Invented Tradition and the Religion of the Ancients

A ritual on the Ganges turns out to be not quite what it seems

Is Padmanabhaswamy Temple Gold Getting Pilfered

The untold riches of Thiruvananthapuram temple may be getting pilfered, an explosive report on the state of affairs in the temple submitted to the Supreme Court said.

As India Votes, Muslims Worry

India’s Muslims worried about controversial Hindu leader as national elections begin.

Indian Priest Faces Deportation for Molestation in US

Koppala was taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security and will remain in custody until his likely deportation.

The last Jews of Calcutta

The Jews of Calcutta may soon disappear, but others in the city will be celebrating their festivals for some time yet.

Hindu Temples of Pakistan

Today, only 26 out of Pakistan's 428 Hindu temples exist

NGA Refuses to Return $US5m Shiva Statue

The National Gallery of Australia will continue to resist returning the Dancing Shiva statue it purchased for $US5 million from disgraced antiquities dealer.

Sikh Children in US Schools Targets of Hate

The bullying of Sikh children is often associated with post-9/11 bias.

Indian Widows Challenge Tradition and Attend Holi

Thousands of Indian widows have challenged traditional taboos by attending the Holi festival.

Dead Indian Guru Frozen by Devotees

Devotees of a dead guru in India have told they put his body in a freezer to preserve him as they believe he will return to life to lead them.

In Varanasi, a Lifetime Spent in a World of Death

Her life, and her livelihood, was all about waiting for death.

In Kerala Temple, Devotees Offer Chocolates

Ever heard of a temple where mouth-watering chocolate bars are offered by devotees to the presiding deity

India's Vibrant Holi Festival

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, heralds the beginning of spring and is celebrated all over India.

Miraculous Temples of India

Facts about Indian temples that can keep you up at night.

Auspicious Signs

Astrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses

India’s Masquerade For the Gods

For the devout, this festival is more than a tale, it’s a time they can be someone or something else

India’s Conversion Laws Threaten Religious Freedom

The acts of violence are part of a broader pattern of instigating fear into the minorities, sending them a message they don’t belong to this country unless they either keep at the margins or turn to Hinduism.

Careless Whispers

Hugging saint’ in a spot of bother, ex-disciple alleges abuse in tell-all book

Inside India's Rat Temple Where Rodents Are Worshipped

One temple in India is devoted to worshipping 20,000 of the animals.

Sita Makes Her Stand

Recent events lead to a surge in strong, visceral women-based plays

Deadly Superbugs Spreading Fast at Indian Holy Sites

The concern is growing worldwide over the threat from bacteria that are resistant to the so-called 'last resort' class of antibiotics known as Carbapenems.

Why did Penguin Recall a Book on Hindus

Wendy Doniger said she did not blame her publisher Penguin India for withdrawing her book The Hindus

Discovering Varanasi: City of Shiva

Shiva the god of death and destruction has made his abode here.

Why It's Easy to Ban Books in India

The problem, increasingly, in this Republic of the Gagged, is that everything seems to offend.

Penguin to Withdraw Wendy Doniger’s Controversial Book, The Hindus

Wendy Doniger has confirmed in an email to Firstpost that the book is being taken out of publication in India.


The UPA may deny quid pro quo, but the majority of the Jain minority isn’t complaining

American Granny Finds Love in Haryana Village

Saying good-bye to all worldly comforts, a lovelorn US-born woman came all the way to Haryana's Popra village to marry her Facebook friend and play the role of a doting Indian wife.

163 Indian Pandits Go Missing in US

As many as 163 Vedic pandits, who were brought to the US from north Indian villages, have disappeared from the Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa during the past year

Ganesha Hot Pants Go Off Shelves in US

Following protests by Hindus for showing disrespect to lord Ganesha, has removed bell bottoms, waist pants, hot pants that had images of the diety on legs, crochets and hips

After Jains, Many Hindu Sects Will Seek To Be Minorities

India now has six national minorities - Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians, Buddhists, and now Jains.

Death and Bawdiness From the Parsi Tongue

Parsis don’t have the reverence for the dead that other Indians do and their irreverence is extreme, as shown by numerous Parsi sayings

Golden Temple SAS Claims Overlooked in India

Claims that Britain's Special Air Service regiment may have its fingerprints on the bloody storming of the Sikh Golden Temple 30 years ago have been getting a lot more attention back in the UK than here in India.

UK Probe Into India Golden Temple Attack Role

British PM David Cameron has ordered a probe into claims by an MP that Margaret Thatcher's government assisted India in the controversial raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar 1984.

The Real Naked Fakir

The little-known shrine of a Sufi ascetic and poet whose life was a revolt against traditions

Kolkata's Armenians Celebrate Christmas

The Armenians follow the orthodox Julian calendar, which marks the birth of Jesus Christ as Jan 6.

Archaeological Survey of India team to visit Kabul for Buddha’s bowl

Two experts are being sent to Kabul to examine a begging bowl said to be used by Lord Buddha, and initiate the process of bringing it back to India.

After Fleeing Violence, Many Indian Muslims Refuse to Return Home

An estimated 15,000 Muslims remain in sprawling makeshift tent cities in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, refusing to believe it is safe to return.

Swirls Of Yearning

What takes people to shrines that grant what they seek? A look at wish-making.

Vrindavan Widows Ring in Christmas

At the 100-year-old Meerasahabhagini Ashram in Vrindavan, hundreds of widows revelled in Christmas celebrations in the city known as the place where Lord Krishna frolicked in his childhood.

Love and Gender, According to the Hindu Epics

The gender ambiguity is itself an ancient tradition that says things about how casually we once viewed these themes.

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