Facebook Fire Challenge Faces Criticism

In the so-called Facebook 'fire challenge', flammable liquid is poured over the body and lit. The person then has to dive into a pool before the flames take hold.

Modi is a Social Media Wizard Says US Study

PM Modi is turning out to be a savvy social media superstar whose online postings are reshaping his public image as a technology-capable leader aligned with the aspirations of a new Indian modernity.

MIT Scientists Decode Mystery of the Dress

MIT scientists have cracked the science behind the dress that went viral on the internet after some saw it as black and blue while others perceived it to be gold and white.

Silicon Valley Effect

Indians learn to 'fail fast' as tech start-up culture takes root.

Venkat Panchapakesan, YouTube’s Engineering Chief

YouTube's engineering chief, who enabled a lot of the free flowing content, lost a months-long battle to cancer earlier this week and passed away in Silicon Valley

First Indian City to Offer Google Street View

While Street View has been extensively used in the US, Canada, and many European countries, its applications in India have been limited so far.

Study Art of Taking Selfies

Taking the perfect selfie is no less than an art form especially when anyone and everyone with a smartphone is taking one.

Can Indian IT Firms Sustain Growth

The bloom is coming off the rose for many Indian IT services firms.

Aadhaar is World’s Largest Biometric ID System

The Aadhaar card has emerged as probably the world's largest biometric identification programmes.

Net Neutrality Activists in India Hate Facebook

Activists say participants are getting an unfair advantage over competing services

India’s Fight For Net Neutrality

A battle that could decide the future of the internet in India is being fought online, between telecom users and operators.

Countries Line up to India for Satellite launches

With new offers in hand, Isro's commercial wing Antrix is all set to become a major player in providing satellite launch services to its international customers.

Indian Companies Shun

A group of Indian technology and internet companies have pulled out of Facebook's initiative, fearing it threatens the principle of "net neutrality".

TCS Accused in US Lawsuit

Steven Heldt said 95 per cent of Tata's 14,000-person US workforce descend from South Asia, primarily India.

PIO Students Steal the Show at US Science Fair

President Obama recognized immigrants' contribution that has enabled continued US dominance in science and technology.

In Support of Net Neutrality

Airtel Zero will make Internet a luxury for Indians.

H1-B Visa Application Cap Reached Within 5 Days

The U.S. will now conduct a lottery system to allocate the visas highly popular among IT professionals from countries like India.

What's Cooking

A food startup and how it works.

Facebook May Make You Depressed

Frequent Facebook use may be associated with a higher risk of depressive symptoms.

Dharavi Shows the Smart Way

A group of fearless residents in a Mumbai slum holds up a smartphone against violence

M-Zero India's First Supercar

M-Zero looks absolutely radical and flaunts a stunning design.

Prank Proves Taj Mahal is Perfect for Pac-Man

As an April Fools’ Day prank, Google Maps added a feature that turns some roads into the classic Pac-Man game.

The Dangers of India's Online Content Moderation

Online content moderation - cleaning up social media sites of illicit, explicit and undesirable content - is a booming business in India.

Solar Impulse

A fuel-free aeroplane has taken off from the Indian city of Ahmedabad city on the third leg of its historic attempt to fly around the world.

Facebook and the Big Indian Blockade

India stands second after the US in a list of countries for the number of government requests to Facebook .

Facebook Biggest Drain on Smartphone Performance

It seems that the more socially connected you are, the more likely your smartphone's battery is running almost on empty.

10 Indian-Americans Elected to US Engineering Academy

Election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to American engineers.

Good Deal

Why India’s mobile users go offline for video.

Why Top IT Firms Are Changing Course

After decades of low-margin work like server maintenance, India's information technology services firms are moving upscale in search of lucrative contracts.

Google Capital Sets Sights on India

More evidence of global investors’ growing interest in India’s startups: Google’s new investment arm is setting up shop in the country.

US Cybersnoops on Foes & Friends

It's no secret that the United States believes in and has been spying on adversaries and allies alike through means human and technical.

Kerala Girl a Step Away From Ticket to Mars

Kerala girl Shradha Prasad's dream of settling down on Mars is inching towards reality.

Google to Inflate Balloon Internet in India

Google’s Wi-Fi enabling balloons may soon dot Indian skies.

IIT Students Helped Aam Aadmi Party Stump BJP

The massive sweep of AAP is, in part, being attributed to its successful and well-planned social media campaign.

Techies Under Lens in ISIS-wary Cyberabad

Information technology (IT) companies in the city may soon be snooping on their employees' surfing habits to check if they are accessing terror-related information on the internet.

Law Stopping India From Producing the Next Facebook or Twitter

The ecosystem is even harder for certain types of online businesses, and that's because of the rules contained within the Information Technology Act.

Techies Join Hands Against IT Firm Job Cuts

Fear of large scale retrenchment for the first time prompted professionals from the IT industry to come together under one platform to initiate a joint struggle.

Nuturing Innovation

Why does Geography feel less critical to innovation these days.

Google Launches Flight Searches in India

Google Inc. on Tuesday launched flight searches in India, intensifying competition in the online travel agency space.

Phone Pioneer

Mr Bhasin set up India's first call centre in 1998 with just 18 employees taking calls in an office where the booths were divided by saris hanging from the ceiling.

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