Five Indian Firms Among Forbes' Most Innovative

Five Indian companies, including Hindustan UnileverBSE -0.22 % and Tata Consultancy Services, are among Forbes' list of the world's 100 most innovative companies that investors think are most likely to "generate big, new growth ideas".

Indian Health Portal Match Maker For Doctors Abroad

The portal serves as a "match maker" between public and private medical institutions in India and from around the globe.

Indain Makes Google Glass Clone for $100

While it took Google over a year to build its augmented-reality goggles, Google Glass, Arvind Sanjeev says he was able to replicate it in less than a month.

Google’s Doodle Features Independent India’s First Stamp

The blue colour stamp with the Indian tricolour is the doodle that comes up when you open the Google’s India homepage.

Rupert Murdoch Reboots Internet Play in India

The media giant is rebooting tactical investments as part of a strategy to aggressively expand the group's digital play in markets like India.

Techie Hiring Case in US Takes a New Turn

In Silicon Valley Hiring Case, a New Player at the Table

Live Streaming of Family Events a Rage among NRIs

IT experts view this trend as an extension of webinars, that is, technology enabled live conferences.

Grandma’s Tales

While most of the grannies are from UK, US and Australia — only one is from India

4 Indians Among Fortune’s list of 20 Extraordinary Technology Czars

Fortune's maiden ‘Big Data All-Stars’ lists the 20 extraordinary people who are ‘‘the best at connecting the dots and digging deep.’’

Shining Schoolbag Idea Lights up Slum Children’s Lives

Attach solar panels to schoolbags that collect energy during the day to power an LED light in the night.

The Indian-American Finger on US Nuclear Button

It has emerged that an Indian-American finger is on the US nuclear launch button, illustrating Washington's vote of confidence in the country's diversity.

Hindu Mythology-based Card Game Captures Gamers' Attention

A strategy card game, unique for being based on Hindu mythology, has recently hit the market, capturing the attention of a sizable number of gamers.

Delhi Gets its First Internet De-addiction Centre

In the post-digital world, here's a first for the capital. An NGO has launched Delhi's first internet de-addiction centre.

Tuk-tuk to London

In 2015, one ambitious Indian engineer plans to take his solar-powered tuk-tuk all the way from Bangalore to London in 90 days.

China's Apple Comes to India

Xiaomi has on Tuesday launched its first smartphone for the Indian market

E-Tailing Creates Mexican Wave in India

The fast-growing online retail industry is set to take a larger chunk of the overall e-commerce

Wristband by Indian-American Shocks You Into Working

An Indian-American has invented a wristband that nudges people wearing it to finish work on time and remain fit by giving a mild electric shock if they fail to achieve their fitness goals or miss deadlines.

Modi’s Digital India Dream to Come True

The new scheme would take forward the announcement made in President Pranab Mukherjee’s address to Parliament saying that it would be the “backbone” of the government’s “new ways of working”.

India Figures Out Science of Rocket Dollars

When Modi quipped that India's Mars mission cost less than the Hollywood movie 'Gravity', what was left unsaid was that the government's space commerce company has been making more money every year.

Being Facebook's Guinea Pig

Facebook is under fire over news that it deliberately tweaked the content on people's News Feeds to study the effect of emotions on the site.

Google Shutting Down Orkut Social Network

Google said it is shutting down Orkut, its "first foray into social networking.

India PM Modi Overtakes White House on Twitter

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has narrowly overtaken the White House on Twitter, a study of political use of the social network has found.

Are We Legitimising Cyber Abuse

Apps like Secrets or Confession pages on Facebook only manage to extend a sense of legitimacy to it.

Inside the World of Online Dating in India

Sites like Sirf Coffee and the others try to sell the idea of a mediated experience, instead of online dating.

Facebook is Becoming Google

Can anyone - including Google - stop the Facebook juggernaut from taking over the internet?

A Bankrupt Man Used Facebook To Become a Millionaire

Three years ago, Fyk was bankrupt, in jail, and borderline suicidal. He used Facebook to turn his life around.

Picture Perfect

Is it time to retire the ‘other’ camera?

TCS May Soon be World's Second Biggest Tech Employer

It could become the second largest employer this year, crossing Hewlett-Packard, and would be fast closing in on leader IBM.

Right to be Forgotten Poses a Legal Dilemma in India

The “right to be forgotten” judgment has raised a controversy, while some argue that it upholds an individual’s privacy, others say it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Smartwear Revolution Promises Healthier Lives

A new generation of wearable technology is promising not only to log data about users' health but to predict and avert crises

Tinker, Solder and Engineer

The Great Indian Jugaad—that unique desi talent for cobbling together disparate items and producing something that may look incredible, but somehow gets the job done. In fact, this is the dream that is driving a handful of Indian techies to usher in the Makerspace culture.

India: The Power of One Billion

The world's fastest growing mobile market remains relatively untapped - but tread lightly, there still be dragons

Swedish Artist Plans to Send First House to Moon

A Swedish artist is raising funds to send the first house to the Moon in 2015, which will self assemble within minutes on the lunar surface.

Sachin, Shah Rukh Among 100 Most Obsessed-Over People on Web

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan are among the 100 most "obsessed-over people" on the web,

How London Techies Helped Modi Create Campaign Buzz

A London-based company – Musion – helped Narendra Modi rewrite the rules of political communication in India

Prime Minister of India for Half an Hour

19-year-old who inadvertently grabbed the "Prime Minister of India" Twitter handle - the same one India's top leaders are now tussling over.

PMO Twitter Account to be Handed Over to Modi

A Twitter war erupted when the @PMOIndia handle was archived and its 1.24 million followers "transported" to a new account by the office of outgoing prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Been there, drone that: Pizza Air-delivery in Mumbai

it was a first for a product delivery Amazon has only planned.

Indian IT firms Set to Cash in on $20-bn Obamacare

Obama’s initiative to provide affordable health insurance and cheaper healthcare to all Americans could provide a $20-billion business opportunity for Indian IT companies over the next five years.

Microsoft Playing Mother Hen to Dozens of Indian Startups

When the latest batch of 16 startups graduates, Microsoft’s Accelerator programme in India would have incubated a total of 50 Internet startups.

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