Hindus Celebrate Krishna's Birthday

Hindus around the world are celebrating the festival of Janmashtami, marking the birth of Krishna, one of the most popular Gods in Hinduism.

Egg Whites or Whole eggs for a Healthy You

Whole eggs don't raise your risk of heart disease

Haj goes High-tech For Indian Pilgrims

The Indian Haj mission has introduced several high-tech measures to facilitate the pilgrimage of 136,000 Indians coming for Haj this year.

Sporting Shame

India's performance in the final Test against England was less than satisfactory

Eating Out The Old Delhi Secret

A tour of this food paradise shows how and why it changed her life.

The Magnificent Forts of India

Silent and stunning reminders of a rich past, these forts in India are replete with sagas of romance, chivalry, valour, inevitable deceit and the intrigues of court politics.

India Heading to an Anti-antibotic Era

India Heading to an Anti-antibotic Era

How Can 100 New Cities Change India

Howw India can make its cities and towns - those that exist, those that are planned - liveable.

US Immigration Bill Can Lead to $30 Billion Per Year Loss

The Indian economy could lose $30 billion annually with the IT industry being the hardest hit if the Immigration Bill under consideration in the US Congress becomes a law.

Google’s Doodle Features Independent India’s First Stamp

The blue colour stamp with the Indian tricolour is the doodle that comes up when you open the Google’s India homepage.

India's Falling Tourism Numbers

India relies on tourism for around 7% of its economy, and yet visitor numbers have dropped sharply over the past years.

Dhoni's Captaincy Illogical

Mahendra Singh Dhoni will become the most-capped India captain against England.

To Study or Not to Study English

Adebate is still raging on the suitability of what many describe as a "foreign language" in a polyglot nation that has 22 official languages and over 350 dialects.

Rupert Murdoch Reboots Internet Play in India

The media giant is rebooting tactical investments as part of a strategy to aggressively expand the group's digital play in markets like India.

Nobody Beats Indian Cows

The Indian cow has an intestine that’s unique in the animal world, more like the human intestine.

How We Discovered Sex in FreeIndia

After 67 years of independence, with a population of over 1.2 billion, Indians clearly know a bit about sex.

Animal Farm

George Orwell is one of the UK's best-known 20th Century authors but he's also claimed by a town in north-eastern India.

The Monk Who Sold a Love Cure

Armed with peacock feathers and blessed water, a Saharanpur godman is on a love jihad to 'save' Hindu girls

When a Sleepy Driver Almost Killed Indian Legend

Sunil Gavaskar was lucky to escape unhurt in a car crash while travelling from Manchester to London on Sunday after the completion of the third Test between India and England.

11 Stunning Indian Hotels

11 stunning Indian hotels you probably haven't stayed at but should.

Light From the Matchbox

A slum dweller’s most famous advocate the world over, this Nobel Peace Prize nominee from Dharavi believes the urban poor can’t live in islands of enforced development

Why India Can Never Be a Sporting Power

The shady world of sports politics has nothing to do with the triumph of human spirit that champions embody on field.

In New Jersey's Desi Central, a Great Hindu Tmple Rises

Something very different will open an hour south of New York City — purportedly the biggest and most expensive Hindu temple complex in the United States.

The Mystery Behind The Kohinoor Diamond

The Kohinoor diamond belonged to various Indian and Persian rulers but it became part of the Crown Jewels of England when Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India.

Grandma’s Tales

While most of the grannies are from UK, US and Australia — only one is from India

The Cocktail Groom

Born from the rib of the modern bride is the fussy new groom, dandy like never before

Hindu Temple Vandalised in US

A Hindu temple in the US state of Georgia was vandalised by unknown miscreants over the weekend, a Hindu American organisation said today.

Every Second Urban Indian Wants to Lose Weight

While 40 percent of the overweight people have intent to lose weight but are not taking action to control their weight, the remaining 60 per cent are making an effort to lose weight.

Why This T-word Can’t Build Brand India

Mischief by politicians sometimes costs tourism dear.

Creating Jobs For India’s Millions

The inability of Indian enterprises to grow in size is a major worry

Memory Collectors

In the eastern Indian city of Calcutta, thousands of tonnes of e-waste or electronic waste is collected annually by neighbourhood waste dealers, who go around with sacks on their shoulders.

Disgruntled Insider

Is India's Natwar Singh's Book a Disgruntled Rant?

Indian Offers Biryani Comfort to Israeli Troops

An Indian woman known as the curry queen of Israel won over the hearts — and stomachs — of Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza with a plate of aromatic chicken biryani.

Sikhs Stand up to Bias

After Oak Creek Temple shooting, Sikhs stand up to bias.

Indian Citizen ID Card

India is poised to create a massive database that will result in an identity card being issued to all individuals accepted as citizens.

Shining Schoolbag Idea Lights up Slum Children’s Lives

Attach solar panels to schoolbags that collect energy during the day to power an LED light in the night.

Visit to Dalai Lama's Abode Is Tourists' Nightmare

The road to Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama's abode passes through hell.

The Supercar All Set to Hit Indian Roads

In a few months' time if you're lucky, you may get a fleeting look at supercar maker Lamborghini's Huracan on Indian roads.

India Finishes Fifth at Glasgow Commonwealth Games

India earned a fifth-place finish with 64 medals, including 15 gold, at the 20th Commonwealth Games

The Rise of India's Organic Farms

Why more farmers in India are going organic.

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