Cruising From Indian Shores to Get Easier And More Exciting

A global consultant appointed by the Union shipping ministry to prepare an action plan for the development of cruise tourism in India has zeroed down on five probable international cruise circuits.

British Airways Chief Denies IT Glitch Due to Outsourcing to India

Chief Executive of the British Airways Alex Cruz on Monday ruled out resigning over the crippling flight disruption and maintained that the computer glitch had nothing to do with cutting costs or outsourcing IT services to India.

Inside India's New Homemade Luxury Train

The Tejas Express has begun running between Mumbai and the tourist state of Goa.

India's New Homemade Luxury Train

The Tejas Express has begun running between Mumbai and the tourist state of Goa.

NRI Tourists Footfall Ups India's Ranking in International Arrivals

The decision of the Ministry of Tourism to count arrivals of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) tourists under a separate head has boosted the ranking of India in the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Goa, Singapore Most Preferred by Indian Tourists This Summer

While travelling overseas, short haul destinations were among the most preferred among Indians this summer.

Why General Motors Has Given up on The Indian Consumer

General Motors’ (GM’s) decision to stop selling cars in India this week is driven partly by global compulsions.

Bengaluru to Mysuru: A Writer’s Life

Visiting R.K Narayan’s house in Mysuru, which is now a museum.

General Motors Calls it Quits on Auto sales in Once-promising India

General Motors said it plans to stop selling vehicles in India and shed its operations in South Africa by the end of 2017, a move that continues the automaker's retreat from parts of the world where its profits were lagging so it can focus on profitable regions.

Africa Beckons Indian Tourists

India has turned out to be the best performing market for South Africa, with a growth of 21 per cent in 2016,

Delhi to Alwar: Among The Ruins

Forts, hills and a dab of the paranormal.

US to Seek Social Media Details From Certain Visa Applicants

State department wants five years' worth of social media handles for some visa applicants.

South Africa Targets Over 1,00,000 Tourists From India in 2017

South Africa, southernmost tip of the African continent, is all geared up to welcome more than 1,04,000 tourists from India this year .

Chinese, Indian Travelers Continue to Rise in UAE

The UAE continues to be an increasingly important destination for travelers from both China and India,

Live The Indian Summer

Summer is always when everyone is lying to everyone.

Serious Actions' On H-1B Visa Would Worry India

If there are serious actions taken it's something that's going to kind of worry us a lot.

Medical Tourism: Just What The Doctor Prescribed For India

The number of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) in India from the Gulf and the Middle East jumped 17 per cent in 2016 with the country emerging as a sought-after global destination for medical and wellness travel

Top Reason For Indians to Spend Money Abroad

Foreign travel—for the first time—has become the number one reason why Indian individuals spend money overseas.

Mumbai to Tarkarli: A Coastal Adventure

Exploring wonders above and below the ocean.

Air India Offers Discounted Star Award Redemption For Travel in US

Government-owned Air India on Saturday announced a discounted Star award mileage redemption offer for passengers planning to travel within the USA.

Reading The Dezz

The Great Indian Desert is a place of many mysteries, including clonal forests, pieces of missing time and, possibly, a dinosaur footprint

Indian Arrivals to Malaysia on The Rise

The demonetisation crisis might have put a dent on Indian outbound travel to Malaysia in 2016, but Malaysian agents are finally seeing signs of recovery from the market.

STB's Efforts in Wooing Tourists From India

STB is attempting to effectively reach out to Indian travellers in Tier 2 cities who rely on travel agents for travel bookings.

Air India Revokes Ban on MP Who Beat Employee

Air India has revoked a flight ban on a lawmaker who beat one of its employees, after government intervention.

Tougher H-1B Clause For IT Programmers

A new memorandum issued by the USCIS makes it mandatory to ensure a closer scrutiny of computer programmers using H-1B work visas.

Indian Travellers' Spend in South Australia Grows to AUD 28 Mn

The increase in spend can be attributed to a number of factors like shift in travelling habits by Indians who are now looking to spend more on experiences.

US Gadget Ban on Some Gulf Flights Boosts Air India Ticket Sales

Ticket sales of AI flights to the US jumped 60% after the country banned laptops in cabin bags on flights from the Gulf.

UAE Gets Visa on Arrival For Indians With US Visa

The UAE cabinet on Wednesday approved granting of on arrival visas to Indian citizens who hold US green card and visa.

Tougher H-1B Norms Open Dors For India's Real Talent

Programmers certified as eligible for H-1B in 2014 and 2015 were only about 12% of the total number of certified applicants.

Laptop Ban in Flight Cabins

Nearly 11 lakh US-bound Indian passengers to be hit.Around 82.6 per cent of the total traffic to the US from India transited via Middle East, Europe, North and South Asia in 2016, as per data from the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA).

Foreign Tourism Boards Rope in Bollywood Stars

International tourism boards were also seen leveraging social media feeds of Bollywood actors to promote destinations, cuisines and fun activities.

GCC Sees Massive Surge in Indian Tourists

India has been named the largest growing outbound tourism market in percentage terms.

Weary Flyers Shrug as Middle East Laptop Ban Takes Off

A controversial ban on carry-on laptops and tablets on flights from the Middle East to the United States and Britain went into effect today — with less fanfare and frustration than expected.

India Businesswoman Happy About Trump's Visa Curb

President Donald Trump has suggested he wants to reduce the number of short-term US visas for professional workers.

New Travel Ban Doesn't Keep US Safe

The revised executive order, temporarily halting entry to the United States for people from six Muslim-majority nations while dropping Iraq from the list, "does not make US safe", top Indian-American lawmakers.

US Ignores India, Puts Priority H-1B Visas on Hold

The Trump administration on Friday temporarily suspended the expedited premium processing of H1B visas as part of its squeeze on what it said is an overloaded guest worker program.

First Flight Around The World With an All-women Crew

An Indian airliner says it has made the first passenger flight around the world operated by an all-women crew.

Singapore Registers Rise in Tourists From India

This is partly because of increased arrivals from tier-I and II cities from the country in response to the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) intense marketing campaign.

UK Needs to do More on Students Visa Issue

The UK needs to do more on the students visa issue despite the "pluses" from British Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement about special categories of visas

Malaysia Announces Free E-visas For Indians

Sustainable tourism development was no longer a mere cliche but a major contributor to a more environmentally responsible economy.

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