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A Toast to Summer Fruitfulness

There is an avalanche of summer fruits tumbling down from the Himalayas—peaches, pears, apricots, cherries, and plums.

The Aam Party

In the season of heat and mellow fruitfulness, an ode to the mango.

Raj Temple Offers Paap-mukti Certificates

A Shiva temple in Rajasthan is different. Here, redemption comes with a certificate that qualifies one duly purged of all sin, or `paap-mukt'.

Five Popular Dishes That Are Surprisingly Not Indian

The next time someone tells you that the kulfi is a desi summer cooler, you know better and can tell him that it isn't. The kulfi is a Middle Eastern import and as are sweets such as jalebi and gulab jamun.

Cursed Temple Scares Off Tourists

Local officials in the western state of Rajasthan say tourists are put off visiting the 12th Century Kiradu temple complex because of a local legend.

Air India’s Resident Rat Flees to Singapore

Pest controllers have been unable to trap the rat four days after it forced diversion of a Melbourne-Delhi Air India (AI) flight to Singapore.

Narendra Modi Came Face To Face With His Wax Twin

The statue clearly left Modi speechless even as he gave some finishing touches to the sculpture, and Twitter users were rather amused at his somewhat wonderstruck reaction.

Where Did India's Banned Snake Charmers Go

Are snake charmers offensive to India's cultural identity? Some Twitter users felt that India had moved on from the time when snake charmers were presented as one of the symbols of the country.

Indian Business City Renamed

India's business city of Gurgaon on the outskirts of the capital, Delhi, will be officially renamed Gurugram.

Why South African Women Like Indian Hair

The market for human hair, often shaved from the heads of Hindu pilgrims in India, is growing in South Africa.

Hollywood Celebrities With Indian Tattoos

A new trend in body art has been emerging over the last few years among celebrities in the West. Tattoos in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Ultimate Cut

Every year millions of people travel to two temples in southern India, hoping for an answer to their prayers. But every miracle requires a sacrifice - and many pilgrims sacrifice their hair.

Princess Kate’s Marilyn Moment Causes a Stir in India

One of India’s top newspapers faced a social media backlash after it splashed a picture across its front page of Britain’s Princess Kate suffering a “Marilyn moment” as her dress blew up in the wind.

Why Are Some Indians Worshipping a Cartoon Mouse

Dinkoism is one of the world's newest faiths having only been created by atheists in 2008 as a vehicle for parodying the excesses of organised religion.

80-year-old NRI Walks From Kanyakumari to Delhi for Charity

An 80-year-old NRI based in the UK concluded his 3,000-km walk from Kanyakumari to Delhi on Thursday to spread awareness about blindness and raise funds.

The Eminem Cover Inspiring Millions Online

Sparsh Shah's Indian-infused version of "Not Afraid" has been viewed more than 12 million times and has won praise from famous R&B singers and Bollywood celebrities.

Bollywood-like Trip to India

If you thought Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge's Raj and Simran were just figment of the imagination, watching these two will definitely have you doing a rethink.

15 Unusual Indian Restaurants

To break the monotony, some people have dared to think out-of-the-box and come up with themes that have the power to tickle a customer's fancy/fancies.

Delhi Secret Tunnel Sparks Grisly Speculation

There are few things as redolent of mystery and adventure than a secret tunnel.

The Boy Who Refused to Leave Police Custody

A four-year-old boy has become the centre of a controversy between India and Pakistan - and between his father and mother.

India at 118 on Happy Index

Denmark, closely followed by Switzerland, is again the happiest country in the world while crisis-torn Syria and Burundi are the most miserable.

NY Artist’s Comic Illustrations About The Life Of An Indian Girl

The gossipping neighbours, the aunties telling girls that the ultimate aim is marriage to a wealthy man and an army of children, the superstitious relatives who fear doom with every step.

India Migrant Hits Jackpot on Day One

A West Bengal man who won the Kerala lottery jackpot one day after arriving there is returning home.

Burger Named After Canada's Sikh Defence Minister

Canada's first Sikh Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan now has a chicken burger named after him and it is called 'The Minister of National Deliciousness'.

Indian Women Are Turning Away Grooms

in recent months, young women have turned away grooms they've found to be unfit for a variety of reasons.

Where a Plane on The Roof is Normal

The sculptures often represent the aspirations of their owners, along with some elements of their personal history.

Heaviest Bag of Rice

A bag of rice weighing 550 kilograms has entered the Book of World Records for being the heaviest bag of rice

People Have Unique Names in Indian Village

Located in Bhadrapur, a village in Karnataka you will find people with the most unusual names like Coffee, Military, Glucose, English, British, Anil Kapoor and High Court.

Airline Ad Makes Star of Indian Granny

Many say the ad helps to debunk the stereotype of the rude Indian in-flight traveller.

A Messiah For India's Abandoned Sick

"He is like God," comes a voice from the ward, as the diminutive Sikh man puts out the light and shuts the door to keep the cold out.

Inside The Padmini Taxis of Mumbai

There were more than 60,000 Padminis operating on Mumbai's roads in the 1970s, but a recent government order banning vehicles more than 20 years old has reduced the number to just over 9,000

Why an Indian Lawyer Tried to Sue God

Indian lawyer Chandan Kumar Singh recently stunned many Indians when he tried to sue popular Hindu god Ram.

Kolkata’s Most Haunted

A city that was much loved by the Mughals, French, British and Dutch, almost every lane has a tale to tell, some with a twist of horror.

Indian Clock to Tower Over Big Ben

Indian IT giant Infosys has said it plans to build the world's largest free-standing clock tower at its campus in the southern city of Mysore.

Cabin Crew Suspended Over Sonu Nigam's Concert on Flight

Jet Airways has suspended five crew members who were part of a chartered flight after aviation watchdog DGCA took serious note of the episode.

Cabin Crew Suspended Over Sonu Nigam's Concert on Flight

Jet Airways has suspended five crew members who were part of a chartered flight after aviation watchdog DGCA took serious note of the episode.

That Taxi in The Coldplay Video

It may be in the news for all the wrong reasons, but there’s an art collective in Mumbai who are excited about their contribution to the video

India's Maverick Frog Man

All my discoveries are accidental. We don't plan on finding new frogs. You go out into the forests and spend time there."

Chasing the Lure of a Royal Past With Greyhound Racing

There were greyhounds from Canada, from Ireland and England, and a few from the United States.

No Longer a Tree

Goas's Decision to downgrade coconut palm causes outrage.

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