India freezes Greenpeace Bank Accounts

India has frozen the national bank accounts of Greenpeace, accusing it of violating the country's tax laws and working against its economic interests.

Battle-weary Players Gear up For IPL

After the long and intense World Cup campaign, will the slam-bang league feel like a bad hangover?

Sim Bhullar: Too Big to Miss

The 7ft, 5 inches Bhullar becomes the first Indian-origin cager to get a feel of the NBA

The Science Behind The Perfect Chip

How – and where – should you fry the ultimate chips?

The One Choice Indian Women Want in Their Lives

s it women's empowerment or wealthy women dictating the choices for everybody else?

Bodh Gaya Bodhi Tree in Good Health

Plant scientists from India's Forest Research Institute have been examining the sacred tree at Gaya in Bihar state, following reports of fungal infection.

Sex Ratio Kills Honeymoon Dream in Gujarat

Finding a bride has become a Herculean task. There are 40 bachelor boys on the wrong side of 30s in my village."

India Among Top 5 MBA Destinations

India comes among the top five preferred study destinations worldwide, ahead of countries like Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and Australia.

Dhoni Gets Mouthful from Yuvraj's Father, Again

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been slammed by Yuvraj Singh's father, former India pacer Yograj Singh, in an interview to a Hindi TV channel.

A Worshipper of Mountains

Why Malli Mastan Babu’s life holds lessons for us

Facebook May Make You Depressed

Frequent Facebook use may be associated with a higher risk of depressive symptoms.

Around India in 80 Dishes

Let’s go where chorizo meets chocolate, ‘bhapa doi’ is a cheesecake and ripe mango is core to a curry.

Sania Mirza Wins 25th Career Doubles Title

Mirza captured her 25th WTA doubles title as the Indian ace continued her dream start with Martina Hingis

The Gori-kaali Complex

In our un-fair world, the lighter the better. Black has never been beautiful for large sections of Indian society.

Yoga is Secular, Not Gateway to Hinduism

Ruling that yoga taught in elementary schools is not a gateway to Hinduism and does not violate religious freedoms, a California appeals court has allowed it to continue.

Dharavi Shows the Smart Way

A group of fearless residents in a Mumbai slum holds up a smartphone against violence

The Man Who's Always on the Bus

Fearing for his life in the communal riots there in 2002, he fled to London.

Why Christianity Failed In India

Christianity, a threat to Hinduism? Data and historical evidence prove otherwise.

M-Zero India's First Supercar

M-Zero looks absolutely radical and flaunts a stunning design.

Output Crunch is Killing India's Saffron Frenzy

Kesar ice creams, biriyani, pan masalas and other saffron-using eatables may become costlier as price of the spice is inching upwards due to less production in Kashmir.

India Should Be Bigger Than It Appears

Is there a grand Western conspiracy to tar India’s image and diminish its global standing?

Where in India Can You Get beef

Two Indian states recently tightened laws banning cow slaughter and the sale and consumption of beef.

Decline of Times Now

Sydney hashtag debacle spells bad news for the 'people's channel'.

World's Most Expensive Ice-cream

Its creator, Indian businessman Zubin Doshi, says the $817 USD or Rs.51144 price tag is about right when you consider its unusual mix of ingredients.

Women Milk Bank Opens in Jaipur

The centre has benefited many mothers who suffer from hyper-lactation and infants whose mothers are ill.

Concern for India's Christians

The growing insecurity in India's Christian community

Seafood on the Seashore

The story of holiday food on the coast is as bumpy as India’s shoreline.

No Indian in ICC’s World Cup XI

The team was dominated by New Zealand rather than Australia, with Brendon McCullum picked up as captain

Walloped, Shamed

The amazing Arnab Goswami rap parody you have to watch.

Beef Ban In India Reaches Cages Of Lions

The change in diet has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with India's particular mix of politics and religion.

Voyages to Degradation

These unlikely tourists cover a wide spectrum — from journalists to a stand-up comic/political satirist

India Two Good

Their wins made Saina and Srikanth the first non-Chinese compatriots to complete a double twice.

The Scourge of the Betel Nut

betel nuts are believed to be one of the most popular mind-altering substances in the world.

The Sex Talk: Time to Make Your Stand Clear, India

India was one of the 43 countries led by Russia that attempted to deny benefits to same sex partners of UN staff by passing a resolution

Beyond Bling

What has Indian fashion achieved since the first Fashion Week in 2000, besides its fascination with overdesign?

Homophobic and Proud

India joins Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pak to vote against same sex relations in UN.

Bollywood Celebs' Cricket Superstitions

For India and Indians, cricket is a religion and they treat it with utmost respect.

India Will Feel Right at Home in Sydney

The two most powerful cricketing nations and also the fiercest of rivals meet each other tonight in what has been billed as the World Cup final.

Cricket World Cup

Can India beat Australia?

The Dangers of India's Online Content Moderation

Online content moderation - cleaning up social media sites of illicit, explicit and undesirable content - is a booming business in India.

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