Indian Village Awaits Return of Mystery Girl

An Indian woman found on the Pakistani side of the border more than a decade ago is on her way home.

In The Lion's Den

The Indian women who answer cat calls.

Beef Politics And Religion

The idea needs to go beyond just cow protection.

World's Tallest Idol of Goddess Durga

The idol is made with cement and fiberglass and not from traditional clay due to its unprecedented height

India's Wine Industry Flowing Faster

India and wine might not be two words that traditionally go together, but the country's wine industry has been growing slowly for a decade.

India Literary Council Condemns Attacks on Writers

India's Sahitya Akademi, which bestows literary honours, has condemned recent attacks on writers and rationalists.

In Kolkata, Smashing The Sex Barrier

How the city is leading the way in bringing transgender people into the mainstream

Indians Working in US Find Their Job Less Stressful

A majority of Indians who live in the US and send money home say they are overqualified for their jobs here and find their US workplace to be less stressful than workplaces in India

Why Are Indian Sikhs Angry

Sikhs in the northern Indian state of Punjab have staged protests, enforced strikes and blocked roads in several towns and cities in the past week.

How to Cook a Goat Head

The first printed cookbook in India, with recipes that go back nearly two millennia.

Women Power

The women have taken on not only the company that employs them but also the trade unions supposed to represent them

In Indian Fashion, Grey Now Sells

We used to only like explosions of colour. Now Indian prêt is discovering unembellished ‘greige’.

What is it Like to be an Indian Muslim

It is a fine thing to be a male, middle-class Hindu in India, and not have to face segregation, writes Aakar Patel

Why Desis Feel at Home in Mauritius

A lot of Indians made Mauritius their new home and now, they’re a happy majority.

Best Indian Food Festivals

The passion for great food may be universal, but New Delhi is known to take its food very seriously.

Claiming Delhi's Streets to Break The Cage

Young female students in the Indian capital, Delhi, are fighting to assert their right to public spaces with a campaign called Pinjra Tod

India's Most Polarising Animal

Why the humble cow is India's most polarising animal.

China's Traffic Jam Makes India's Road Troubles Seem Trivial

When it comes to traffic jams, we are amateurs compared to the Chinese.

Is it a Lehenga? Is it a Gown?

Eventually, most people end up buying something in which they may cringe and twist in discomfort for the entire duration of the function

Rebranding India’s Rural Cigarette

Popular in rural areas, manufacturers are trying to change its image and attract city smokers too.

Maharajas’ Express: World’s Leading Luxury Train

Maharaja Express, the luxury train that offers royal tour on five routes, including Agra and Varanasi, was recently conferred the coveted 'Seven Star Global Luxury Award'.

India's Costly Feng shui Consultants

many homeowners are bringing in outsiders for help with the ancient tradition of vaastu - despite the steep pricetag.

Is Cultural Fit A Disguise For Bias

It is an incredibly vague term, and it’s a vague term often based on gut instinct

Shakespeare in Modern English Now

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has decided that Shakespeare's language is too difficult for today's audiences to understand.

Mumbai World's Cheapest City

Mumbai has emerged as the world's cheapest city to live and work in, among 12 top metropolitan cities of the world.

Philanthropy: Money For The Mind

According to WHO, one in seven Indians is depressed. India also has the highest number of suicides. Yet mental health is not a cause favoured by philanthropists.

A Few Good Men And Women

They believe their efforts are more about social justice than philanthropy

Delhi I Love You

Delhi I Love You is a 30-month-long festival to let people show their love for the Indian capital,

India’s Credible Offer on Climate Change

India has sent a strong signal by announcing efforts to curb climate change

India's Oldest Mosque

Despite the renovations, a striking amalgam of different cultures and religions is in full play at the grand old mosque.

Rajasthan’s Most Romantic Destinations

With palaces that still evoke the grandeur of their regal past and the Thar desert's never-ending sand dunes that appear like golden-hued paintings, there's no shortage of places to visit in Rajasthan.

Chadar Trek to Zanskar

Chadar Trek is the only high altitude trek in the world where one has to continuously walk upon a frozen river.

Turban Times

Singh is obviously bling, besides being a dancer, model and musketeer. But is there a Singh style beyond the turban?

The Simple Pleasures of Living in New York City

ew York City is a carnival in itself, the sound of infinite feet in a hurry to find a part in the city’s relentless drama.

Ex-Googler Bought For $12

An ex-Google executive, luckily became the owner of '' domain on Tuesday for just one minute.

Rugby World Cup: Indians Giving The Sport a Try

Rugby union was introduced to India by British expats back in the 1870s but interest soon waned

Is The Indian Super League a Chimera

Indian football is hiding its troubles behind the shiny league

Gaggan in Mumbai

Noma’s Garima Arora will helm the India outpost of the world’s leading Indian restaurant.

The Baba Whose Followers Include Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg had visited the ashram of Neem Karori on advice of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

On a Knife’s Edge

The food service industry is bigger than ever, but there’s a crisis looming at the pass

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