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World's Longest Married Couple is From Punjab

Karam Chand and his wife Katari, who have eight children and 28 grandchildren, have been married for 87 years, making them the world's longest married couple.

Indian Man Loses Bid to Buy Woman's Virginity

A Japanese man fended off strong competition from an Indian to secure a date with a 20-year-old Brazilian student, who sold her virginity for a USD 780,000 after putting it up for on-line auction for "charity".

Teachers Told to Wear Apron to Avoid Stares in Kerala

Managements of several private schools in Kerala want women teachers to adopt a dress code to avoid prying eyes of male students. They have suggested teachers wear an apron or an overcoat "to cover themselves properly" in class

India to Run Out of Phone Numbers by Next Year

"There might be a serious problem if a new series of numbers are not brought in by the middle of next year.

India: 96-year-old Becomes Oldest Father in World

Ramjeet Raghav, a 96-year-old Indian farmer, has become the oldest father in the world. Raghav beat his own previous record which he set after having another child when he was 94

Handwashing: Why Are the British so Bad at Washing Their Hands?

Faecal matter can be found on just over a quarter of our hands, new research suggests. In some cases the quantity of germs is equivalent to the number in a dirty toilet bowl. So why are the British so bad at washing their hands?

The City with 180km Traffic Jams

Next time you complain about being stuck in traffic, spare a thought for the drivers in Brazil's biggest city, which has some of the worst congestion problems in the world.

Indian Women New Motorbike Buyers

The world's motorcycle manufacturers have enjoyed good sales in India for years, but a new market is emerging as more women take to riding the roads on two wheels.

Obese Elephants in Tamil Nadu Given Slimming Help

Authorities in India are being presented with a massive task - managing the weight of obese elephants kept in temples.

Cosy With Serpents

A village crawling with snakes that are revered by humans

Clothing Store Named Hitler to Change Name

The owner of an Indian store called "Hitler" said Tuesday he had agreed to drop the Nazi dictator's name and re-brand his shop following protests from the Jewish community and the government.

McDonald's Ready to Open Veg-only Outlet in Vaishno Devi

In 1996, when McDonald's entered India for the first time, it did the unthinkable, eschewing its trademark beef burgers. Sixteen years on, it is about to do the equivalent of blasphemous in the fast food trade by opening only-veg burger joints.

Catwalk Kids

The school that trains four-year-olds to become beauty queens

Your Mobile Phone is Filthier than a Toilet Seat

Mobile phones are actually filthier than toilet seats because they are never cleaned even after being handled by different people, thus swarming with germs, say researchers.

Bride Hunt Melts Vindhyas for Brahmins

Frenetic hunt for matrimonial alliance has led to the breaking of ice between two sects of Brahmin community who were divided by the mighty Vindhyas.

Bikinis Add Controversy to Cow Contest

A contest to find China's most beautiful cow caused controversy when young women in bikinis began milking them in Shanyin county, the Shanghai Daily said Wednesday.

Titanic Menu Sold for 46,000 Pounds

The menu of the first dinner served to the first-class passengers of the ill-fated liner Titanic on April 10, 1912 has been sold for 46,000 pounds at an auction.

Bowel to Bowl

Fancy eating out at a toilet restaurant? Bizarre and unappetising as it may sound The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan has become a rage with locals as well as tourists.

This US Town has a Cat as Mayor

The part-Manx cat clawed his way onto the political scene of Talkeetna, Alaska, through a write-in campaign shortly after he was born 15 years ago.

Why do Some Country Names have 'The'

According to several authoritative sources, such as the CIA World Factbook, the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World and the US Department of State, only two countries, The Bahamas and The Gambia, should officially be referred to with the article.

Women Really have Better IQ than Men

Psychologists have found female IQ scores have risen above men's for the first time in 100 years.

Hobson-Jobson: The Words English Owes to India

In 1872 two men began work on a lexicon of words of Asian origin used by the British in India. Since its publication the 1,000-page dictionary has never been out of print and a new edition is due out next year.

Britain May Allow Pet Monkeys, Pigs on Plane

Pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses and monkeys could be allowed to travel with you on planes under new British transport rules.

Cleanliness Freak JLo’s Loo Woes

the actor reportedly paid $105,000 in 2003 for the gem-studded toilet seat, featuring rubies, sapphires, pearls and a diamond.

Riot Control Weapon that Makes Guys Wet Themselves

Polish police have been trained to use the "involuntary urination" cannon to control football hooligans at the current Euro 2012 soccer games.

Latest in China: A Fake American Bank

In a China awash with fake iPhones, pirated DVDs and knockoff Louis Vuitton bags, rice trader Lin Chunping took fakery to a whole new level: He invented a United States bank and claimed he bought it.

The Great Wall of China More than Twice as Long as Thought

The Great Wall of China is more than twice as long as originally thought, as the first attempt to measure all of its various fortifications found it added up to more than 13,000 miles, built over the course of 13 dynasties.

Spider Invasion Spooks Indian Village

Panicked villagers in a remote Indian state complained Monday of an invasion of giant venomous spiders that resemble tarantulas but are unknown to local specialists.

India's last Mughal Emperor Lies Buried in Yangon

India's last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, lay buried in Yangon for nearly 130 years in a forgotten grave until 1991 when his final resting place was chanced upon during digging.

Indian Boy Solves 350-year Newton Math Puzzle

A 16-year-old Indian origin schoolboy in Germany has managed to crack puzzles that baffled the world of maths for more than 350 years

Jaganmohan Reddy's visit to Tirumala Temple Sparks Controversy

YSR Congress President YS Jaganmohan Reddy's visit to Tirumala's Balaji Temple on Wednesday morning has turned out to be controversial, because, critics say, he went in for a darshan without signing the formal declaration about his faith in god, violating the temple rules.

Now, Girls to get Lessons on Pros and Cons of marrying a NRI

The risks that girls run of marrying a NRI without vetting his proposal thoroughly includes sexual exploitation, bonded labour, brutal beatings and even violent death.

Noteworthy Birthday Gift Awaits Sachin Tendulkar

Parmar has currency notes whose numbers associate with the life of the legendary batsman.

Dangerous Liaisons: Wild Cats as Trophy Pets in UAE

As many as 3,000 people in the UAE keep wild animals like lions, tigers and cheetahs as pets in their homes

The Chicken Came First; not the Egg.

A Sri Lanka hen has given birth to a chick without an egg, in a new twist on the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

London will be Final Marathon for 101-year-old

Fauja Singh, who was born in India but moved to Britain in the 1960s, has completed eight marathons since taking up the sport at the age of 89.

Grass with Gandhi's Blood Sold for 10,000 Pounds

In all, the Gandhi-related items fetched over 100,000 pounds in the auction by the Shropshire-based auctioneer, Mullock's.

Rajasthan Villagers Organise Bovine Marriage

Villagers said that the wedding of a cow and a bull is considered auspicious and is traditionally aimed at refinement in cattles' breed.

Easter with Largest Egg Weighing over a Ton

Historically, Easter eggs were painted or dyed chicken eggs. These days, chocolates or confectionery inside plastic eggs have substituted the real shells.

Smallest Town in US Up for Sale

Selling the town was the idea of Buford's self-proclaimed mayor and only resident, Don Sammons

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