Indian-American Among 12 New Astronauts Chosen by Nasa

American space agency Nasa has chosen 12 new astronauts, including an Indian-American, from a record number of over 18,000 applicants, who will be trained for missions into Earth orbit and to deep space.

India Successfully Test-fires Indigenous Missile Prithvi-II

India achieved a successful test-firing of Prithvi-II; an indigenous, nuclear capable missile from a special test range in Odisha.

China & India Surpass USA As World’s Most Attractive Renewable Energy Countries

China and India have both surpassed the United States in EY’s Renewable energy country attractiveness index, pushing the US down for the first time since 2015 in the ranking of the top 40 countries.

Indian Teen Builds World's Lightest Satellite

An Indian teenager has built what is thought could be the world's lightest satellite, which will be put into orbit at a Nasa facility in the US in June.

1984: India’s Space Odyssey

Thirty-three years on, Rakesh Sharma remains the only Indian cosmonaut to have embarked on that journey.

India's Race to The Moon

India's Team Indus is one of five groups in race to put a privately funded spacecraft on the Moon.

The Making of India's Only Man in Space

More than four decades later, fact and fiction blur easily with his modern-day fans when they meet Mr Rakesh Sharma, 68.

UK Researchers to Study Agriculture in Indo-Gangetic Plain

British and Indian scientists have collaborated for a new research project aimed at studying the impact of climatic changes on agriculture in the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

World’s Largest Solar Park is Shaping up in Karnataka

Karnataka govt aims to generate by 2018-end around 2700 MW from the Pavagada solar park, in a region that has seen 54 droughts in the last 60 years

India Races to Get Robots Moving on The Moon

India is limbering up to take part in an international competition to get robots moving on the moon.

First Indian Genomics Beacon Launched in UK

The aim of the Indian beacon is to address the gap in shared Indian genomics data, which helps scientists better understand disease and develop more effective drug delivery systems and therapeutics

India to Launch 104 Satellites in Record Mission

If successful, India will set a world record as the first country to launch the most satellites in one go, surpassing Russia which launched 39 satellites in a single mission in June 2014.

Indian-origin Nasa Scientist Detained at US Border

A US-born Nasa scientist of Indian-origin was detained by US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) authorities on his return to America from a trip to Chile and pressured into unlocking his phone.

Shawna Pandya to Become Third Indian-origin Woman To Fly in Space

An Indian-origin neurosurgeon currently based in Canada has been shortlisted by NASA for its 2018 space mission under the Citizen Science Astronaut (CSA) programme.

Life sciences Key to UK-India Links

This year the UK brought one of the largest business delegations, 35 companies, to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit with a clear focus on life sciences.

NRI Surgeon Receives Prestigious UK Professorship Award

A renowned Indian-origin orthopaedic surgeon has been awarded the prestigious Hunterian Professorship and Medal for 2017 by UK's Royal College of Surgeons for his research on stem cells in articular cartilage repair.

Indian Physicist Wins Decade-long Bet on Dark Energy

Pune-based theoretical physicist and Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) professor Thanu Padmanabhan has won the decade long challenge he posed to the international community of astrophysicists.

5 Global Giants Want Indian SMEs To Become Bigger

An optimistic change has been observed in the last five years with giants like Google and Facebook encouraging SMEs worldwide.

The Cheapest Trip to Mars Leaves From Sriharikota, India

Spacefaring rivals can’t beat the prices charged by India, which sent its own probe to the Red Planet for less money than Hollywood spent making a movie

Research Exemption Under Patent Laws In India And USA

While India allows research exemption for any product, USA restricts it to drugs or veterinary biological products other than a new animal drug or veterinary biological product.

Government Announces £80 Million UK–India Research Fund

Projects will address challenges such as pollution and antimicrobial resistance.

Indian-origin Researcher's Smart Textiles to Help Measure Illness

Research by an Indian-origin scientist at the University of Rhode Island has shown that clothes and other wearable items could possibly sense illness and transmit data to a doctor in a distant clinic to monitor health and prescribe drugs.

Indian-origin Scientist Creates Real 3D Hands in Laboratory

An Indian-American researcher and his team have created life-size 3D hand models, complete with fingerprints, using a high-resolution 3D printer that can produce the same ridges and valleys as a real finger.

Indian-origin Scientist Bags Young Scientist Award in US

Kirtiraj Kundlik Gaikwad, an Indian scientist with the Department of Packaging, has been awarded the prestigious IAFP Young scientist scholarship

$200,000 Can Get You a Home in Mars

Arrange $200,000 and entrepreneur and founder of US spacecraft firm SpaceX Elon Musk will take you there.

Why India's Commercial Space Programme is Thriving

India's ability to launch multiple satellites in a single mission has also put it on firm footing in the global market.

2 Indian-American Scientists Bag Prestigious MacArthur Fellowship

Two Indian-American scientists are among 23 scientists who have won this year's prestigious MacArthur Fellowship for showing exceptional creativity in their respective fields.

Scientists May Have Just Solved A Riddle About Antarctica

No one piece of the puzzle shows this, but as they fit together, the picture is becoming clearer.

Indian-Born MIT Researcher Dinesh Bharadia Wins US Award

"Bharadia has been chosen for the 2016 Paul Baran Young Scholar Award for his contribution to send and receive radio (wireless) signals.

India, Africa to Boost Collaborations in Medical Research

he statement by the India–Africa Health Sciences Meet said that both India and Africa decided to make efforts to ensure accessible and affordable health services for all among other measures.

Innovations For Which Future Is Now

Innovation today has become quite subjective, defined differently by different people.

2 Indian Teens Among Global Finalists At Google Science Fair

Two Indians and four other Indian-origin teenagers are among the 16 global finalists for the sixth annual 'Google Science Fair 2016' who will compete for the USD 50,000 scholarship.

Why Scientists of Indian Origin Are Leaving a Better Life And Returning to India

Call it the Swades 2.0. Ambitious and bright, a rash of scientists had left India for better opportunities. After years of experimenting and collaborating with some of the top scientists in the world, they have now chosen to return to their homeland.

Indian-origin Cancer Expert Warns of Brexit Impact

An Indian-origin cancer expert who was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II today warned against London losing out on scientific talent in the wake of Brexit.

An Indo-US Facility That Can Make Designer Humans

The billion dollar Indo-American collaboration seeks to address some of the most fundamental questions about life and promises outcomes that can change the way we view life itself.

Satellite Flies 4,000km in Space to Focus on India

A satellite belonging to a London-based mobile satellite communication company recently moved over India, above the Equator, in the space after travelling more than 4,000km over several months.

Indian-origin Scientists Linked to Rresearch Fraud in Singapore

Three Indian-origin scientists have been accused of a scientific fraud in Singapore for falsification of their research data, a media report said on Saturday.

India Formally Joins Elite Missile Club MTCR

India on Monday joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) as a full member and said its entry would be mutually beneficial to enhance global non-proliferation norms.

India Launches 20 Satellites in Single Mission

India has successfully launched 20 satellites in a single mission, the most in the history of the country's ambitious space programme.

India, UK Join Hands to Study Monsoon Variability

India ​and the UK have joined hands to start an observational campaign from June 8 till end-July to better understand small-scale processes that drive monsoon variability and predictability.

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