Forging a Path for Women, Deep Into India’s Sacred Shrines

Public attention has forced the government in state of Maharashtra to enforce a court judgment allowing women into any part of a temple a man can enter.

The Artificial Trappings of Our Gurus

Godmen in India need just a few fraud externals, such as a fancy title and costume, to fool the gullible public

Cursed Temple Scares Off Tourists

Local officials in the western state of Rajasthan say tourists are put off visiting the 12th Century Kiradu temple complex because of a local legend.

Author of Book on Bullying of Sikhs Told to Remove Turban

Sikh-American teenager Karanveer Singh Pannu who shot to fame with his book "Bullying of Sikh American Children - Through the Eyes of a Sikh American" was forced to remove his turban at an airport in the US state of California. T

A Suitable Bong

Non-resident Bengalis making a conscious effort to teach rituals and customs to their next generation isn't new.

Flavors of Hinduism in Malaysia

As history progressed, it has brought along with itself the sporadic expansion of Hinduism and its ethnic originals from India.

Ultimate Cut

Every year millions of people travel to two temples in southern India, hoping for an answer to their prayers. But every miracle requires a sacrifice - and many pilgrims sacrifice their hair.

Why Are Some Indians Worshipping a Cartoon Mouse

Dinkoism is one of the world's newest faiths having only been created by atheists in 2008 as a vehicle for parodying the excesses of organised religion.

The Woman Who Took on a 400-year-old Tradition And Won

The denial of access to women to the Shani Shingnapur temple is just one of the more substantive stereotypes that Trupti Desai has just shattered.

Globe of Fire

Outside the Puttingal temple there was an eerie silence one night after the fire tragedy.

India Doesn’t Need Lectures on Religious Freedom From The UK

What India should do instead is to respond to such House of Lords adventures strongly and ensure that repeat attempts are not made. The US shows the way on how to do this.

Debunking 400-year-old Tradition

In a historic decision, the Shani Shingnapur temple authorities debunked its 400-year-old tradition, allowing women devotees to enter the inner sanctum of the temple to offer prayers.

Court Allows Women to Enter Temples

India court says women have 'fundamental right' to enter temples

The Monk Who Loves ad Spots

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has become the most visible face in TV commercials with just one brand to endorse—his own Patanjali Ayurved.

Leftist Scholars in US Trying to Undermine India's Glorious Identity

RSS on Monday accused Leftist scholars of attempting to replace 'India' with 'South Asia' in textbooks in California and said efforts by Hindu activists have thwarted their bid to "undermine the country's glorious identity."

Is Ayodhya's Temple Movement Making a Comeback

The highly volatile issue of whether there should be a proper Ram temple on the disputed site is pending before the Supreme Court

No UK Sikh Likes to be Called Asian

he Sikhs in UK are no longer seen as settlers but as citizens. Their spirit of charity and welfare has made them an integral part of the society.

Ramdev's Patanjali is Set For an FMCG Coup

Patanjali Ayurved has narrowed its gap with consumer product companies including Dabur, Marico and Godrej Consumer as the Baba Ramdev-led firm more than doubled its sales in the past ten months.

A Dalit Hero Stirs Afresh India's Social Disharmony

The national tricolour under which millions fought and thousands died during India’s freedom movement, has never before been used to defame and thrash political opponents and critics.

British Lords Accuse Modi of Supporting Hindu Extremism

The concerns were raised in UK parliament during a debate about declining religious freedom in India under the Modi government.

Dubai, Thailand Favourite Holi Weekend Getaways for Indians

Dubai and Thailand, popular tourist hubs, stood at number one and two positions, respectively, due to its short flying time from India, followed by Singapore

Mother Teresa to be Made a Saint

Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who worked with the poor in the Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta), is to be declared a saint on 4 September, Pope Francis has announced.

Is The Scale of World Culture Festival 2016 Worth The Cost

The 1000 singers at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s World Cultural Festival, which begins on 11 March, will probably lip-sync. So is it worth destroying the Yamuna floodplain?

Massive India festival to go Ahead

India's environment watchdog has said a controversial cultural festival on the floodplains of Delhi's main river can go ahead if the organisers pay a fine of $744,262.

Sri Sri Event Sees Opposition Unite Against Government

The government faced opposition anger in Parliament over the mega festival organized by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living on the banks of the river Yamu

Patanjali Takes Swadeshi Pitch to Retailers

After promoting Swadeshi to consumers, yoga guru Baba Ramdev is now building a business empire by targeting shopkeepers and the trader community on the Swadeshi plank.

U.S. Disappointed by India's Visa Refusal

The U.S. State Department was "disappointed" India had refused visas to members of a U.S. commission that examines violations of religious freedom around the world

For Sri Sri's Huge Delhi Fest, Army Builds Bridges

The World Culture Festival, a three-day event, will do serious damage to the delicate ecosystem of Delhi's Yamuna river

India Objects to USA Religious Commission

Indian government has justified its decision to deny visa to United States panel on religious freedom wanting to visit India.

India Denies Visas to US Religious Freedom Body

Setback for relations between Delhi and Washington as a long-planned visit by the agency is scuppered

Haryana Cancels NRI Summit

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas to be held here on March 9 has been cancelled following the Jat protests for job quotas that led to widespread violence in the state.

Where's The Art in Living Like This

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, please note how your event is killing the Yamuna.

When Gods Were Hauled Into Indian Courts

In India, many devout Hindus have very intimate relationships with their gods and goddesses and, keeping that in mind, the Indian judicial system regards deities as legal beings.

Sikhs in US Raise $400,000 to Campaign

Sikhs in the US state of California have raised a record USD 400,000 for a national media campaign to generate awareness among Americans about their religion.

The Spiritual Supermarket

The gurus invade Indian shop shelves.

Sikh Actor Barred From Flying to US

A Sikh actor has claimed he was barred from boarding an Aeromexico plane because of his turban.

Why Are Indian Gurus Selling Noodles

Baba Ramdev is behind one of India's fastest-growing consumer goods companies. Forbes magazine calls his Patanjali empire the "Indian version of Body Shop".

Why an Indian Lawyer Tried to Sue God

Indian lawyer Chandan Kumar Singh recently stunned many Indians when he tried to sue popular Hindu god Ram.

Shani Temple, Haji Ali And Now Article 377

The challenge to status quo is a sign that the society is intellectually alive and kicking. The hope for change is not dead yet.

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