What Divorce And Separation Tell us About Modern India

More people are separated than divorced in India because of stigma associated with divorce, and the time taken in resolving disputes in the slow-moving Indian courts.


Indian-Americans in Trump's Advisory Committee

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has appointed Indian-Americans into his Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee.

2 Indians Charged With Visa Fraud In New Jersey

Harpreet Sachdeva, 26, and Sanjeev Sukhija, 35, currently on a foreign worker visas and living in New Jersey have been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit visa fraud.

$200,000 Can Get You a Home in Mars

Arrange $200,000 and entrepreneur and founder of US spacecraft firm SpaceX Elon Musk will take you there.

US Daily Tells Pakistan to Not Test Modi's Patience

Modi is practicing restraint for now, but Islamabad can't rely on that continuing.

Google Pushes Into India With Free Wi-fi

Google is to roll out a comprehensive public wi-fi platform in India, as part of its bid to get more people using its services.

NRI Investment Patterns Become Realistic

There is a change in dynamics of NRIs’ investments in Indian property from being investors and speculators, to future end-user buyers.

Some NRI Men Abandon Wives in India: UK Report

Some British Indian men are among a broader South Asian group in the UK who are guilty of mistreating and abandoning their wives in their countries of origin.

India Should Not Just Boycott SAARC, But Exit It Completely

The impending cancellation of the SAARC Summit is an opportunity to disband this sterile body and forge a new South Asian alliance.
Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 01:17 EDT

Indian-Origin Lawyer With Nazi Symbol Shoots 9 In US

An Indian-origin lawyer in military style clothing emblazoned with a swastika pointing to his Nazi sympathies went on an early morning shooting rampage.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 00:45 EDT

Congress Delegation in UK to Woo Punjabi NRIs

The Punjab Assembly elections are just round the corner and the Congress is not taking any chances this time.

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:33 EDT

Indian Footballer Aditi Makes Stellar Comeback in UK

Last year, the 24-year-old Chauhan became the first Indian female footballer to play for a professional club in the United Kingdom.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 07:05 EDT

Donald Trump to Speak to Indian-Americans About Making America Great Again

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has praised the Hindu community's "fantastic" contributions to world civilisation and American culture.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 01:15 EDT

India Pulls Out of Key Regional Summit Hosted by Pakistan

India has pulled out of a key regional summit in Pakistan because of what it has called "increasing cross-border terrorist attacks in the region".

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 00:44 EDT

US-India-Nepal Alliance: Countering China

The policy of ‘non-alignment’ has no value now- so, where Nepal wants to incline for its betterment is a burning question.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 00:43 EDT

Sacked British-Pakistani Actor Sorry For India Twitter Madness

A Pakistan-born UK actor apologised Monday for using “unacceptable language” about Indians, which saw him fired from Britain’s most popular TV soap.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 00:41 EDT

China Remains India's Primary Security Challenge

China remains India's primary security challenge because of its assertiveness on the border dispute, a report by a think-tank in the UK said today.

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:38 EDT

South Asia's Disposable Women

A new report has called for the practice of some British Asian men mistreating women and leaving them soon after getting married in South Asia, to be treated as a form of domestic violence.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 06:43 EDT

I Eat For Instagram

How social media has changed the way we consume, see, present and shop for food.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 06:41 EDT

Why India's Commercial Space Programme is Thriving

India's ability to launch multiple satellites in a single mission has also put it on firm footing in the global market.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 06:37 EDT

India to Ratify Paris Climate Deal in October

India, one of the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters, will ratify the Paris global climate agreement pact next month

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 01:24 EDT

Indian Owners of East India Company Are Betting on Its Future

East India Company was established by English merchants 400 years ago and ruled India between 1611 and 1858 after which the British crown took over the administration.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 00:40 EDT

Why is Google Focusing on India

Google released a series of products in India Tuesday to connect more of the country’s 1.3 billion people to the world, even if they have poor or no internet connection.

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:41 EDT

Interest of Global Tech Giants Revives in Indian Startup Space

Apple's recent acquisition of Indian machine-learning startup Tuplejump offers further evidence of a revival in the interest of global technology giants in the country's startup space, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure and automation.

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:35 EDT

CFL Firms Follow Rules in Europe But Not in India

The Centre today claimed before Delhi High Court that manufacturers of CFL bulbs, mostly multinational firms, do not want to adhere to the new e-waste management rules in India though they complied with similar regulations in Europe and other countries.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 01:16 EDT

India's Disturbing Oscar Entry Takes on Police Torture

A thriller in Tamil language has been chosen as India's official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars.

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:42 EDT

6-Year-Old Indian Chef On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

YouTube sensation and young chef Nihal Raj, also known as Kicha, showcased his cookery skills on the popular American chat show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016 02:40 EDT

Police to Investigate Coronation Street Actor Marc Anwar's Tweets

Police have said they are investigating comments made by the Coronation Street actor Marc Anwar about Indians as a potential hate crime.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 06:49 EDT

Ten Bollywood Musical Dramas

From ‘Aashqui 2’, ‘Rockstar’ to ‘Taal’, Bollywood revels in weaving its plots around music.

Monday, Sep 26, 2016 06:50 EDT

15 Hilarious Observations That Are 100% True For Indians

No matter what part of the country or the world we go to, there are certain mannerisms and habits that are so inherent to us Indians, they bind us.

Thursday, Sep 22, 2016 02:32 EDT

The Majesty And Mystery of India's Sacred Banyan Trees

The fig tree has shaped humanity in profound and mysterious ways—and none is as awesome to behold as the banyan.

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 02:25 EDT

Bizarre And Beautiful Places to See in India

From haunted forts to snacking with the dead, some of the quirkiest tourist places in India.

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2016 03:32 EDT

NRI Businessman Owns 22 Apartments in Burj Khalifa

An Indian mechanic-turned-businessman owns an incredible 22 apartments in the popular Burj Khalifa.

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Indian American Political Tango

Trust Indians to add a touch of exaggerated theatrics to the U.S. presidential elections.

Congressional Moonshot

2016 is distinctive in the number of Indian Americans who have a serious shot at entering the U.S. Congress.

Meringue Over Mithais

If there were ever a beauty pageant for desserts, the exquisitely elegant French pastries would win hands down.

Are Stage Actors Really Superior to Screen Actors

Theater is a sacred communion with the muse, while cinema is, at best, a fantastic one-night stand.

Gold Plated Illusions

The national obsession with India’s performance in the Olympics is misdirected.

Behind the God-Swapping in The South African Indian Community

Hinduism is a religion of vast diversity with different philosophical views and religious practices.

The Spice is Right

Chefs in India say it is also an exciting time as many Michelin star chefs are travelling to India to experience real Indian cuisine.
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