The Religion of Indian Teenagers

Even in these us-and-them times, many young friends don’t dwell on issues of religion.

The 15-and-a-half lies of Yudhishthira in Mahabharata

One man’s dharma at one point in time could be diametrically opposite to his dharma at another point in time.

Untold Mysteries of Indian Shrines

India is among the most mystifying countries in the world.

Cow Row

The Indians who have a beef with the ban on beef

US Court Serves Big B Notice

The summons issued to Amitabh Bachchan by a federal court in Los Angeles in an alleged human rights violations case has been served on the superstar's Hollywood manager.

India Counters Obama's Religious Intolerance Jibe

Modi government has conveyed to Washington that the usual notion of alienation of minorities is not valid in the Indian context.

India’s Modi Vows Crackdown on Religious Intolerance

Premier’s remarks follow attacks on minorities blamed on rising Hindu nationalism.

In Remembrance of Lord Shiva's Wedding

Holy men and devotees take rest at the courtyard of the Pashupatinath temple during Shivaratri festival .

Indian Critics Pan Guru Film

A much-hyped film by an Indian guru is just awful, say critics.

Hindu Temple Vandalised in US

A Hindu temple in the US state of Georgia was vandalised by unknown miscreants over the weekend.

Temple to Indian PM Modi Scrapped

Fans of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have scrapped plans to open a temple dedicated to him after he said he was "appalled" by the idea.

Modi Temple Appalls Prime Minister Modi

“Have seen news about a Temple being built in my name. I was appalled,” a tweet from Mr. Modi’s official Twitter account said.

Ancient Indian Epic to be Retold on Twitter

Ancient Indian epic to be retold on Twitter this time from the perspective of the main villain.

Unbanning Buddha

Could China be bringing Tibetan Buddhism in from the cold?

India’s Coin Divers Know When Change Is in the Air

They hunt for treasure tossed into holy river; mostly coins, coconuts.

Indian Baba Who Defrauded Many on Trial in UK

Mohammaed Ashrafi, 50, who is known to have operated in Leicester and London, also called himself Kamalji.

India Denies Visa to 2 Vatican Delegates

Even after the intervention by Vatican’s Secretary of State office the visa applications were kept pending.

Hyderabad’s Little England

Notwithstanding their dwindling numbers, the Anglo-Indians have hung on to their traditional rituals, which set them apart from other Christians.

15 Unknown and Astonishing Powers of Om

In the Hindu sacred texts called Upanishads, it is explicitly mentioned that “In the beginning there was the word and the word was Om.”

India’s Bad Example on Free Speech

No major democracy has less to teach the world about how to respond to blasphemy.

$ 100 Fine for Throwing Puja Items Into Yamuna

Throwing puja offerings into the Yamuna, a ritual for many Delhiites, will now invite a fine of Rs 5,000.

Many Sikhs and Hindus Leave Afghanistan

Members of Religious Minority Say Their Customs Aren’t Welcomed; Some See Hope in New Government

The Real Truth Behind Age-old Hindu Beliefs

The ancient thinkers of India were not only scientists and mathematicians, but also deeply religious, esteemed saints of their time.

Surgeries and Rig Veda

References of advanced surgeries are also found in Rigveda considered as first text of universe, created not later than 6000 B.C.

Lord Hanuman Had a Son

In fact, he also did not know that he had a son, who was quite brave and valiant.

A Look at India’s Surprisingly Scary Santas

As Christmas approaches, across India there is evidence of one of the country’s fastest growing religions: consumerism.

Where a Holy Man Lies Frozen, Threat of a Standoff Looms

“If he’s not dead, why is he not coming out? Let people see his body. If he’s in samadhi, why is he in a freezer?

Dalai Lama Concedes He May be the Last

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has said he realises that he may be the last to hold the title.

Where do Indian Muslims Come From

In embracing this colonial interpretation, the Sangh has been inspired to convince or compel people to accept the myth that the past of Hinduism was not only glorious but also perfect and incomparable.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad's Guide to a Healthy Life

Cow dung for indigestion, urine for pimples

Advanced Medical Practices of Ancient Hindu Saint

The history of medicine is a long and distinguished one, as healers sought to alleviate illnesses and fix injuries since the dawn of humanity.

Migration New Mantra for Indian Priests

ver the past 40 years, temples in America have proliferated from one in the 1970s to around 700 today, opening up prospects for hundreds of Hindu priests.

A Spiritual High: Climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

Sri Pada, which bears a 'footprint' sacred to Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, is traditionally climbed at night to see the sunrise from the peak.

A Land of Strange Tales and Legends

Unusual Hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Astrologer Predicts How You'll be Raped

Even though people on social media are lashing at the bizarre astrolger, what’s depressing is that TV9 continues to run the show.

Lost Years of Jesus Christ

Did Jesus Christ come to India

Why Segregated Housing is Thriving in India

Segregated housing - now increasingly driven by religious discrimination - is a blight on India's progress.

Smuggling a Sacrifice

Hindu ritual animal slaughter hit by border rules.

Why So Many Indians Flock to Gurus

India is a country of more than a billion people and tens of thousands of gurus.

Inside Indian Guru Rampal's Ashram

Controversial Indian guru Rampal's ashram in northern India saw pitched battles earlier this week between thousands of supporters and police trying to arrest their leader.

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