What do protests at the University of Hyderabad and Jawaharlal Nehru University tell us about India’s ‘messy democracy’?

India to Become More Attractive to Kiwi Travellers

Travel to India is expected to become easier and more attractive to Kiwis as the result of a new air services agreement between India and New Zealand.

Religious Freedom Has Deteriorated in India, Says US Report

Members of USCIRF were denied visas by Indian government early this year on the argument that religious freedom is enshrined in the constitution and any foreign third party has no locus standi to comment or investigate on it.

We Complain Too Much About Air India

For four decades and past an endless stream of managing directors, each with his own agenda, the Maharajah was defrocked and disgraced.

India Junks US Report on Religious Freedom

nited States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has said in its 2016 annual report that "India is on a negative trajectory in terms of religious freedom".

Delhi’s IGI Jumped From Rank 101 To Being The No. 1 Airport In The World

For the second consecutive year, Indira Gandhi International airport was ranked as the world's number 1 airport. IGI scored an impressive 4.96 on a scale of 1 to 5 in the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) survey.

A Real Life Swades Story

Areal life Shah Rukh Khan right out of Swades and we didn't even know about it.

US Watch List May Hit Affordable Drug Business

United States Trade Representative's 2016 'Special 301 Report' targeting countries including India, by putting these on a 'priority watch list' has been criticized by health activists.

In Crisis, BPOs Cut Home Drops, Arrange Stays

Desperate measures are being deployed to tide over desperate times that the ban on diesel cabs has brought on software and BPO firms and MNCs in Gurgaon that pick up and drop employees from home.

Kerala Best Place in India to Die

Kerala has more palliative care centres than the rest of the country put together and its extensive programme is bolstered by thousands of volunteers who give up their time to tend to those who are incurably ill, bedridden or nearing the end of their lives.

The Caveman Approach to Tantrums

An Indian journalist-mother bridged cultural gaps in China and Europe, and found solace in Karpian toddler-ese.

India’s Lost History of Mathematical Genius

Many of the discoveries which are attributed to European scholars had previously been worked out in India—in some cases centuries earlier. One of the most glaring examples is the Pythagorean theorem.

Indian Freedom Speech Become a Viral Remix

When an Indian university student leader charged with sedition chanted slogans about "freedom", it struck a chord in the country.The speech has been set to music, mixed with dubstep and inspired a crop of anthems.

Forging a Path for Women, Deep Into India’s Sacred Shrines

Public attention has forced the government in state of Maharashtra to enforce a court judgment allowing women into any part of a temple a man can enter.

Buddha in The City

Bengaluru-based psychiatrist red-flagged India’s impending mental health crisis,

India Wants to Show Off Its Culinary Pride

India is taking the cue from many Southeast Asian nations to promote food tourism through festivals and global events, such as the World Food Congress. Read More :

India Races Ahead of US in Smartphone Market

India's smartphone market grew 23% in Q1 2016, surpassing the US market in terms of users even as sales remained flat globally.

Jai Ho Meets Waka Waka at Africa’s National Day

It was an evening of dance, music and laughter when diplomats and politicians came together to celebrate South Africa's 22nd National Day.

Saina Nehwal Seals Semifinal Spot at ABC

Saina Nehwal held her nerves in tricky situations to eke out a 21-16 21-19 win over former World Champion Shixian Wang.

The Artificial Trappings of Our Gurus

Godmen in India need just a few fraud externals, such as a fancy title and costume, to fool the gullible public

Tales From the Rails

India's rail network is one of the most extensive in the world, used by some 23 million people each day.

Five Popular Dishes That Are Surprisingly Not Indian

The next time someone tells you that the kulfi is a desi summer cooler, you know better and can tell him that it isn't. The kulfi is a Middle Eastern import and as are sweets such as jalebi and gulab jamun.

Rise of Machines Threatens Craft in India

Technology and innovation driving traditional sari makers out of business in Varansai, India.

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