Coke Losing in India

The last thing Coke needs is to be stopped from making its most famous fizzy drink, in the place it hopes will become its biggest future market.

Drug From Indian Spices to Fight Hypertension

Some spices and condiments commonly used in Indian soups, curries and rasam, when taken in a specific proportion with white lotus petals, can bring down blood pressure.

Inside the World of Online Dating in India

Sites like Sirf Coffee and the others try to sell the idea of a mediated experience, instead of online dating.

Facebook is Becoming Google

Can anyone - including Google - stop the Facebook juggernaut from taking over the internet?

India Moves to Establish Hospitals Across Nigeria

The new Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria disclosed his government's readiness to establish more Indian hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

Indian Story of Kickbacks in British Medical Journal

Corruption in Indian health care has hit the headlines of the prestigious British Medical Journal, which has termed it cancerous and said it is "ruining doctor-patient relationship".

Another Indian Site Gets Heritage Tag

The Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, has been added to the World Heritage site list of the UNESCO

Do Not Worship Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi is not a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity and should not be worshipped because he was a human being, and not a God.

East India Company Rolls Out Gold Coins to Honour Tendulkar

There's a new memento in the market to commemorate the master blaster's glorious career: a special edition gold coin priced £12,000 from East India Company.

Commercialization of the Indian Thali

Various factors have influenced urban consumers to shift from homemade products such as curd, pickles and spices to buying these from the marketplace

Reviving India's Only Chinatown

Despite India and China being neighbours, the number of people of Chinese origin in Calcutta has been dwindling rapidly, but now there are plans to invest money and bring it back to life.

Delhi, Mumbai Top List of Indian Cities in Drug Trafficking

Balkan and northern routes are the main heroin trafficking corridors linking Afghanistan to the huge markets of the Russia and western Europe

Can Yoga Improve Your Willpower

The whole point is to find a position where you are able to stay still and do just that: Stay still

Greatest Indian Novels

This is a list of the greatest Indian novels ever written.

India’s Obsession With Lighter Skin

Men are not exempt. They are part of the 'white is right' movement too

What Happens to India's Railway Children

The last official estimate on the numbers of street children across India was 11,000,000.

India’s History With Hostage Situations

There has been no request for ransom and it remains unclear who was behind the kidnappings.

Why Indian Nurses Want to go Back to Iraq

We are very tense about the situation in Iraq but I want to go back to work there.

Passport Delay Leaves Surrogate Babies Stranded in India

The government has been urged to intervene in the case of a Greater Manchester couple stranded in India due to Passport Office delays

India Cracking Down on Foreign-funded Charities

India is cracking down on foreign-funded charities after receiving an internal report alleging they are costing the country up to 3 percent of its GDP by rallying communities against polluting industries.

Ganga Kinare

Rishikesh is known for yoga and meditation, but now people also come for adventure activities

Chai Pe Kharcha

In a slump, the tea industry needs a perk up

The Indian Shaadi Getting Ugly

Now there is a new trend growing among India's middle classes. They've started to employ white Western girls to hang out at weddings, doing various weird things purely because they—we—are white and Western.

Branding the Mahatma

From Gandhi-inspired bedrooms to guesthouses

A Bankrupt Man Used Facebook To Become a Millionaire

Three years ago, Fyk was bankrupt, in jail, and borderline suicidal. He used Facebook to turn his life around.

Emirates Airlines Adds More Indian Food to Menu

The old saying goes that if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Emirates Airline is instead doing the opposite, and rattling the pans.

Picture Perfect

Is it time to retire the ‘other’ camera?

Indian Couple Head to Ninth World Cup

The elderly pair went to their first World Cup in Spain, 32 years ago.

World's Costliest Holiday Package Coming to India

In India, the rich holidayers will have the option of visiting Taj Mahal or Agra Fort in Agra. And in Mumbai, they will get a tour of the dhobi ghats — "the world's largest open air laundry".

Why More IITs Are a Bad Idea

Opening new IITs and IIMs in all states is too geographically focused, extravagant and wrong-headed.

Top Five Mango Must-Haves

Every region in India is divided on which kind of mango trumps the other in taste.

India Pilgrims Back a Year After Floods

Thousands of people were swept away in last June's devastating floods and landslides in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Food Packaged as Organic or Natural Might be Unhealthy

Food marketers are exploiting consumer desires to be healthy by marketing products as nutritious when, in fact, they are not.

India Asks its Citizens to Avoid Travel to Iraq

With tension escalating in Iraq, the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA has issued an advisory asking Indian nationals to avoid all travel to Iraq.

In Kashmir There's Bread For Every Season

Though the unique tradition of baking is in decline, Kashmiris will continue to have tandoor fresh bread for a pretty long time to come because many of them have not got over the fact that the slices of English bread were fed only to the hospitalised sick.

Shocking Science Behind Hindu Tradition

Traditions in Hinduism were considered mainly as superstitions, but with the advent of science, it is becoming evident that these traditions are based on some scientific knowledge

The Story of India’s Forgotten Coolie Women

That history deserves to be remembered, especially in these times when many try to turn the challenges faced by women in India as the story of some new 21st century clash between Bharat and India.

Indian Paan Leaves Under EU Scanner

After Alphonso mangoes, paan leaves from India are now under the European Union's scanner.

Fond Memories of India’s Ambassador Car

It’s the end of the road for India’s iconic Ambassador car and we asked for your best and worst memories of the bulbous beauties

Welcome a Summer of Unusual World Wines

From Brazil to Russia, India to Slovenia, there are lots of pleasant global surprises on supermarket shelves this summer

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