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Mayawati Property Tax Defaulter

UP Chief Minister Mayawati owes Rs.31.76 lakh to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation as tax on her property on Sardar Patel Marg. Hotel Taj Palace owes $10 million.

Toothpaste Bomb

Four tubes of toothpaste were detonated by the Jersey City police bomb squad after they were mailed to a township resident in what appeared to be a suspicious package from India.

$430 Million Ganpati

The Ganpati idol at Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Mandal is made of 150 lbs of gold and almost 1,000 lbs of silver and insured for $430 million.

Reliance Bodyguards 'Bodyguard'

Reliance Entertainment has secured a 'John Doe Order' from the court restraining websites, cable operators and Internet Service Providers from showing the movie.

Train Surfing, India's Perilous New Sport

After stunt bikers in Delhi had created ruckus on the roads, it's the turn of Mumbai's self-styled stuntmen to give others some hair-raising moments but this time on rail.

$15,000 for a Night of Dance, Booze and Sex

"For sex, the customers could shift to the rooms that are separated from the dance bars by an electronically operated door fitted to the common wall."

Dancing on a Train

A Bollywood dance number conducted entirely on a moving train.

Dealing With a Bigoted Dad

I’m an East Indian girl of 25 whose father says that if I have black friends in our house or even hang around them, I’m kicked out forever. My mom says I can keep someone who is black as a friend but that I mustn’t argue with my dad.

The Elusive Lalit Modi

I knock on the door of an old three-storey brick house in the swanky SW1 pocket in London, allegedly Modi's address since he was driven out of the BCCI (and India) for alleged financial misdemeanours in the running of the IPL. Modi's son answers the door.

Shoe Throwing MLA Gets the Boot

"This is the slipper that was thrown. It was flung by BJP MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat at me inside the House,'' Mr Raghu Sharma said, holding aloft the footwear that started it all.

Eco Ganeshas on Ganesh Chaturthi

Eco-Ganeshas, made of clay and painted with natural colors, dissolve as soon as they are immersed in water, instead of settling at the bottom of the water body and polluting it.

Miss India Universe Twagerized WSJ Columnist

“It wasnt accidental.can’t possibly cut copy AND paste accidentally now can I? just dint know the technical know how of ‘retweeting.’”

World's 7 Billionth Person About to be Born

In the days ahead, a baby will be born who will take the global population above 7 billion for the first time, and in all probability that birth will take place in China or India.

iPad Lessons for Indian MPs

India's labyrinthine bureaucracy has long been renowned for its reliance on paperwork, with even basic transactions needing triplicate forms, stamp certificates and endless information recorded in hand-written ledgers.

Mumbai World's Worst City

A new survey of 140 cities has rated Vancouver as the best city to live, and Mumbai as one of the worst with a ranking of 116.

Argentinian Food Awaits Lionel Messi

Traditional Indian welcome and delicious Argentine dishes await soccer superstar Lionel Messi slated to arrive here by Wednesday for his national side's FIFA official friendly against Venezuela on Sept 2.

Shoe v Slipper in Rajasthan Assembly

"This is the Vidhan Sabha, not a ramp for modeling."

Can a Woman Ever Retire?

I turned to him, and asked him what he did, and he said, "Nothing. I'm retired." I joked with him that maybe he should learn to cook. But he wasn't interested in my kind of humor.

Dumb Train Stunts

The dangerous craze involves hanging off the side of a train as it passes metal beams and various other obstacles

Drive Across India in a Rickshaw

Three brave Aussies are about get into a rickety rickshaw to drive across India with a twenty-first century technology twist to go with their dilapidated drive.

Anna Among Top 10 Indian Brands

This top 10 ranking puts the Jan Lokpal movement as being more influential online in Indian as compared to established online brands like Vodafone, MTV India.

Planet of Diamonds

An international team of astronomers, led by Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology professor Matthew Bailes, has discovered a planet made of diamond crystals, in our own Milky Way galaxy.

A Building to Outshine Taj Mahal?

If architects have their way, India may soon build a new spectacular space station-style structure which could outshine the Taj Mahal.

The Invisible Men

Behind every successful structure stand the men who got their hands dirty building it.

Spare the Donkeys

"Several TV channels have telecast visuals of supporters of the India Against Corruption campaign using donkeys to symbolise corrupt officials during their rallies. The donkeys had placards around their necks, their faces had been blackened and they were being punched, slapped and beaten, to symbolise the anti-corruption crusader putting corruption down."

India's Caste Census

For the first time in 80 years, India is undertaking the herculean task of a caste census. ''My caste is who I am, we don't speak often about it, because everybody knows."

World's Smallest Ganesh

Only one inch tall and weighing 40g, couple create world's smallest Ganesh idol.

It's Good to be a Rebel in India

Although Mrinalini does not read newspapers (not even the Mumbai behemoth whose sole purpose is to encourage women like her to spend, spend, spend), she does know about a man named Anna Hazare.

McDonald Pulls 'Corrupt' Ad

“The commercials are light-hearted and irreverent in nature. We are not trying to propagate or justify bribery."

Biryani: Symbol of India

Let’s explore the enormous regional variety of biryani and recognise that this is the one dish that unifies India because it is found nearly everywhere in the country. It is a symbol of a country that takes differences and divergences and then merges them into one India.

Clinging to Caste

He wasn’t selling vegetables or offering to shine shoes, so no one really noticed him as he shuffled around the corner. But to him, what he was doing was vital: by ringing his bell, he warned high caste Hindus that an untouchable was among them.

Maharaja Style Travel

If you are the duke of Colaba all set to marry the princess of Cuff Parade, Mumbai's new luxury car rental service is here to provide you the perfect vintage wheels

Anna Hazare Most Popular Cyber Personality in India

'Anna Hazare’ and ‘Corruption’ are the most used words in way2sms messages.

Hungary's Krishna Valley

HUngar's Krishna Valley is run by devotees of Krishna along Vedic principles.

India Along the Grand Trunk Road

Four chaotic weeks on India's famous Grand Trunk Road, described by Rudyard Kipling as "such a river of life as nowhere else exists in the world.

How Are Hurricanes Named?

As Irene bears down, wonder how hurricanes get their names? Irene gets its name from the list for 2011 are managed by the World Meteorological Organization. Irene will return in 2017.

Demand for Rajasthani Camel Riders in Arab Countries

Hundreds of camel riders from Jaisalmer not only rear camels in many Arab countries, especially Dubai, but also train them for racing.

Scamster Poet

Satyam' scamster Ramalinga Raju’s recently published book of poems extols morals and ethics.

Angel and the Monster

Mother Teresa and Lady Gaga are the latest icons of the leadership industry.

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