Rise of Machines Threatens Craft in India

Technology and innovation driving traditional sari makers out of business in Varansai, India.

India to Tap Singapore's Expertise in Urban Management

Singapore and India have launched a training programme in New Delhi for 115 Indian state government and municipal officials in urban management and water conservation

How to Tell When Apple is Really Serious About India

As Apple released its second-quarter earnings yesterday (Apr. 26), Tim Cook hinted at India’s potential to become the country’s new growth engine.

Thrifty Indian Startups Eye Local Talent

Startups in India are no longer rushing to splurge up to $700,000 a year on executives from abroad.

India’s IT Sector: Back Office of The Global Village

The ITeS industry can be credited with leading India’s transformation from an agrarian to a services economy, repositioning the country as a knowledge hub and boosting economic growth

Global GiantsShifting Business Away From Indian IT Companies

Even as India's $160-billion information technology sector grapples with one of the slowest years of growth in the history of the industry, some of their largest customers such asCitigroup, Target Corp and Royal Bank of Scotland feel that the traditional labour arbitrage model of Indian IT is starting to become less relevant and that top outsourcing vendors need to adapt and transform fast.

Patna Boy Gets Prestigious US Platinum Research Award

A topper of 10th CBSE examination from DPS Patna Ashish Kumar has been awarded the prestigious 'Platinum Research Award 2016' at the university of Colorado at Boulder, USA in the recognition of his outstanding contribution to the department of electrical, computer & energy engineering .

Apple Launches Its Thinnest MacBook in India

So far, Apple has defied a PC industry trend: While other major computer-makers saw shipments fall in 2015, Apple increased the number of Macs it shipped worldwide last year.

Have Start-ups Benefited From Expensive Silicon Valley Recruits

Three high-profile exits, all fractious, in recent weeks puts focus on the millions spent on talent from the Valley

Stories From The Jaipur Court

The commonly held notion that everything about medieval India was about Mughal or Deccani patronage and ownership shattered.

TCS Fined $940m in US For Stealing Healthcare Software

A Wisconsin federal jury on Friday slapped a $940 million penalty, including $700 million in punitive damages, on Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for allegedly stealing healthcare software from an American company, Epic Systems.

US Visa Fee Hike Discriminatory

India has expressed concern over the hike in visa fee by the US, saying it is "discriminatory" and largely affects Indian IT professionals.

Top Tech Buyers to Listen to Pitches From Indian Startups

After several years of outsourcing software development and maintenance to India's $160 billion IT industry, these technology customers are starting to leverage India for a different purpose — to meet some of the country's most innovative startups.

Indian IT Industry Steers Clear of Murthy's Immigration Comment

The Indian IT industry has distanced itself from InfosysBSE -1.55 % founder NR Narayana Murthy's comment that the country's software industry has been acting as "immigration agents" for its employees.

Google Unveils India Health Cards

Google on Tuesday began offering its own doctor-vetted health information on search pages in India, as the Internet giant battles to boost user numbers in the key emerging market.

US Senator Welcomes India FDI Policy

It is a very promising sign that as Prime Minister Modi pursues his 'Digital India' initiative, US e-tailers can now compete on a level playing field in India.

Kolkata is India's Untold Tech Story

Though an intellectual haven, it faces more obstacles than better-known, more established hubs such as Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Trio Making in India For The European Markets

The team is looking to solve the fundamental problem emerging in the urban lifestyle and transportation space.

US Biotechnology Helping Indian Bananas Get Fresher

Though it is one of the largest banana producers in the world, only a tiny fraction of India’s bananas make it into the global export market.

Singapore-based ADSKOM Expands Into India

Singapore-based programmatic advertising technology platform, ADSKOM, is expanding its team and services into India.

Africa’s Richest Man Sponsors Nigerians To India

President of Dangote Group and Africa’s richest man, is sending about 800 Nigerians to India, to learn the operations of a petrochemical refinery.

Can Apple Take India

The good news for Apple investors is the company has cracked the Indian market successfully, but will Apple continue to grow at elevated rates in India?

Rival India-Pakistan Cricket Fans Switch Sides on Facebook

Fans from the cricket-mad nations have swapped support for their teams on Facebook, with Indian and Pakistani users posting profile pictures with their rival's colours.

Did Flipkart Almost Sell Itself to Amazon For $8 bn

Flipkart considered selling itself to Amazon upending conventional thinking that India's largest online retailer would go the full distance as an independent Internet giant.

Infosys Goes Fishing in Silicon Valley For Talent

Infosys is betting big on external talent from global technology hubs such as the Silicon Valley to help build its cloud and security business.

Ex-Apple CEO Amelio Makes India Home Turf For Tech Firm

Former Apple chief executive and chairman Gil Amelio is betting big on India as he has made the South Asian nation his 5BARz International Inc venture’s primary market to unveil and commercialise its technology products

Tech Savvy Indians a Challenge

catering to the tech savvy Indian consumer is an "interesting challenge".

India Files WTO Complaint Over US Visa Fees

India has filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization against the United States over its measures raising fees on some applicants for temporary work visas, mostly involving the tech sector.

Nasa Invites India to be Part of Mars Exploration

In future, India and the US could jointly explore Mars and may be an Indian astronaut could also head to the Red Planet on a joint mission.

The Man Who Felled Facebook

For Sharma, leaving his imprint in whatever job he is given is a habit which has won him not only followers but also adversaries

U.S. Blocks India’s Ambitious Solar Plans

India has been told that it cannot go ahead as planned with its ambitious plan for a huge expansion of its renewable energy sector.

India Protests UK Bid to Hike IT Visa Fees

The competitiveness of Indian companies would be adversely affected by a UK proposal to charge all employers recruiting non-EU migrants in the "skilled professionals" category £1,000 per year.

Google's Waze Plans Bigger Play in India

Google's Waze Exploring Tie-ups With local startups for stronger foray in India

Indian-origin Techie Jailed For Sending Malware in US

33-year-old Indian-origin techie has been sentenced to more than two years in jail and ordered to pay over $300,000 in fine for sending a malware to his former employer's servers that caused financial losses.

India Still on 'Disappointed Zuckerberg's Radar

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is disappointed with the Indian telecom regulator's rule that ousted Free Basics from the country,

Is India’s $3.6 Smartphone Too Good to be True

The handset, from Ringing Bells is a 3G smartphone with specifications similar to phones at least 15 times more expensive.

India to House World’s Third Gravitational Wave Observatory

India will house world’s third Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory (LIGO-India) to detect gravitational waves, similar to the two detectors in the US.

Send 10k PhD Students Each Year to US

Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy has said India and the US should work on an agreement to send 10,000 Indian students to the US to do their PhDs

Why is Mark Zuckerberg angry at critics in India?

Mark Zuckerberg is feeling the force of critics who believe his effort to provide Indians with free access to a limited number of internet services hurts India's democracy and violates net neutrality.

What Facebook is Doing to Push Free Basics in India

It’s hard to miss Facebook’s aggressive advertising campaign for Free Basics, the company’s controversial programme to bring millions of unconnected Indians online.

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