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Gandhi Topi in Vogue

"The Gandhi Topi is very much back in fashion. I can see teenagers wearing the Gandhi Topi with a high pony tail. As today's generation does everything with style, the Gandhi Topi is very much in vogue."

Luxury Retail Lags in India

When Nita Ambani went shopping for 25,000 pieces of high-end Japanese crockery, she did not go to the Noritake store in her posh neighbourhood of southern Mumbai. Instead, the wife of richest man in India called a Noritake store in Sri Lanka, where the upscale dinnerware for her new $1 billion home would be far cheaper.

Sachin in Saris

The 9m by 6m mosaic of Tendulkar, created from fabrics and saris, was put together by artist Laura Hadland. "Immortalising Sachin Tendulkar in fabrics seemed the perfect way to capture the spirit of Leicester as it gears up to welcome him and his teammates."

The Indian Bulge

City-bred Indians are three times more likely to be overweight than rural folk-there is also the particularly Indian genetic propensity of accumulating fat against muscle mass.

Hot Water Inflated to Bursting Point

Ashutosh Chopra, 17, displays his strength by inflating a hot water bottle to its 500psi bursting point during a performance at a school in Bangalore.

'Most Feared' Pest in Rice Shipment from India at Chicago's O'Hare

The Khapra beetle, which is about 2 to 3 millimeters long as an adult and about 5 millimeters long as a larva, is described as "one of the world's most tenacious and destructive stored-produce pests because of its ability to damage grain."

Study Estimates World Species at 8.7 Million, Most Undiscovered

Roughly 90 per cent of the species in the world have yet to be discovered, described and catalogued by humans, according to a new scientific study. The study by Canadian researchers estimated the number of species at 8.7 million. The scientists developed a new method of estimating the global total, and published their findings in the journal PLoS Biology on Tuesday.

Fashion Footwear

From mojris, nagras to embellished chappals, youngsters in capital are opting for ethnic footwear

Mumbai World's Cheapest City

Mumbai may be terribly expensive for the average Indian, but the country’s commercial capital is the cheapest mega city in the world.

BCCI's Secret Report on India's Test Debacle

Humor Us: The committee thus concluded that the contracts of head coach Duncan Fletcher and all specialist coaches should be terminated with immediate effect, .... All members of the team, with the exception of Tendulkar, to be dropped from the side with immediate effect.

$150 Million Donation for IIT Kharagpur

The donation comes on the day IIT-Kharagpur — where Mani Bhowmick’s father was jailed when the premises was called Hijli Detention camp — is the largest donation in IIT history.

Strip for the Bill

"My decision is not for gaining publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I am not doing it to be famous but for the common people."

Fighting in Technicolor

An ancient Hindu tradition inspires a music festival's multicolored modern promo.

Your Head on My Shoulder

What this young Indian man was exhibiting was a remarkable and extremely rare case of craniopagus parasiticus—so rare, in fact, that fewer than a dozen such cases have ever been recorded.Parasitic twinning is just one of many possible outcomes on the multiple-birth spectrum. It's these unsung twins—the disarticulated, malformed, gelatinous or barnacle-like human beings—that are the real marvels of the multiple-birth world. (Actually, as we'll see, while they're certainly human, there's usually not much being to them at all.)

Competing Parades on Oak Tree

"When we fight for a day to celebrate, we forget the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. This is a day I didn't want to see."

Pune College Students to Co-Author Wikipedia

“We are inviting students and educators in India to join us in this mission by taking part in the India education programme. Information about India and contribution by people from India are not adequately represented on Wikipedia, and we want to change that.”

No Men for Contraception

The final phase of trials before India could unveil to the world a single-dose, safe and reversible contraceptive method for men has failed to recruit even half the number of male subjects it needs for testing.

India-Funded Ghana Presidential Mansion Courts Controversy

Soon after assuming office Pres. John Mills refused to move into the building in line with his campaign promise that he would not live there because the money spent on the building could have been used on other things to benefit the poor.

Once High and Mighty Lie Abandoned

The only Gandhi ignored in death is Sanjay Gandhi: only his widow Maneka Gandhi and son Varun Gandhi come to mourn him at his memorial in Rajghat on December 14, his birth anniversary and June 23, his death anniversary, with flowers and prayers. “No Congress leader is seen anywhere near the site.”

The Hip Sip

"The Highland Nectar bar at the ITC Gardenia uncorked an Armand de Brignac Blanc Champagne costing 1,58,000 ($3500) for a VIP guest."

Maid 'Drives' Employers to Death

A retired widower and his unemployed son hanged themselves at their Bansdroni home, accusing their domestic help in the suicide note of “mentally torturing” them.

The Dumb English Language

A caller from India asked him to spell a name, asking: “Is it S for Surat, M for Mumbai, I for Ichalkaranji, T for Tiruchirappalli and H for Hinjilicut?”

Supreme Court: Horoscopes Weak, But Admissible Evidence

"We reiterate the proposition of law laid down by this court in the earlier decisions that horoscope is a very weak piece of material to prove age of a person and that heavy onus lies on a person who wants to press it into service to prove its authenticity."

Jaipur Polo Match Taken to Tusk

Polo played on elephants instead of horses is a popular novelty sport in Nepal, India and Thailand, and it has been staged in Jaipur for about four decades.

Mango War in US Market

Three years after the Indian alphanso landed in the US to the delight of diehard mango lovers, the popular chausa variety from Pakistan has entered American markets this month,bringing an element of competition between the mango varieties from two countries,

Beggars Can be Choosers

“The entire event is like a mini village fair. There is too much competition to qualify as the ultimate poor in every village. People are jealous of each other and so we keep digging out information, often in disguise to find our target.”

A Rose to India

The film was as much about Ravi visiting his home town and seeing, maybe for the first time, how his privileged upbringing kept him far from the poverty still endemic in his country. The trip was also an opportunity for father and daughter to get to know each other better. He missed her teenage years in Ireland because he stayed in London working, returning to the family’s home in Athy when work allowed.

Pink or Blue

A test has been developed which can tell you the sex of the foetus with about 95 per cent accuracy at seven weeks. A blood sample of the expectant mother is taken at the time and tested for the presence of the Y chromosome. If it is present the baby is a boy. If it isn’t then the baby is probably a girl.

Indan Man has Hysterectomy to Remove Uterus

An Indian farmer and father of two had a hysterectomy after doctors discovered a "full female reproductive system" in his lower abdomen.

Lady Gaga on Indian TV Gaga

"I have seen a few Bollywood films and I love how theatrical they are, and that’s my favorite part -- that they are so surreal and full of fantasy,"

The Legend of Janmashtami

"O foolish! What will you get by killing me? Your nemesis is already born somewhere else."

Classical Dance Stops Manhattan Traffic

You see people of various races stopping in their tracks to watch, or gazing down from their office windows, while dancers in traditional Indian costume perform dances from the other side of the world, against a backdrop of New York skyscrapers and a soundscape of urban noise.

Green Respite for a Bustling Delhi Suburb

Gurgaon has expanded more than 70 percent over the last decade alone as a result of the breakneck pace of construction; the million-tree plan would require setting aside almost 3,500 acres of land.

Drive a Nano Instead

In Rajasthan’s push for sterilization, the Tata Nano is offered as an Incentive.

Homing in on Controversy

Will Mukesh Ambani's Antilia be demolished? The prospects seem remote given the redoubtable clout of the world’s fourth richest man. Located on the densely populated Altamont Road—where people are packed like the proverbial sardines, it has been variously dubbed as an “edifice to its owner’s ego” and “obscenely lavish”.

Prescribing for Anna

The Lucknow Association of Practicing Pathologists and Microbiologists has appealed to the doctors to write the line `we support Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill' at the bottom ofr prescriptions slips for medicines that they write for their patients.

Separated 40 Years Ago, United on TV

Abandoned when he was four in Assam, reduced to begging on the streets of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu and now a computer engineer in the US who reunited with his sister and mother after four decades on live TV. Life for Indian American Kisan Upadhyay has turned full circle.

A Letdown in Land of Many Tongues

Sharpen your tongue-cleaners, you have nothing to lose but your inability to roll your Os and your identity.

Wisecracks Greet Renamed State of Bongo

“What is this Poschim Bongo and where can I smoke it?”

Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

My father was a civil servant in the northern Indian where I was born. As a boy I saw the dire effects of poverty and illiteracy, especially on women and children. It often seemed that the only thing separating me from them was luck.

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