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Extinct Tree Frog Rediscovered in India

An extraordinary tree frog thought to have died out more than a century ago has been rediscovered in India.

In India, James Bond Has Only Half a Licence to Kiss

The Indian Censor Board has succeeded where British Intelligence failed -reining in the legendary sex life of UK's most famous fictional spy .

Maa, Baba And Mess Galore.

Various avatars of self-styled spiritual gurus

Indian Billionaire Buys old Scotland Yard Site

One of India's richest men, Yusuffali Kader, has bought the original Scotland Yard site in Whitehall for £110m.

A Single Tree Yielding 40 Different Kinds of Fruits

In an unusual feat that has the horticultural world rubbing its eyes in disbelief, Van Aken has created a tree that yields 40 different kinds of fruit.

Life in a Metro

This Quora thread brilliantly captures life in different Indian cities.

Delhi's Most Haunted House

The only people willing to take Delhi's 'most haunted house' is the Indian Government.

The Vest That Helps Exam Cheats

In recent years those wanting a helping hand have been able to take advantage of modern technology and a whole market in devices to aid cheats has sprung up.

Got a Problem? Try a Desi Solution

Did you know that there are three ways to deal with a problem? The right way, the wrong way - and the desi way.

Curtains Down on Delhi’s Oldest Mithai Shop

When Ghantewala opened in 1790, Mughal emperor Shah Alam II ruled Delhi.

Indians Flock to Hitchcock House

A house in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata has turned into a macabre local attraction

What Indian Women Really Want

Regular women from various walks of life, living in different cities across India, tell the camera what they really want.

How Indian Hair Finds Its Way to African Markets

There is also a discussion among Africanist religious scholars who ask what is symbolic about women weaving a hairstyle from hair which has been offered as sacrifice to the gods?

A Village That Doesn't Sell Milk

Dhokda is a rare village where dairy products are not sold. Instead, they are given free to those who do not rear cows and buffaloes.

10 Ways to Annoy a Madrasi

How to risk life and limb by annoying 'a person from Madras' in just 60 seconds, should you so want.

India's Mysore Crowns New Maharaja

A 23-year-old economics graduate from the University of Massachusetts has been crowned the new maharaja of Mysore.

Life as India's Tallest Man

Dharmendra Singh at 8ft 1 inch tall claims to be tallest man of India.

11-year-old Indian-American Genius Graduates From College

An Indian-American home-schooled boy has surprised one and all by graduating from a US college at the age of 11 with three associate degrees in maths, science and foreign language studies.

Yamraj, God of Death, Doubles Up as Traffic Cop

In Jharkhand's capital Ranchi, unruly drivers have been encountering Yamraj, the god of death. It is not just a vision.

MIT Scientists Decode Mystery of the Dress

MIT scientists have cracked the science behind the dress that went viral on the internet after some saw it as black and blue while others perceived it to be gold and white.

Modi's China Visit Photo Which Broke the Internet

Photos and memes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sporting shades and checking out terracotta statues at a museum in China went viral on the internet

Happy New Year Gift: Song For NRIs.

The song says the NRI is excited by the "two-in-one offer" on whiskey at the duty free...and unsettled by the use of toilet paper abroad.

Want to Buy a Hill or Lake

It may sound bizarre, but you can actually own a dense forest, a lake, a hill top or a drain in the Aravalis of Haryana.

Happiest Street in the World is in Mumbai

This lively street in Mumbai, India just may be the happiest street in the world!

Sex Ratio Kills Honeymoon Dream in Gujarat

Finding a bride has become a Herculean task. There are 40 bachelor boys on the wrong side of 30s in my village."

Baby With Trunk Worshipped as Ganesha's Wife

A baby girl born with a 'trunk' has become a big attraction and people are flocking to worship her believing her to be an incarnation of lord Ganesha.

Prank Proves Taj Mahal is Perfect for Pac-Man

As an April Fools’ Day prank, Google Maps added a feature that turns some roads into the classic Pac-Man game.

World's Most Expensive Ice-cream

Its creator, Indian businessman Zubin Doshi, says the $817 USD or Rs.51144 price tag is about right when you consider its unusual mix of ingredients.

Women Milk Bank Opens in Jaipur

The centre has benefited many mothers who suffer from hyper-lactation and infants whose mothers are ill.

The Whole Six Yards

Two women made a #100SareePact and It's an open invite

Indian Bridegroom Dumped Over Failed Maths Test

An Indian bride has walked out of her wedding after her bridegroom-to-be failed to solve a simple maths problem.

Young Indian Boy's Gigantic Hands Baffle Doctors

A young boy is baffling doctors in India - after his hands swelled to giant proportions.

Old India's Village of Warriors Becomes Birthplace of Bouncers

If they look like cousins, it is because they are. A startling number of them share a family name, Tanwar.

Modi’s Famous Pinstripe Suit Sells for $690,000 at Auction

A memorable suit worn just one time by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi — with pinstripes that spell out his name in tiny letters — has sold for 43.1 million rupees ($693,234) at a charity auction.

Dear Jerry Seinfeld, Do Not Do This in India

Going by the uproar over AIB Roast and a controversial ban by the censor board on 30 words, Seinfeld could need some help.

Indian Monkey Set to Inherit Fortune

An Indian couple who were ostracised after their families disapproved of their wedding have decided to leave all their property to their pet monkey.

Delhi/NCR is India’s Most Romantic City

Delhi/NCR topped the list of India’s most romantic cities, placed well ahead of Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Buffalo Bull

The animal whose semen is worth $3,000 a shot.

Moonwalking Traffic Cop Turns a Style Icon

Ranjeet Singh is no Michael Jackson but he ‘moonwalks’ with the same finesse as the king of pop.

$ 100 Fine for Throwing Puja Items Into Yamuna

Throwing puja offerings into the Yamuna, a ritual for many Delhiites, will now invite a fine of Rs 5,000.

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