Unbanning Buddha

Could China be bringing Tibetan Buddhism in from the cold?

India’s Coin Divers Know When Change Is in the Air

They hunt for treasure tossed into holy river; mostly coins, coconuts.

India Can Win World Cup 2015

The indomitable former captain believes Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be a ‘huge force’ at the forthcoming world cup

India Has World's 3rd Highest Number of Billionaires

India has for the first time managed to find a place among the top three countries generating the maximum number of billionaires in the world.

Indian Baba Who Defrauded Many on Trial in UK

Mohammaed Ashrafi, 50, who is known to have operated in Leicester and London, also called himself Kamalji.

Techies Under Lens in ISIS-wary Cyberabad

Information technology (IT) companies in the city may soon be snooping on their employees' surfing habits to check if they are accessing terror-related information on the internet.

India Denies Visa to 2 Vatican Delegates

Even after the intervention by Vatican’s Secretary of State office the visa applications were kept pending.

Bombay-style Café is Best UK Restaurant

Described as a “hidden gem,” the Bombay-style café offers Indian dishes with a twist.

A World Cup Without Sachin

For the first time in over two decades there will be no Tendulkar. He will be missed.

Tourism is One of the Modi Government’s 5Ts

India needs to think beyond the welcome mat to boost tourism

The Taste of India

Ask anyone about Indian food and one of the few dishes they immediately recall is butter chicken.

Billionaire Indians Spending Millions for Burj Khalifa Address

Indians are among top buyers in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest residential tower.

Monitoring Drug Safety

New outsourcing frontier in India.

Hyderabad’s Little England

Notwithstanding their dwindling numbers, the Anglo-Indians have hung on to their traditional rituals, which set them apart from other Christians.

The Jaipur Jostle

The Urdu type’ at literary festivals in Jaipur and Kolkata.

Can India Win the Cricket World Cup Again

Every four years since 1983, the question has been asked in India with a mixture of hope and uncertainty.

Legendary Leander

Media in India praise "evergreen" tennis star Leander Paes for winning his 15th Grand Slam title.

The Art of Being Kohli

Is there a batsman who combines beauty, technique, aggression and grit better than him?

Indian Cities in the Top List Of Most Congested Cities

The cities include Mumbai, Pune and Kolkatta.

The Best Ayurvedic Formulas for Your Health

Ayurveda is the ancient science of natural medicine with roots going to back Vedic India.

Cartoonist Behind India's Common Man

Legendary Indian cartoonist RK Laxman has died aged 94.

15 Unknown and Astonishing Powers of Om

In the Hindu sacred texts called Upanishads, it is explicitly mentioned that “In the beginning there was the word and the word was Om.”

Nuturing Innovation

Why does Geography feel less critical to innovation these days.

Fragrance of Gujarat Spreading Across the World

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan today said Gujarat is like his home state, whose "fragrance" is spreading across India and the world as well.

India’s Bad Example on Free Speech

No major democracy has less to teach the world about how to respond to blasphemy.

India's Superhero Snacks

Indians love their snacks, and now an Indian artist has created a series of drawings where popular snacks items from across the country are depicted as superheroes.

How to Design an Indian Classic

When it came to the Murty Classical Library of India, whose first five books were published this week by Harvard University Press, part of the answer turned out to be: think pink.

For Sale: Modi Island

Modi Island isn’t, as you might suppose, a theme park dedicated to Narendra Modi in Gujarat.

Many Sikhs and Hindus Leave Afghanistan

Members of Religious Minority Say Their Customs Aren’t Welcomed; Some See Hope in New Government

Mumbai’s Crime is its Intellectual Death

There is little its residents have done to improve upon their British inheritance.

The Real Truth Behind Age-old Hindu Beliefs

The ancient thinkers of India were not only scientists and mathematicians, but also deeply religious, esteemed saints of their time.

12 Dams That Changed the World

From the iconic Hoover Dam of US to India’s Sardar Sarovar, – are they a boon or bane?

Is Jingoistic Science Discrediting Achievements of Ancient Indian Knowledge

Other scientists argue that jingoistic science discredits the genuinely astounding achievements of ancient Indian knowledge.

India's Troubled Tryst With Free Speech

The attack on French weekly Charlie Hebdo has sparked off a furious debate globally about the limits of freedom of speech. In India, that fundamental freedom is a legal oxymoron.

Smell An iPad

The physical book meets its many avatars.

Dream Run

Can India’s new crop of middle-distance runners, mostly from tribal areas, bring Olympic glory?

The Power of One Woman's Fast

What the woman who refuses to eat tells us about India.

Khadi Couture

Enough with the whitewashing, Let’s celebrate desi skin.

Sachin Tendulkar to Act in Biopic

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar is set to play himself in a film being made on his life.

Exercise Myths Busted

Don't fall prey to these fitness misconceptions.

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