Four Indian Startups That Are Fighting Cancer

Cancer research has set off a raging debate between entrepreneurs with a social mission and investors who sense ripe business potential.

Hands on With India's £3 Smartphone

Earlier this year, Indian company Ringing Bells said it was about to put a smartphone on the market costing less than $4 (£3).

India Formally Joins Elite Missile Club MTCR

India on Monday joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) as a full member and said its entry would be mutually beneficial to enhance global non-proliferation norms.

UK Accounts for 17% of India’s $110bn IT Exports

The UK is Indian IT's second biggest customer — after the US, it accounted for 17% of the $110 billion of exports last year.

India Launches 20 Satellites in Single Mission

India has successfully launched 20 satellites in a single mission, the most in the history of the country's ambitious space programme.

Indian Students Under F-1 Visa Can Work For Three Years in US

With the new guidelines in place, students enrolled under F-1 visa for accredited educational institutions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields are now allowed, to work for as long as three years under the Optional Practical Training (OPT).

India-UK Strike New Solar, Nano Tech Pacts

India and the UK today clinched two new key agreements on solar energy and nano technology as part of their wider science and technology cooperation.

India Reaches Milestone in Renewable Energy

India's quest for green energy has crossed a major milestone, with renewable plants, mainly wind and solar, surpassing the capacity of large hydroelectricity projects, which were once the country's biggest source of electricity and regarded as "temples of modern India".

India Rejects Google Street View Plan

India has rejected Google's plans to collect images for its Street View service in the country after objections from security agencies.

A Bunch of Indian Startups Have Taken an Early Lead in Chatbots

Indian consumers are following in the footsteps of their American counterparts. "Bots will move beyond chat interfaces

Software Jobs Have The Biggest UK-India Pay Gap

Indian workers who do the exact same job as people in the UK earn up to seven times less.

Something’s Cooking in Apple’s India Business

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent learning mission to India may open up new possibilities for the world’s most valuable company. But here’s the nub: it may not quite follow the script drawn up by the Indian government.

India Launches Mini Space Shuttle

India has launched an unmanned model space shuttle, joining the race to develop reusable spacecraft.

Apple's Plan to Win Over India is All About Apps

Apple's Tim Cook is playing the long game as his company struggles to compete against Android phone manufacturers in India.

Apple Chief Cook Unveils App Design cCentre in India

With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we're giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.

Major US Media Outlet Outsourcing IT Jobs to India

Chicago-based Tribune Publishing Company said it informed its IT employees last month that it is moving work to Tata Consultancy Services.

How IT Firms Are Tackling The US Visa Fee Hike

Amid rising onsite wages, high visa rejection rates and a politically-charged environment in the US, where a debate on outsourcing is waging, India's IT firmsare relying on external subcontractors more than ever before.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Looks to Make Inroads in India

Apple boss Tim Cook has arrived in India for his first visit since taking over the tech giant.

Indian-origin Scientist to Receive Science Award From Obama

A 65-year-old Indian American scientist will receive the prestigious 'National Medal of Science' award from US President Barack Obama this week, the White House has said.

Indian-American Teen Wins Intel Young Scientist Award

A 15-year-old Indian-American boy has won the prestigious 'Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award' for developing a low-cost electronically-aided knee brace that allows a person with a weakened leg to walk more naturally.

UK Water Experts Develop Device to Help Save Lives in India

Experts at the University of Birmingham today announced that they have developed a unique device that could save lives in countries like India by quickly and simply testing whether water supplies are safe to drink.

Tim Cook Visits India First Time as Apple CEO

While Apple has declined to reveal his itinerary, the chief executive is expected to meet company employees and business partners during the trip.

Apple to Work Closely With Indian Startups

Apple is likely to announce an accelerator program for Indian startups as part of its CEO Tim Cook's visit to India this week.

HSBC Moves 840 IT Jobs From UK

HSBC is axing 840 IT jobs in the UK and will transfer the positions to India, China and Poland by March next year as part of a wider, ongoing restructure at the bank.

Indians Swipe Left on Desi Tinder Ad

But there was a lot of scepticism about whether the advertisement reflected the reality in most Indian homes, where dating openly is not the norm.

Biometrics No Deterrent For Europe-bound Travellers

Switzerland continues to be one of most sought after tourist destination in Europe for Indians.

India Rejects Apple's Second Hand iPhones

India has, again, rejected Apple's application to import and sell used and refurbished iPhones.

NRI Seeks Right to be Forgotten Online

Right to delink broadly, provides that an individual may be allowed to control the information available about them on the web by removing such information in certain situations

India Races Ahead of US in Smartphone Market

India's smartphone market grew 23% in Q1 2016, surpassing the US market in terms of users even as sales remained flat globally.

Rise of Machines Threatens Craft in India

Technology and innovation driving traditional sari makers out of business in Varansai, India.

India to Tap Singapore's Expertise in Urban Management

Singapore and India have launched a training programme in New Delhi for 115 Indian state government and municipal officials in urban management and water conservation

How to Tell When Apple is Really Serious About India

As Apple released its second-quarter earnings yesterday (Apr. 26), Tim Cook hinted at India’s potential to become the country’s new growth engine.

Thrifty Indian Startups Eye Local Talent

Startups in India are no longer rushing to splurge up to $700,000 a year on executives from abroad.

India’s IT Sector: Back Office of The Global Village

The ITeS industry can be credited with leading India’s transformation from an agrarian to a services economy, repositioning the country as a knowledge hub and boosting economic growth

Global GiantsShifting Business Away From Indian IT Companies

Even as India's $160-billion information technology sector grapples with one of the slowest years of growth in the history of the industry, some of their largest customers such asCitigroup, Target Corp and Royal Bank of Scotland feel that the traditional labour arbitrage model of Indian IT is starting to become less relevant and that top outsourcing vendors need to adapt and transform fast.

Patna Boy Gets Prestigious US Platinum Research Award

A topper of 10th CBSE examination from DPS Patna Ashish Kumar has been awarded the prestigious 'Platinum Research Award 2016' at the university of Colorado at Boulder, USA in the recognition of his outstanding contribution to the department of electrical, computer & energy engineering .

Apple Launches Its Thinnest MacBook in India

So far, Apple has defied a PC industry trend: While other major computer-makers saw shipments fall in 2015, Apple increased the number of Macs it shipped worldwide last year.

Have Start-ups Benefited From Expensive Silicon Valley Recruits

Three high-profile exits, all fractious, in recent weeks puts focus on the millions spent on talent from the Valley

Stories From The Jaipur Court

The commonly held notion that everything about medieval India was about Mughal or Deccani patronage and ownership shattered.

TCS Fined $940m in US For Stealing Healthcare Software

A Wisconsin federal jury on Friday slapped a $940 million penalty, including $700 million in punitive damages, on Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for allegedly stealing healthcare software from an American company, Epic Systems.

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