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$22 Too Much for a Ferari?

Chirag Patel, a millionaire dentist, dubbed a "skinflint" and a "miser" by the British media, used a fraudulent disabled badge, to avoid $22 in parking fees for his Ferari.

Chasing The Ultimate Flying Objects

Indian cities are playing host to a hippy sport with a makeover. What draws Indians to Ultimate Frisbee?

Around the World on Vegetable Oil

He converted the bus to run on waste cooking oil and installed a filtering system and a 1,200 litre tank under the bed before setting off in September 2009 determined to prove what can be achieved with people's rubbish.

Janardan Reddy's Emperor Life

From owning helicopters lying in his indoor swimming pool and watching movies on an expansive 70mm close by' former minister and MLC G Janardhan Reddy lived like a king.

Microspider to Repair Blood Vesels

A new spider-like micromachine could swim through a person's blood vessels, healing damaged areas and delivering drugs as it goes.

Why Ketchup Squirts

How can ketchup seem solidly stuck to the bottom of a bottle, then squirt copiously on to your chips as soon as you give it a squeeze? Cornell University researchers think they have the answer.

800-lb Baigan ka Bharta Seeks to Make Bharta of Bt Brinjal

Activists pooled in 200 kg of brinjals and 300 kg of spices and ingredients like tomatoes, onions and green chillies to make the world's biggest organic 'baingan ka bharta' -- the mashed and char-broiled brinjal dish -- ever cooked in protest against genetically modified food.

Villagers Want Permission to Kill Themselves

Fed up of government apathy, over 150 farmers in a village in Jharkhand's Palamu district have sent a petition to the chief minister asking for permission to take their lives.

Why State Surveys Asked About Bras and Haddock

Mass Observation decided to visit and test the legend of bonking on the beach out. They went out at night and fell over couples on the beach and noted down how many were having sexual intercourse."

Size Does Matter

The more testosterone – the male sex hormone – a baby is exposed to, the longer his ring finger is likely to be.

Green Cremation Offers Clean Departure

A Scotland firm has created a greener alternative to cremation it calls "resomation" -- a high-temperature water and chemical treatment that dissolves mortal remains.

Holy Jesus

The figure, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jesus with arms outstretched, floats on a cloud, with a crescent of light acting as a halo.

Mumbai Fishing Village Makes Jewellery

Nestled in the heart of India's buzzing financial capital but still cast adrift, the fishing village of Worli has found a way to keep pace with the progress around it. Stepping out of their sheltered lives, women are reaching out to markets worldwide through jewellery created from fallen wood, glass and the like.

World's Smallest Electric Motor is Single Molecule

The electric motor that consists of a single molecule, measuring a billionth of a meter, or just one nanometer across. By contrast, a human hair is 60,000 nanometers in diameter.

Model Poonam Pandey poses near-nude for Team India

After promising to go nude if India won the 2011 World Cup, Poonam has partially fulfilled her promise.

Sex Hormones Drive Career Choices

Females without CAH had less interest than males in engineering or surgery and more interest in careers focused on interacting with people, such as teaching.

No Sex With Reincarnated Spouse

Chanting to cure snakebites, claiming to be a reincarnated spouse to obtain sex, and charging for miracles could soon be banned by Maharashtra.

Dhoni's Brain to be Mapped

"If he is 'Captain Cool', does it mean that his brain reacts differently in a crisis situation? We will call another player who has not been that successful to compare how their brains work."

Your Kingdom for a Nehru Jacket

“Instead of a quantum of money to settle the deal, to everyone's surprise, Kutchat asked for the 'achkan' (jacket) that the Prime Minister was wearing."

Can't Say 'It's Over'? Tell Break-up Agent

Finding it difficult to say "it's over" to their loved partner, many couples in China are now seeking professional help of "break-up agents".

Indians Have World's Worst Lungs

Indians have the poorest lungs among 17 populations across four continents. "I was shocked to see a 30 per cent difference; this should be an eye-opener for us."

Fairy Tale for Bhojpuri Folklores

“At my house in Professors’ Colony, all these stories are narrated by grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers and mothers to the children.”

Sex Hormones Drive Your Career Choices

Did you know that your choice of career could be strongly influenced by your sex drive?

Sarod, Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium in an Indian Army Band

Do only trumpets, brass drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments come to mind when you think about an Indian Army band? Don't be surprised if the next time around, you hear the sarod, sitar, tabla and harmonium resonate as a band plays Indian classical music.

Sex Meters in Bonn

A ticket machine prints out receipts for the nightly flat fee of 6 euros (currently about $8.65) for the privilege of streetwalking.

Venezuelans Who?

Friday's international friendly game seems so Argentina-centric that Venezuela has virtually been overshadowed by the star power of the Messi-led side.

Why Return Trips Feel Shorter

Ever thought why at times the back journey from any place seems shorter than previously felt, despite both the distances being same?

The Skinny Gene

Extra copies of certain genes in some people are much more likely to make them skinny. People with a missing copy of these genes are 43 times more likely to be morbidly obese.

Healthy Potato

Eating potatoes twice daily can lower blood pressure, without the risk of weight gain, says a new study.

Astrological Compatibility Key in Indian Marriage

"It is evident that it is not only the older generation who are stuck with these taboos, the younger generation also believes in the same."

Sex Book Premature

"It's too revealing and has a lack of beauty, which will fail to inspire children's interest."

UK Firm to Build Cricket Communities in India

"In India, cricket is nothing short of a religion, and we visualise developing new communities at the edges of cities revolving around the extraordinary national devotion to the game."

Dumbo Rescued by Indian Soldiers

Indian soldiers used a bulldozer to rescue a young wild elephant that was trapped in a water tank inside a military area.

Separated After 7-Decade Marriage

A relatively minor dispute over distribution of money ended the seven decade marital relations of an old couple from Uttar Pradesh’s Terwa village, near Lucknow.

The Typewriter Lives on in India

India's typewriter culture survives the age of computers in offices where bureaucracy demands typed forms and in rural areas where many homes don't have electricity.

TJ Bakery in Tihar Jail

It is tea-time at the Tihar prison bakery in Delhi. Workers are busy rolling out sugary cookie dough and packing savoury biscuits.

Slumdog Thrillionaires

Indian youths perform incredibly dangerous 'train surfing' stunt routine while hanging off carriage.

Shorts Come Into Vogue

Over two decades ago, when Zeenat Aman had worn a pair of shorts in Dostana, a song "Bahut Khoobsoorat jawan ek ladki" sung rather teasingly by Kishore Kumar, invited the roadside Romeos to tease her

Mayawati Property Tax Defaulter

UP Chief Minister Mayawati owes Rs.31.76 lakh to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation as tax on her property on Sardar Patel Marg. Hotel Taj Palace owes $10 million.

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