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Animals Captured Practicing Yoga

Some yoga poses, like upward- and downward-facing dog, are clear nods to the fact that our domesticated friends came up with these poses before we did

A $20 Bailout

A worried 10-year-old schoolgirl sent a $20 (£12) bill to the governor of the country's central bank offering to help the economy.

How to Master the Indian Accent

What happens when helpful people teach others how to master the Indian accent.

Knot Perfect: 12 Villages in Rajasthan That Exist as Couples

Local legend has it that in the past people named contiguous villages like a pair---one masculine, another feminine---with rhyming names.

Cow and Bull Tie The Knot

A Cow and a bull have been married off in a lavish Indian wedding - costing £10,000

13: The Power This Number Commands Around the World

The fear of the number even has its own psychological term coined in 1910: "Triskaidekaphobia." - See more at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/a-look-at-the-power-of-the-number-13-in-the-world/article1-1203752.aspx#sthash.JbFDlzmG.dpuf

Trains That Can Climb Skyscrapers

Londoners Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa have drawn up a proposal for the world's first vertical trains that will climb up skyscrapers.

Incredible A Poem That Can be Read Backwards

That this poem was written by a 14-year old makes it worth sitting up and taking note of.

The Mystery of Mont Blanc's Hidden Treasure

The trail begins early on 24 January 1966, as Air India Flight 101 starts its descent towards Geneva Airport.

India's Vibrant Holi Festival

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, heralds the beginning of spring and is celebrated all over India.

Miraculous Temples of India

Facts about Indian temples that can keep you up at night.

Decoding the Indian Head Wobble

The idiosyncratic Indian head wobble — side-to-side like a pendulum — often confuses and amuses visitors to the country

Inside India's Rat Temple Where Rodents Are Worshipped

One temple in India is devoted to worshipping 20,000 of the animals.

The World's Oldest Handbag

Made of brass and inlaid with gold and silver, the bag is the only one of its kind - which made it difficult for experts to work out what it was.

Trucking in India: Adding Colour to Indian Transport

Decorated with colourful trinkets, transporting goods of all sizes and often having men sitting precariously atop them, legs dangling out of the vehicle, trucking in India is often a misunderstood.

World’s Smelliest Man: Iranian Defeats Indian

Haji, who drinks five litres of water daily from a rusty oil can, feels that cleanliness would make him sick

Vadodara Royal Family Ssettles Property Dispute After Two Decades

For more than two decades, the warring families were locked in a series of litigations with the battle continuing even after Ranjitsinh's death last year.

Gold Rush Hits Uttar Pradesh

Gold rush has hit the state of Uttar Pradesh after Saint Soham Sarkar dreamt of gold hidden underneath the land of a temple.

Indian Betel Box Fetches 662,000 Pounds at Southeby's

An 18th century diamond-set, enamelled gold paandan was sold for a staggering 662,500 pounds at Sotheby's.

When Restaurants Get Creative: 15 Hilarious Names

With the love of puns at the back of my head, I was thrilled to discover that commercial, money-making, serious entities like restaurants have a sense of humour!

Cheap Razor Made After P&G Watches Indians Shave

The visits kicked off the 18 months it took to develop Gillette Guard, a low-cost razor designed for India and other emerging markets.

Gorakhpur Gets World's Largest Railway Platform

The Gorakhpur railway station became the proud owner world's longest home platform

Garlands of Cash Have to Stop

The Reserve Bank of India, India's central bank, has asked people to not use currency notes to make garlands.

20 years after cracking exam, he is set to live IAS dream

A court has absolved the Madhya Pradesh cadre officer of any wrongdoing, allowing him to live his IAS dream.

Golden Playing Cards Become a Janmashtami Fad in Gujarat

This year the affluent have started flashing gold and silver-plated cards. Some of them are even playing the game with cards made of pure silver!

Buffalo Gives BMW a Run For its Money

She has walked many beauty ramps and won all contests ‘tail down’! Besides, she promises the buyer 30-litre milk on third lactation.

Indian Princesses Win £2.5 Billion Inheritance After Epic Battle Over Father's Will

Two elderly Indian princesses have inherited a £2.5 billion fortune after winning one of the country's longest-running royal legal battles.

HC Rejects Man's Claim of Being Gandhi Incarnation

Delhi High Court has trashed a convict's bizarre defence that he attempted to kill a man while suffering from a delusional disorder that led him to believe that he was an incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi.

Indian Builds a Taj Mahal For His Wife

A retired government official in a northern Indian village is building a scaled-down replica of the historic Taj Mahal in memory of his wife of 58 years.

Patiala Maharaja Dinner Set for Sale

A dinner set commissioned by the former Maharaja of Patiala is due to be sold at an auction in London.

Manipur King Ends Fast Against Palace Eviction Move

The titular king of India's Manipur state has withdrawn his hunger strike in protest against the state government's decision to evict him from his ancestral palace.

Mobile Devices Being Used to End Marriages on the Rise

Number of people who are taking the help of online services for separation from their spouses has increased

GoAir Opts For Female Crew to Save Fuel

Low cost carrier GoAir has decided to recruit only airhostesses from now on instead of the 'heavier' male flight pursersto lighten the aircraft to reduce fuel burn because of increased operating costs.

After Veg Shoe, Jains Get Eggless Snickers Too

Keeping in mind the number of vegetarians, chocolate and confectionery maker Mars International today launched chocolate brand Snickers in an eggless variant.

Rajasthan Man Gets Admit Card With Obama’s Picture

A Rajasthan school owner received an admit card with his name and the photograph of the US President Barack Obama pasted on it for a junior engineer examination conducted by the Union government’s State Selection Commission.

Flying Pizza. Soon, a Drone Might Deliver Your Domino's Order

Don't be surprised if next time a drone instead of a delivery boy brings a hot, delicious pizza to your doorstep.

Beware the Mannequin: Turning Mumbai’s Men Into Sexual Predators

If corporator Ritu Tawade is to be believed, that torso could “affect the mindset of men” and make them commit “wrong acts”.

Cattles Sold For Ghee Investments

A bizarre investment scheme has come under market watchdog Sebi's scanner, wherein hundreds of crores have been raised through public deposits for purchase of cattles

Inundated Colonial Bungalow Resurfaces After Thirty Years

A colonial bungalow that “drowned” thirty years ago has surfaced from its watery grave in the reservoir of the Thenmala Dam in Kollam district.

A Quiet Kerala Town Where Elephants Symbolize Social Status

Some elephants have superstar status in the state — when they reach a particular temple, thousands of elephant lovers assemble to see them.

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