Parsi Matrimonial Courts

There was a time," says Adi Nariman Mogrelia wryly, "when most of the divorces were caused by triangles."

India's Highway of Death

Tiny Peddakunta is easy to locate because of its reputation as the "village of highway widows".

Millionaires Turned Monks

More and more businessmen are giving away their millions to charity and deciding to live a spartan life.

Ties In Double Knots

Marriages of convenience and ambition rule in Indian business families.

Sights And Sounds of Ganesh Visarjan

Drums, dancing, damsels and divine farewells.

The Butcher of Turkman Gate

The life of a young meat-shop owner in the Walled City opens up the world of the butcher community

Indian in Sweden

If there could be two lands and cultures that are a total opposite of one another, then surely Sweden and India are it.

Paranthe Wali Gali : The Legend Lives On

The future might seem bleak but Paranthe Wali Gali still holds its own and will always be reminiscent to our culinary heritage.

Dhokla Gets a Michelin Makeover

The Gujarati snack will take the form of corn dhokla molten cake served with a berry compote, which has been rustled up by Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna.

Bringing the NRI back to India

After a Michelin star for Benares and a Madrid branch, Atul Kochhar comes to Mumbai with a thrilling diaspora menu

What Makes Our Cuisine Indian

One of the things surely is the ability of the cooks to throw together disparate flavours and textures in a single dish.

Rugby: Why Indians Are Having a Ball

Despite rugby being a blind spot for most Indians, sports goods manufacturers from this Punjab city are one of the biggest suppliers of egg-shaped rugby balls in the world.

A pre-Partition Mandir And The Struggle to Protect it

The mandir stands safe and sound owing to the unyielding struggles of a lower-caste Hindu, a Muslim lawyer and a Christian man.

Man Who Made India

With the demise of Jagmohan Dalmiya on Sunday, Indian cricket lost one of its shrewdest adminstrators.

What Your Facebook Posts Say About You

The study said that those who posted regularly about their relationship on Facebook were insecure and needed attention and approval to distract from their insecurities.

Singapore Most Preferred Destination for Indian Travellers

Singapore has secured the top position in the list of most preferred overseas destination for Indian travellers in first half of this year.

When The Unknown Inspires

The Valley of Flowers has stunning scenery; and even strangers encourage you on the trek to Hemkunt Sahib

The Depressing Reality of Being Trolled

John Dayal, an Indian Christian, left journalism to focus on human rights work, investigating hate-crimes and targeted violence against tribespeople and religious minorities

Two Indian Institutes Make it to World’s Top 200

The Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, has taken the top spot among its Indian counterparts.

Can a Piece of Jewellery Make You Safe

On the face of it, Safer is a large-ish gem pendant set in steel casing, and worn on a steel chain.

High-speed Mobile Puts Africa and India on Fast Track

The roll-out of high-speed mobile connectivity in Africa and India is demonstrating yet again how emerging economies can leapfrog traditional developmental stages to accelerate their economic growth.

With Freebies, New York City Targets Long-staying Indians

he most visited city in the US awaits, with lots more new to offer Indians,

Open For Business

The Bookshop in Delhi’s Jor Bagh, a window to the pre-Kindle world, makes a compelling case for book stores

Why Mumbai Is Banning Meat This Weekend

Can the government dictate what its citizens eat? For a few days in September in some parts of India, it can.

Newcastle Couple Facing Deportation to India

A housebound couple with severe health problems are facing deportation from Newcastle

Multiracial Indians

New York is the most multiracial Indian city. No surprise there. But Hawaii and Alaska are the most multiracial Indian states.

Only 1 in 4 Indian Applicants will Make it to Haj

Only one in four of Indian Muslims desiring to perform Haj will be travelling to Saudi Arabia this year.

Reasons Indian Newspapers Have Been Unshaken by the Internet Storm

The plunging newspaper circulation numbers and widespread reporter layoffs that have come with the spread of the World Wide Web are a distant concern for India’s many newspapermen.

Bundi: a Hidden Gem of Rajasthan

Bundi isn't a city used to wealthy tourists. It was a revelation not to be hassled and harassed by touts begging me to buy anything from postcards to carpets.

Women Who Wait

Whether they exist or not, babies can rule women’s lives.

Young Indians Embrace Dating Apps Despite Social Taboos

Thousands of young Indians are exploring online dating apps and breaking with India’s tradition of arrange marriage

Bye bye, Aurangzeb

A list of Delhi street names and what they were called before.

Starting Early

It was an unfortunate minor incident that was to change his life.

Facebook Storytellers of India

Reading stories of people can help everyone shed their inhibitions of 'strangers', judging people and loosely assuming and believing whatever society expects them to believe.

Future Looks Brighter for Indian Cricket

India has a rich array of talent to pick from, with the main doubt concerning how much of it is suitable for Test cricket.

The Burmese Indians Who Never Went Home

Indians lived in Burma for centuries, but large-scale migration took place during British-colonial rule.

India's Unusual Protests

Some of India's most unusual protests - and protesters. Pink underwear, poop and snakes

Maximum City, Maximum Snacks

Making the Bombay Sandwich Delhi-style and admitting that it is not a patch on the original

Indian IT Giant Signs Up With Chelsea FC

Wipro teams up with Chelsea Day after Manchester United signs up HCL

India's Most Hounded Activist

She has been called a "threat to India's national security" and a prosecutor wants to send her to prison.

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