TCS Settles Failed Software Lawsuit With Orange County For $26 Million

Tata Consultancy Services, India's biggest outsourcer, has settled its three-year-old dispute with California's Orange County for $26 million.

Piers Morgan Being a Jerk About India’s Olympic Performance. Twitter Shuts Him Up

The Olympics must have ended but the people badmouthing about our performance are still going on.

Innovations For Which Future Is Now

Innovation today has become quite subjective, defined differently by different people.

As Technology Shifts More Layoffs Loom At Tech Companies

Cisco Systems Inc's announcement on Wednesday that it plans to lay off 5,500 employees is unlikely to be the last round of Silicon Valley pink slips as hardware companies struggle to keep up with rapid technology shifts, analysts and recruiters said.

India's Internet Users to Double by 2020 Leaving US Far Behind

Buoyed by Internet penetration in rural areas, the number of web users in India will see a two-fold rise at 730 million by 2020 against 350 million at the end of 2015

How Facebook, Twitter Enable And Empower Rage

The very things that characterise social media — its contagiousness, wide reach and ability to ‘organise’ people — are what makes it so easy for outrage to spread on it.

Why Scientists of Indian Origin Are Leaving a Better Life And Returning to India

Call it the Swades 2.0. Ambitious and bright, a rash of scientists had left India for better opportunities. After years of experimenting and collaborating with some of the top scientists in the world, they have now chosen to return to their homeland.

Fired By New York Museum, Indian-American Is City's Chief Digital Officer

When Sree Srinivasan was fired by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in June, he used Facebook to turn it into a sensational moment in his career, announcing to the world his plans for a speaking tour and a family vacation.

India to The Rescue: Wikipedia Turns To Multi-Lingual Techies For Help

India might seem like the Tower of Babel with its many diverse tongues but modern-day skills of young techies here are helping solve linguistic problems in computing from across the globe.

Indian-origin Cancer Expert Warns of Brexit Impact

An Indian-origin cancer expert who was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II today warned against London losing out on scientific talent in the wake of Brexit.

Pokemon Go Release Date In India

The game may come to India in the next few weeks as it has been added to the server list and "Unblocked" in geo-block status.

Tech Giants Google, Microsoft to Soon Provide Desi Email Addresses

If the Indian government has its way, American tech giants Google, Microsoft and homegrown providers like Rediff could soon be signing you up for email addresses in the desi language of your choice.

An Indo-US Facility That Can Make Designer Humans

The billion dollar Indo-American collaboration seeks to address some of the most fundamental questions about life and promises outcomes that can change the way we view life itself.

India Key Focus of Pioneering UK Research Unit

Key historical research related to the media in India was remembered as the pioneering Centre for Mass Communication Research at the University of Leicester celebrated 50 years of its existence.

No Cut Throat Rivalry Between India, China in Africa

Competition between India and China in Africa is rising but it doesn't necessarily result in cutthroat rivalry as their increasing presence in the African continent can be complementary to each other.

Google, American Express Top Workplaces in India

Google India, known for pampering its people with spas and massage chairs, has emerged top dog in the India's Best Companies to Work For study this year, up from second position in 2015.

Satellite Flies 4,000km in Space to Focus on India

A satellite belonging to a London-based mobile satellite communication company recently moved over India, above the Equator, in the space after travelling more than 4,000km over several months.

Indian-origin Scientists Linked to Rresearch Fraud in Singapore

Three Indian-origin scientists have been accused of a scientific fraud in Singapore for falsification of their research data, a media report said on Saturday.

Blow For Indian IT Firms, Anti-H-1B Visa Bill Introduced in US

A bipartisan group of two US lawmakers has introduced in the House of Representatives a legislation, which if passed by the Congress would prevent Indian companies from hiring IT professionals on H-1B and L1 work visas.

$4 Smartphone Ready to Deliver

Indian technology firm Ringing Bells has announced that the first 5,000 units of the "world's cheapest smartphone" are ready to deliver.

Sony to Defocus on India

In a recent investors meet, Sony Mobiles announced that it would be defocusing from certain markets including India.

India, The Final Frontier For Google And Facebook

Google and Facebook are fighting it out for digital dominance in India, seen as the last big market for Internet companies, with a fast-growing user base that’s second only to China’s.

Four Indian Startups That Are Fighting Cancer

Cancer research has set off a raging debate between entrepreneurs with a social mission and investors who sense ripe business potential.

Hands on With India's £3 Smartphone

Earlier this year, Indian company Ringing Bells said it was about to put a smartphone on the market costing less than $4 (£3).

India Formally Joins Elite Missile Club MTCR

India on Monday joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) as a full member and said its entry would be mutually beneficial to enhance global non-proliferation norms.

UK Accounts for 17% of India’s $110bn IT Exports

The UK is Indian IT's second biggest customer — after the US, it accounted for 17% of the $110 billion of exports last year.

India Launches 20 Satellites in Single Mission

India has successfully launched 20 satellites in a single mission, the most in the history of the country's ambitious space programme.

Indian Students Under F-1 Visa Can Work For Three Years in US

With the new guidelines in place, students enrolled under F-1 visa for accredited educational institutions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields are now allowed, to work for as long as three years under the Optional Practical Training (OPT).

India-UK Strike New Solar, Nano Tech Pacts

India and the UK today clinched two new key agreements on solar energy and nano technology as part of their wider science and technology cooperation.

India Reaches Milestone in Renewable Energy

India's quest for green energy has crossed a major milestone, with renewable plants, mainly wind and solar, surpassing the capacity of large hydroelectricity projects, which were once the country's biggest source of electricity and regarded as "temples of modern India".

India Rejects Google Street View Plan

India has rejected Google's plans to collect images for its Street View service in the country after objections from security agencies.

A Bunch of Indian Startups Have Taken an Early Lead in Chatbots

Indian consumers are following in the footsteps of their American counterparts. "Bots will move beyond chat interfaces

Software Jobs Have The Biggest UK-India Pay Gap

Indian workers who do the exact same job as people in the UK earn up to seven times less.

Something’s Cooking in Apple’s India Business

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent learning mission to India may open up new possibilities for the world’s most valuable company. But here’s the nub: it may not quite follow the script drawn up by the Indian government.

India Launches Mini Space Shuttle

India has launched an unmanned model space shuttle, joining the race to develop reusable spacecraft.

Apple's Plan to Win Over India is All About Apps

Apple's Tim Cook is playing the long game as his company struggles to compete against Android phone manufacturers in India.

Apple Chief Cook Unveils App Design cCentre in India

With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we're giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.

Major US Media Outlet Outsourcing IT Jobs to India

Chicago-based Tribune Publishing Company said it informed its IT employees last month that it is moving work to Tata Consultancy Services.

How IT Firms Are Tackling The US Visa Fee Hike

Amid rising onsite wages, high visa rejection rates and a politically-charged environment in the US, where a debate on outsourcing is waging, India's IT firmsare relying on external subcontractors more than ever before.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Looks to Make Inroads in India

Apple boss Tim Cook has arrived in India for his first visit since taking over the tech giant.

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