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My Terrifying Encounter With Anna Hazare

In an interview to NDTV, Anna Hazare said drinkers of alcohol should be beaten. Tongue firmly in cheek, we wondered what might happen if Mr. Hazare got to enact his vision for India.

Ex-banker Turned Monk Asks Wall Street to Meditate

Rasanath Das, a former New York investment banker who gave it all up to become a Hindu monk, was recently spending his Sunday afternoons leading Occupy Wall Street protesters in meditation until police cleared their camp at Zuccotti Park this week.

Filthy Indians

“It’s time we admitted that many of India’s problems are because many of us are Ugly Indians. We tolerate an incredible amount of filth.”

Woman Claims Having Alien in Fridge

People who have seen pictures of the “alien” have likened it to Jabba The Hutt from the ‘Star Wars films’ and Slimer from ‘Ghostbusters’, the Sun Reported.

100,000 Mariages

India’s capital is gearing up to host more than 100,000 weddings this month, which astrologers say is a most auspicious time to tie the knot.

Should the Government Read Minds?

For the first time in human history, we are peering into the labyrinth of the mind and pulling out information, perhaps even information you would rather we did not know.

eGuru for Dummies

From Skype satsangs to YouTube samadhis, your guide to armchair mysticism

Weighty Matchmaking

Getting married is never easy. And if you are one of those whose profile gets passed by on matrimonial sites just because you are overweight, that just could turn into a hellish experience.

Recession Affecting Pets in Britain

It seems global recession is taking a heavy toll on pets' lives in Britain. Animal welfare charities here have warned of pets rapidly becoming the forgotten victims of the economic downturn.

Parliamentarily Speaking

Parliamentary interpreters convey speeches that capture the soul: cynicism, sarcasm, rage, ridicule, all with appropriate tone and modulation. And humour can be the trickiest—rarely rid of cultural connotations, humour, much like poetry, can lose its impact in translation.

My Neighbor Sachin Tendulkar

Like so many eclipse lovers gazing at the sun through darkened glass, star struck fans stare up at the Home of the Man, pointing here and there, cellphones held just so to capture grainy likenesses they can call their own. Often it’s a young couple, cooing and giggling.

Fool’s World: Who Gave Saif the Right to be a Nawab?

But this charade in Pataudi, and the conferment of a title of nawab on Saif Ali khan, is hypocritical and grandiose in a democratic republic.

Delhi's Star Goat this Eid Costs $3000

According to tradition, a sacrificial goat has to be selected carefully. It should be healthy, with a strong physique, and should not have any deformities.

Tipsy Parrots Nursing Hangover

The Sun said some of them were in such a state that it would take days for them to sober up.

Cleaner Wipes Off Stain, Destroys Artwork

The cleaning woman thought it was an actual stain and scrubbed it clean.

A Third of Women Dislike Cuddling

A spokesperson for Silentnight, the company behind the findings, said: "There is a general consensus that women prefer cuddling to men. But, according to our research, this clearly isn't the case.

Husband Secretly Fed Wife Steroids to Fatten Her Up

'He did it so she'd gain weight to get back to the pattern of their life, so she'd cook dinner and look after the children, so she wouldn't go out for walks to lose weight.

"Wife-sharing" Haunts Indian Villages as Girls Decline

"Everything is hush, hush. No one openly admits it, but we all know what is going on. Some families buy brides from other parts of the country, while others have one daughter-in-law living with many unwedded brothers."

Trucker, M.D. Delivers Baby Midflight

“It was very exciting ... I’m glad I was able to help. But I doubt I’ll use my skills again.”

Ava Lounge Employees Sue for Sexual Harassment

Workers, the suit says, were referred to as "whores" and "f--- sticks" in front of hotel guests and its playboy owner, Vikram Chatwal.

You Are Being Watched — And Snapped

Men across India who take these photos surreptitiously, everything about a woman is a cause of sexual titillation and that nothing you wear (or don’t wear) can make you any less of a target.

Krishna No One's Property

It is common knowledge that Lord Krishna, as a child, was known for his love of milk and butter. This would certainly dilute a proprietary claim projected by any person in relation to word 'Krishna' with dairy products.

15 Hotels to Stay in Before You Die

Exotic getaways, some of which won't break your budget.

Nobody's Child

To signal that their baby girls are unwelcome, 222 parents appear to have registered their names as Nakoshi or Nakusa, which means unwanted in Marathi.

Vijay Mallya's White House in the Sky

Vijay Mallya's penthouse sits on one-acre, which is supported by the three blocks 32 storeys high. The penthouse, split in two levels, will have a built-up area of around 40,000 sq ft.

This House is Not a Home

Why would someone build what is widely considered the world’s most expensive private residence and then use it as a pied-à-terre?

Read Their Lips

“Lips of Babel” shows close-up video portraits of models delivering tongue twisters in their native tongues.

The Viagra Of The Himalayas

Caterpillar fungus sells for $50,000 a pound. But it's better known throughout Asia by the Tibetan term, yartsa gunbu, which means "summer grass, winter worm."

Village of Eternal Bachelors

In Siyani, a small rural town of just 8,000 people (tiny by Indian standards), the social effect of such a low ratio of women meant that men were having a tough time finding brides.

This Car Model Costs More than the Original

A car model of a Lamborghini made of gold and studded with diamonds costs more than the original and is expected to fetch a whopping 3 million pounds when it is auctioned.

UK Hottest Curry Contest Lands Two in Hospital

A fiery dish cooked with variants of the Indian Naga Jolokia chilli, the hottest chilli in the world , landed two women in hospital.

Married to My Rapist

There are places in India, like Murshidabad, where rape is grounds for marriage.

How Much is Nobel Prize Worth?

The prestigious Nobel science awards are worth far more than the $1.5 million prize money: they can pad a company's coffers with $24 million and even add two years to a laureate's life, experts say.

Delhi, Bangalore World's Worst for Parking

Drivers in New Delhi and Bangalore do the most shouting over parking spots, while drivers in Montreal and Singapore are a bit more mild-mannered.

World's Oldest Running Car on Sale

Fuelled by bits of paper, wood and coal, the car takes 45 minutes to build up steam to drive, reaching a top speed of 61 km per hour.

Marriage can Kill the Criminal in You

Many criminologists have assumed that marriage helps reduce crime because married people feel they have more to lose by committing crime.

Sex Great Workout Regimen

"Sex removes the fat content that sticks on to the body and wipes out all the toxins."

Rude Hand Gestures of the World

The illustrated globe trotters guide to offending around the world.

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