Global Fashion Giants Fret Over India Cow Crackdown

Indian exporters were scrambling Tuesday to assure global clients like Zara and Giorgio Armani their shipments would arrive despite a government crackdown on cattle slaughter which threatens the lucrative leather industry.

Indian Students Look Beyond US, UK For B-school Courses

Indian students interested in overseas business education are particularly concerned about political noises in the US and the Brexit fallout in the UK.

Delhi to Alwar: Among The Ruins

Forts, hills and a dab of the paranormal.

Bend It Like Granny

The 98-year-old grandmother from Tamilnadu who leads a Yoga dynasty.

Raw Mango: Move Over Alfonso

Sanjay Garg’s Mumbai store blends old-world charm with minimal modernism.

Indian Fashion Industry Helping Revive Traditional Textile Technique

With a little skill and technique, ikat gives you the flexibility and the freedom to modify in several forms.

Best Countries to Live And Work in

Singapore retains top slot; Switzerland ranks high in terms of salary, India slips in ranking, reveals survey

India Opens First School For Transgender Pupils

A residential school for transgender people has been opened in the Indian city of Kochi, to help adults who dropped out of school finish their education.

Worship And Workout

Religion offers great scope for exercise.

Inside the Fabulous Lives of the Rich Kids of India

Instagram never runs out of rich kids. They come from all parts of the globe, partying and sipping martinis in private yachts.

India May Leapfrog Europe, Japan in Diamond Sales

Russia to benefit from India's jump to the thirds spot as the burgeoning middle class, rising incomes, and love for jewelry favor continued growth of the diamond industry.

Social Media Madness Takes India to Uncharted Waters

Indians are risking life and lip to capture that perfect selfie.

India Surpasses USA to Become 2nd Largest Global Smartphone Market

India surpassed the USA to become the second largest global smartphone market in terms of users in early 2016 and is on track to cross half a billion smartphone users mark within the next five years.

Bitter Brew

Workers are still paying the price for West's cup of tea.

US Demand Revives Jewellery Units in India

A spurt in jewellery demand from America, the world’s largest consumer of luxury ornaments, has revived diamond processing and jewellery manufacturing units in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Export Processing Zones (EPZs).

The Sari is Dead. Long Live The Sari

The sari has different languages and must be allowed to speak in all of them.” It’s not time to hang up that sari, just yet.

Indian-origin Researcher's Smart Textiles to Help Measure Illness

Research by an Indian-origin scientist at the University of Rhode Island has shown that clothes and other wearable items could possibly sense illness and transmit data to a doctor in a distant clinic to monitor health and prescribe drugs.

Indian Women Take Off The Veil

A group of women in the northern Indian state of Haryana are campaigning to stop wearing the veil.

The Rise of India’s Neo Middle Class

The story of millions of Indians whose lives have improved from a generation ago—in areas like income and education—and who continue to aspire for a better standard of living

I Eat For Instagram

How social media has changed the way we consume, see, present and shop for food.

India's Prize-winning Designer Steadies For World Stage

He shot onto the world stage after winning a glittering international fashion prize previously given to design icons Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

Indian Models Setting International Fashion Runways on Fire

An Indian model on an international catwalk is not such an unusual presence anymore.

Priyanka Chopra The Scarlet Queen

Actress Priyanka Chopra set the red carpet on fire as she made her debut at the 68th Primetime Annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

Indian Businesses Showcasing Their Wares at Hong Kong's Fairs

Becoming the largest marketplace in five categories of exhibitions generates tangible benefits for Hong Kong as the exihibition industry is slowly becoming an important tool in its economic advancement.

India Acid Attack Survivor Redefines Beauty at NY Fashion Week

'Beyond my wildest dreams': Indian teen who was left scarred and lost an eye in acid attack redefines beauty on the runway at New York Fashion Week

Acid Attack Survivor to Model in NY

Reshma Qureshi survived an acid attack two years ago - and began to make beauty tips videos as a way to campaign against the sale of acid.

Being LGBT in India

One of the major factors that results in the stigmatization of LGBT people is parental reaction towards homosexuality.

Reinventing The Gamchha

Much like the lungi, the gamchha has been central to the lives of India’s male working class. Of course, the elite class doesn’t look twice at it because it’s the ‘poor man’s cloth’ after all.

First Time Ever French European-Indian Fashion Week on the Eiffel Tower

First time ever in the history of the world a Fashion Week called The “French European-Indian Fashion Week" an initiative of World News Network is going to take place at The Eiffel tower.

10 Things Us Indian Millennials Are Doing That Are Driving Our Parents Nuts

We millennials are a complicated lot. We decide to pursue a course of our dreams, but later take up jobs that have nothing to do with what we studied.

A Trim, a Shave And a Chat

The barbershop has made itself into a unique Indian institution. Apart from the usual business of shaving and hair cuts, it also serves other social purposes.

Handwoven Fabrics of India

A campaign to support Indian weavers and their products has gone viral with around 3,700 shares 3604 and 6,772 likes in less than 24 hours.

From Curry to Pizza

How India's changing kitchens have 'modernised' food habits

Rohit Khandelwal, First Indian Winner of Mr World

Model and actor Rohit Khandelwal, 26, has become the first Indian - in fact, the first Asian - to have won the Mr World beauty pageant.

The Bindaas Bride

Big, bold Indian weddings are a norm across the globe.

Looking For a Bride

For all the buzz around innovation and entrepreneurship, the arranged marriage checklist hasn’t changed at all.

Will India Vote For an LGBT Resolution at UN

On Thursday, India will vote on a resolution at the United Nations that seeks to establish an independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity at the human rights council.

Fairytale Wedding For India Royals

India's royalty lost their official powers when the nation gained independence in 1947 but the modern-day maharajas are still wealthy and influential.

Why India is a Nation of Foodies

Food and family are possibly India's two biggest obsessions. The two define our identity and our personality to the point of both ridicule and delight,

Designer Burqas Make a Chic Style Statement

Once worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, the traditional burqa has undergone a major transformation over the years.

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