No Country for Single Women

For many young people, India is a land of opportunity. Male or female, if you're well educated and resourceful there's the chance of a well-paid career. J

Mumbai Tops List of World's 10 Least xpensive Cities

India's city of dreams has emerged as the world's cheapest city to live in.

Educating the Criminal Mind

The capital's Tihar Jail, one of the largest in Asia, is vigorously conducting a literacy campaign among its teeming inmates.

What Next for Sahara’s Subrata Roy

Sahara group chairman will be produced in Supreme Court on Tuesday, but what will happen in court is anybody’s guess.

6 Indian Restaurants in 2014's Best Restaurants

Much like last year, India makes its presence felt on the list with six entries.

Restaurants Given Heavy Fines Over Sham Curries

Warnings have been issued to caterers after two North Yorkshire Indian restaurants were fined for passing beef off as lamb.

Careless Whispers

Hugging saint’ in a spot of bother, ex-disciple alleges abuse in tell-all book

Is the Sari Staging a Comeback in Urban India

In urban India, the garment has lost its prominence in recent years - with more and more women opting to wear western outfits.

India Anger at Privileges For Arrested Tycoon

Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have been criticised after they lodged arrested tycoon Subrata Roy in a fancy forest department guest house in Lucknow city.

Indians Lose Crores in Bitcoins

In a rude jolt to growing virtual currency frenzy in India, bitcoins worth crores of rupees held by some Indians have vanished with collapse of Japan-based Mt Gox

Blinded By the White: India’s Rising Appetite for Foreign Models

The sadder truth about this rising preference for foreign models is that it goes far beyond just skin colour

Banished From The Bookshelves

Six authors tell their stories about what it is like to see their life’s work go waste.

Why One of India's Most Flamboyant Tycoons May End up in Jail?

Subrata Roy is one of India's most flamboyant and enigmatic tycoons.

India Slips Down Asia’s Restaurant Rankings

If India served up a disappointing result in the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia in 2013, this year its performance could be described as undercooked.

Courses From 3 IITs, IISc Are In Global Top 50

Four Indian universities, including the IITs at Delhi and Mumbai, are among the global top 50.

Becoming a Devadasi

The ancient devadasi system, where young girls are dedicated in local temples and their virginity is auctioned off, was made illegal in Karnataka in 1982 but still continues in some parts of the southern state.

Immigration Curbs Have Deterred Indian Students

Immigration curbs have "played disappointingly badly" in India despite prime ministerial charm offensives to show Britain welcomes students

India's Basket Programme Empowers African Women

India is helping in the empowerment of African women through a unique initiative.

Sun Sets On Sham-E-Mehfils

After Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last nawab of Awadh, was exiled to Calcutta, the culture of Sham-e-Mehfils spread rapidly.

Amnesty Seeks More Detail on Indian Deaths in Qatar

Human rights group Amnesty International has urged India to give "more transparent information" about the deaths of Indian workers in Qatar, the host nation for the 2022 World Cup.

25 Reasons We Love the North-East

There is more to the seven states than ‘bhut jolokia’ or the one-horned rhino. Here’s what tops our list

Sita Makes Her Stand

Recent events lead to a surge in strong, visceral women-based plays

Indian Team Among Leaders in Google Prize to Land on Moon

A poorly funded, rag-tag team in India is now among the top contenders for the Google Lunar XPrize, the grand global competition to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon by December next year.

Google to Design Android Apps in Indian Languages

Google’s two-day Hackathon and workshop in Bangalore will focus on creating the applications.

Infosys May Ask Non-performers to Leave

Software services giant Infosys, which employs 1.5 lakh people, may hand over pink slips to those who "did not add value" despite "high salaries"

Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers

For freelance techies, the temptation is overwhelming. And that, naturally, has opened up a world of opportunity for fraudsters.

Dhoni’s Captaincy Obnoxious

Dhoni's Test captaincy has come under severe criticism from former skipper Sourav Ganguly who described his leadership as "obnoxious".

Enthusiasm for Chinese on the Rise in India

the Indian people have become increasingly interested in learning Chinese in recent years, thanks to booming bilateral trade and exchanges.

The Sexual Revolution in India Keeps Coming

In 2014, India is in the throes of a major sexual revolution.

India Unveils Astronaut Vehicle

India’s state-run aerospace company has delivered the first domestically built astronaut transportation vehicle.

Ten Big Facts About India

India often attracts generalisations and stereotyping, but more often it defies them.

Disgraced Indian Editor Charged with Rape

After months of apologies and outright denials, the former Tehelka magazine editor faces prison.

Deadly Superbugs Spreading Fast at Indian Holy Sites

The concern is growing worldwide over the threat from bacteria that are resistant to the so-called 'last resort' class of antibiotics known as Carbapenems.

More Than 450 Indian Migrants Dead in Qatar in 2012-13

More than 450 Indian migrants working in Qatar have died in the last two years, data shows as the Gulf state is under pressure over its rights record ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Why India's Domestic Help Are Joining Job Sites

A few young technology companies in India are trying to tap into this market, and introduce a more professional pedigree.

Indian Censorship and the Curious Case of Wendy Doniger

Penguin’s decision to withdraw controversial scholar Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History has resonated strongly in the academic world.

India Completes Olympic Return With Sochi Flag Raising

India’s three athletes can now carry their own standard on 23 Feb when the Sochi Games come to an end

India Hopes Change to Visa Scheme Will Boost Tourism

Many people visiting India face long queues for a tourist visa from embassies or agencies.

India Draws Tourists With Deep Pockets

Ranks 41st in number of tourists received but 1st in per-capita spend by them

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