Omanis Enjoy Relaxed India Visa Rules

The Embassy of India in Muscat issued over 72 thousand tourist visas and over 900 business visas last year.

American Dream Losing Charm Among Graduates of IIT Bombay

While most seem to prefer to stay put in India, Europe and the Middle East are also emerging as attractive options.

This Placement Season Turns Out to be Best For Young IIT Students

This placement season has already turned out to be the best for the Indian Institutes of Technology that are less than a decade old

The Deep Roots of Indian Wrestling

Fine performances in recent years aside, Indian wrestlers have been unable to do justice to the sport’s long history in the country

Trump Dumps Pune Realty Plan

The Trump organisation has announced to discontinue “exploratory” talks over projects in Pune and in Buenos Aires

India's Double First in Climate Battle

Two world-leading clean energy projects have opened in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Vegetables From Kerala Get an NOC to Europe

the EU has lifted the ban imposed on the export of taro, bitter gourd, snake gourd and eggplant from the country.

Indian Women in UK Protest Abuse of Women Migrants

Indian Ladies in UK protested overnight to bring attention to exploited and abused first generation migrant Indian women in UK.

Expats Living in India Are Among Highest Paid

The survey showed that India has the highest proportion of expats on international secondment or assignment.

Hundreds of Sikh NRIs Volunteer at Patna Event

Hundreds of Non-Resident Indians from the Sikh community have trooped to Patna for celebrations in connection with the 350th birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh master, Guru Gobind Singh.

Times Now Calls For NRI of Year Awards Registration

The awards are open to any NRI, OCI or a PIO who has stayed in USA, Canada, UK, UAE, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and Singapore for a stipulated amount of time and has made a mark in his/her respective field.

Most IIT-Bombay Graduates Prefer Living in India Over Abroad

If you thought students joined top institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to land jobs overseas, the trend seems to have taken a complete turn over the years.

The Stinging Slap To Indian Cricket

ndia's second most important man just got sacked by the Supreme Court.

India Mourns Victims of Turkey Massacre

Victims of the slaughter included a young Indian fashion designer and a Bollywood director.

Best Countries to Live And Work in

Singapore retains top slot; Switzerland ranks high in terms of salary, India slips in ranking, reveals survey

Do Gods Lie

Perhaps the best known lie in the Indian epics is the one that Yudhishthira tells during the war in the Mahabharata in order to fell his teacher, Dronacharya.

Arnab Goswami on The War on Big Media & Why he Has to Shout

Since having left Times Now, Arnab Goswami has announced that he will be returning soon with a new media venture called ‘Republic’.

NRIs Can Exchange Old Notes Till June 30

The Reserve Bank of India has allowed non-resident Indians to exchange scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes till June 30.

The year India Said Yes to Female Fighter Pilots

Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh entered a world that was thus far reserved only for men

This is The Age of Kohli

It is his vision that shows Team India the way now. Why the Indian captain is more like Xavi than Messi

India Opens First School For Transgender Pupils

A residential school for transgender people has been opened in the Indian city of Kochi, to help adults who dropped out of school finish their education.

NY Police Department To Allow Sikhs To Wear Turbans, Grow Beards

The New York Police Department is now allowing Sikh (seek) officers to wear turbans in place of the traditional police cap and grow beards up to a half-inch long for religious reasons.

Expat Levy to Hit Private Indian Schools in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government's proposal to introduce an 'expat levy' from 2017 will badly hit the private international schools, run by Indians in the country.

Israel Warns of New Year Terror Threat in India

Israel has issued a warning of imminent "terrorist attacks" on tourists in India, advising its citizens to avoid public places during the New Year celebrations.

2016: Not a Good Year For The Liberal

In many parts of the world, the individual is being made to adhere to the will of the collective

Saudi Sheikh Savior Paid $350K to Save Indian Man’s Life

Awad bin Qureih al-Yami paid Indian worker’s Shibor Lumbardi’s blood money in exchange of an execution order after he was convicted in a murder case.

India's Flawed Generic Drug Trials Business

Serial testing of some volunteers is raising new questions about the level of oversight of India's generic drug trials industry

Tech Stories That Rocked India in 2016

In the tech world, 2016 wasn’t a year of massive checks and volatile claims. It was a year of shutdowns, scale-backs, reorganizations, and much-needed perspective.

Sikh Campaigners Seek Release of UK Files on Golden Temple Assault

Indian government’s attempt to clear militants from Sikh religion’s holiest site in 1984 resulted in hundreds being killed

Why Many Young Indians And Americans Have Authoritarian Leanings

The rise of authoritarianism among young people points to the big questions facing liberal democracy in the 21st century.

Storm Over Honorary Olympic Role

A senior Indian politician charged with corruption has turned down an honorary Olympic role amid a storm of protests.

India Bans Foreign Funds of 20,000 Charities

India’s government has banned some 20,000 charities from accepting overseas funds because they failed to comply with the rules, a home ministry official said Tuesday.

In Search of the True Bengali

Food, dialect and folk traditions highlight the distinctive identities of ‘Epar Bangla’ and ‘Opar Bangla’—Bengal on this side, Bengal on the other

Everything That Mattered To India This Year

While some say it has been a rough ride, many agree that we should be happy that we made it through another year.

Sikh Doctor in US Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

A Sikh doctor in the US has filed a lawsuit against an American medical organisation alleging he was denied a neurology job for his religious appearance.

Golden Temple Visit a Dream Come True For Foreigner Sikhs

It was a dream come true for a group of 45 baptized Sikh foreign nationals who landed at Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport in Amritsar on Tuesday to pay obeisance at the revered Sikh shrine Golden Temple.

How Food Inspires Names of India's Parsis

It is no exaggeration to say that Parsis, the Zoroastrians of India, take their food seriously - very seriously.

How Mormons Find Love in India

Situated over 22 acres, the complex resembles a gated community that wouldn't be out of place in Florida.

India is Spending $530 Million to Build The World's Tallest Statue

India might have 99 problems but securing funds to build the world's largest statues is not one of them.

Worship And Workout

Religion offers great scope for exercise.

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