Social Media Madness Takes India to Uncharted Waters

Indians are risking life and lip to capture that perfect selfie.

Indian App Firms Cash in on Modi's Rupee Note Switch

Indians are slowly adjusting to life after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's surprise decision to ban almost 90% of the bank notes in circulation.

5 Global Giants Want Indian SMEs To Become Bigger

An optimistic change has been observed in the last five years with giants like Google and Facebook encouraging SMEs worldwide.

17 Companies Barred From Applying For H-1B Visas

Even before Trump came to power there have been several bills introduced in the US seeking bar on Indian and US IT companies from hiring professionals on H-1B and L1 visas.

Indian Walks Away With Europe Business Assembly Award

Ghana's Subah Infosolutions once again gained international recognition by bagging Europe Business A...

Indian-American Executives Arrested on Fraud Charges in US

Two top Indian-American executives were on Thursday arrested in the US for allegedly misrepresenting their company's finances to inflate its stock price.

The Cheapest Trip to Mars Leaves From Sriharikota, India

Spacefaring rivals can’t beat the prices charged by India, which sent its own probe to the Red Planet for less money than Hollywood spent making a movie

Startups Giving Shape to India's Digital Turn

Today a host of startups are creating innovative solutions that solve business and consumer problems across sectors.

India May Become a Digital Colony of The USA And China

With China and the US pumping in massive foreign capital into India’s digital economy, a top Indian investor and educationist has warned that the country could become a “digital colony” unless Indian businesses start investing in it.

Why Hasn’t Pokemon GO Come to India

Long after the game took the world by storm, people in India continue having to settle for a diluted experience.

Google Changed Itself For India in a Mission to Connect The World

Alphabet Inc’s Google is ready to spend billions to get millions of Indians online– through a slew of India-specific products and initiatives.

Government Announces £80 Million UK–India Research Fund

Projects will address challenges such as pollution and antimicrobial resistance.

Donald Trump Accuses IBM of Moving US Jobs to India

IBM laid off 500 workers in Minneapolis and moved their jobs to India and other countries. A Trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving America.

Twitter Loses Another Exec in Asia

Parminder Singh, who oversaw the business in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East for the past three years, today announced that he is moving on to pastures new within the next month.

India to Get Technology to Unlock Any Mobile Phone

Indian law enforcement will soon get the technology to unlock notoriously hardto-crack iPhones and other electronic devices with top-notch encryption.

Indian Teen Arrested in US For Cyber Attack Choking 911 Lines

An Indian-origin teenager has been arrested in the US for carrying out a cyber attack that swamped Arizona's emergency services with several bogus calls.

Gig Economy on Rise in India

Gig economy is on the rise in India and the country has potential to become the top freelancing and crowdsourcing hub in the Asia region, even globally, says a report.

Why Is Apple Optimistic About Revenue Growth in India

In Apple’s (AAPL) fiscal 4Q16 earnings call, Tim Cook stated that India’s iPhone sales rose 50% YoY in fiscal 2016, and that he is optimistic about the country’s growing market opportunity.

Indian-origin Researcher's Smart Textiles to Help Measure Illness

Research by an Indian-origin scientist at the University of Rhode Island has shown that clothes and other wearable items could possibly sense illness and transmit data to a doctor in a distant clinic to monitor health and prescribe drugs.

Indian-origin Scientist Creates Real 3D Hands in Laboratory

An Indian-American researcher and his team have created life-size 3D hand models, complete with fingerprints, using a high-resolution 3D printer that can produce the same ridges and valleys as a real finger.

Police in India Detain 750 Over US Call Centre Scam

Police in the western Indian city of Thane have arrested more than 750 people suspected of defrauding US citizens from a fake call centre.

Automation Risks 69 Per cent Jobs in India, Says World Bank

Automation threatens 69 per cent of the jobs in India, while 77 per cent in China, according to a World Bank research which has said that technology could fundamentally disrupt the pattern of traditional economic path in developing countries.

India is Star Market For Top Technology Companies

India has become one of the fastest growing markets for technology companies.

Transforming Lives in India's Manufacturing Hubs

The Make in India scheme aims to make the country a global manufacturing hub

OPPO Overtakes Apple by Sales Value in India

The going has just got rougher for Apple in India, a key market for the Cupertino, California-based company.

Google Pushes Into India With Free Wi-fi

Google is to roll out a comprehensive public wi-fi platform in India, as part of its bid to get more people using its services.

$200,000 Can Get You a Home in Mars

Arrange $200,000 and entrepreneur and founder of US spacecraft firm SpaceX Elon Musk will take you there.

Why is Google Focusing on India

Google released a series of products in India Tuesday to connect more of the country’s 1.3 billion people to the world, even if they have poor or no internet connection.

I Eat For Instagram

How social media has changed the way we consume, see, present and shop for food.

Why India's Commercial Space Programme is Thriving

India's ability to launch multiple satellites in a single mission has also put it on firm footing in the global market.

How Securing Startup Funding In India Differs From The U.S.

India and the US, two leading nations in tech innovation, are excellent subjects for examining universal elements of international startups, as well as differences.

Twitter Shuts Down Engineering in Bangalore

Reports may be swirling about Twitter exploring a sale of all or a part of its company, but in the meantime, the social media platform is trimming down internationally.

Indian Students Drag FB to High Court Over WhatsApp

Two Indian students are mounting a legal challenge to Facebook, seeking to wind back changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy that they say threatens the rights of millions of users.

Indian-Born MIT Researcher Dinesh Bharadia Wins US Award

"Bharadia has been chosen for the 2016 Paul Baran Young Scholar Award for his contribution to send and receive radio (wireless) signals.

India Loses WTO Appeal in U.S. Solar Dispute

India lost its appeal at the World Trade Organization in a dispute over solar power failing to overturn a U.S. complaint that New Delhi had discriminated against importers in the Indian solar power sector.

Two India-Born MIT Scientists Win Prestigious US Awards

Two Indo-American scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been conferred with prestigious awards for their path-breaking inventions.

Can India's Answer to WhatsApp Make Money

Hike Messenger is India's answer to WhatsApp. It has 100 million users and recently secured a fresh round of investment.

New Delhi to Host to India-UK Tech Summit in November

The national capital will play host to India-UK tech summit in November this year which aims to bring together leaders in government, industry and research from both countries to broker new partnerships.

India, South Africa in ICT Cooperation Pact

The MoU will help to establish inter-institutional cooperation and relations between the two parties in order to promote cooperation in the field of ICT," an official release said here.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Has an Active Interest in India

Connecting the world is definitely a noble cause, and had the net neutrality saga not unfolded the way it did in India, we would all be appreciating Facebook without a second thought for its latest initiatives.

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