Hair is Roaring Biz at Country’s Richest Temple

Tonsuring to please the Lord is a centuries-old ritual at this Vaishnavite temple.

India's Diwali Fireworks: Nazis And Fighting Elephants

The Green Nazi is more like military ordnance than what in Britain we quaintly call a "banger".

Indian Ashrams A Rendezvous With The Inner Self

India has always been known as the home of spirituality and mysticism to visitors from all over, especially the foreigners, and sustaining this image are the humble ashrams.

Feud at India’s Top Conglomerate Shocks a Proud Community

The bitter public feud between the Tata family, which controls India’s most respected conglomerate, and its now ousted chairman Cyrus Mistry has created an unwelcome stir in the tiny Parsi community to which both sides belong.

Deepavali As A Festival Of Freedom In South Africa

The South African saga of Deepavali provides us the instance where the festival of lights reveals its dimension as the festival of freedom.

Doing Diwali Delhi Style

Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival is often called "India's Christmas".

Little Salty, Little Sweet And Fully Delish

In the pantheon of Gujarati snacks, the crunchy, calorie-laden mathiya is the Diwali deity.

India is Celebrating Everything And Doing it Differently

Festivals are transcending borders and traditions, triggering surge in spending on brand new segments like packaged food and beverages, grooming and travel.

Mumbai Shrine Allows Entry to Women

The trust that runs Mumbai's Haji Ali mosque told the Supreme Court it will rescind a ban on women entering the shrine as ordered by the high court.

Stamp of Honour For Diwali in US

The US Postal Services has released a postage stamp on Diwali, the first state-sponsored recognition of the "joyous annual Hindu festival".

Meet The Hindus For Donald Trump

At a convention organized by Indian Americans supporting Trump, movies, politics and Modi are part of the conversation

Karva Chauth: Why It's Time For Indian Women to Leave Archaic And Patriarchal Custom Behind

The apparent history of this "auspicious" day is associated with the tale of queen Veervati and her penance to keep her husband alive.

India's Dying Christian Communities

Some of India's dying Christian communities who are trying to preserve their identities in rapidly changing times.

Theme Pandals Or Quirky Art Installations

In Kolkata, pujas are an annual upsurge and celebration of quirky art. This year, the city seems to have outdone itself when it comes to creativity.

Outrage After Girl Dies From 68-day Fast

Indian police are investigating the parents of a 13-year-old girl who died last week after undertaking a religious fast for 68 days.

Bollywood Actor Forced Out of Hindu Play

Far-right nationalists have forced Bollywood star Nawazuddin Siddiqui to cancel his performance in a Hindu festival "because he is a Muslim".

What Does Goddess Durga Feast on at Bonedi Barir Pujo

Underneath contemporary trappings and irrational excesses, Durga Puja has more intimate connotations, best understood, perhaps, at a ‘Bonedi Barir Pujo’

Soil From The Land Of Prostitutes is Used To Make Idols of Durga Maa

Every year when Durga Puja approaches, a certain Kumortuli in Kolkata is thrown into frenzy.

The Majesty And Mystery of India's Sacred Banyan Trees

The fig tree has shaped humanity in profound and mysterious ways—and none is as awesome to behold as the banyan.

Fading Glory

India's dying Christian communities who are trying to preserve their identities in rapidly changing times.

Behind the God-Swapping in The South African Indian Community

Hinduism is a religion of vast diversity with different philosophical views and religious practices.

An Irreverent Take on India's Mahabharat

Mama's Boys is a modern take on the curious tale of Draupadi's five husbands, although it remains faithful to the narrative of the original story.

India's Food Police Are Kicking up a Storm

When police in northern India recently began checking dishes of mutton biryani to ensure that they did not contain beef, critics said it was another example of what they are calling "food fascism".

Jews in Kolkata Use Food to Keep Their Culture Alive

As borders shrink in an increasingly globalized world, some unique communities are nearing extinction. The Jews of Calcutta are one of them.

Dozens Arrested For Protest At UK Gurdwara

British police arrested 55 people and seized their kirpan, a ceremonial Sikh dagger, at a Gurdwara on Sunday, following a protest against a mixed marriage.

The Indian State That is Obsessed With Beef Fry

Not many people would associate India with beef. Spirituality yes, perhaps even vegetarianism, but certainly not beef.

Why Attribute Irrational Miracles to Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa should have been made a saint without having so-called miracles associated with her name.

Georgetown First US College With a Hindu Priest As a Chaplain

When Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan led his first worship service in his new job as a Hindu chaplain Sunday, he knew his audience.

Indian-Origin Siblings Forced Off Plane Over ISIS Accusations

Three Indian-origin Muslim siblings have claimed that they were hauled off a plane at an airport in London and questioned on the tarmac by British policemen after a passenger accused them of being ISIS supporters.

Floods Stop Funerals in India Holy City

Floods in India's holy city of Varanasi in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh have forced a halt to cremations along the banks of the river Ganges

Indians Come Off Best in Grim UK Race Report

Britain’s Indian community is among the best performing communities on several social indicators, according to a major report on race relations

Sacrilege Incident Rocks UK Gurdwara

A week after a Sikhs' holy book was desecrated in the US, a similar incident has been reported in the UK.

Santoshi Maa: The Celluloid Goddess

How an unexpected hit in the 1970s catapulted a minor local goddess to national fame

Why India Cannot be a Hindu Pakistan

To be a good or patriotic Indian one does not have to be a Hindu by birth, religious practice, or cultural affiliation. One does not need to know or speak Hindi, either. And one does not even have to hate Pakistan.

Gujarati NRI Returns to Work for Gau Raksha

The 'gau rakshaks' may have come under scanner for their vigilantism in recent past, but away from all the limelight, a non-resident Indian (NRI) is quietly working to protect the cows.

Baba, The Magnet to World's Best Brains

The temple belongs to Neeb Karori Baba, a magnet to tech honchos like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.

The Chennai Woman Who Runs A Hindu Crematorium

Praveena Solomon is challenging tradition and winning hearts by taking on the traditionally male role at Chennai's busiest funeral ground.

Dalits in Narendra Modi's India Are Angry

Anger among Dalits in Gujarat has been mounting in recent weeks.

Pope Sets up New Eparchy For Indian Christians

The Vatican has established a new eparchy or leadership structure for the Syro-Malabar community with an ancient church in north England as its cathedral, marking a new high in the little known history of Indian Christians in Britain that began with Goan “lascars” arriving in the 16th century.

Inside One of India's Biggest Temple Kitchens

Millions of devotees visit Tirumala Tirupati temple in southern India every year.

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