China Beckons Indian Wedding Planners

Tying the knot at Kunming or taking the path to marital bliss at Dali could soon become a fad.

Palanquins and Cars

Museum traces evolution of Indian transport

India to Overtake US in Smartphones

India will overtake the US as the second largest market for smartphones in the world by 2016.

Lord Hanuman Had a Son

In fact, he also did not know that he had a son, who was quite brave and valiant.

Since 2008, 52 Indian Millionaires Moved to UK

52 millionaires have moved to Britain since 2008 under a visa category targeted at ‘high net worth individuals’ that allows them to gain permanent residence here on a fast-track basis.

Wipro’s Holmes Will Challenge & Partner IBM’s Watson

Wipro CTO KR Sanjiv says it will be more partnership than competition.

For a Sliding Congress, No Sign of Achhe din

Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir continued the downward spiral of Congress, raising questions if the party's bad times would abate anytime soon.

India’s Birth Rate Shrinks

India’s birth rate declined dramatically in the last two decades.

The U.S. And India - Indispensable Partners

India has a strong incentive to legislate and to enforce a world-class intellectual property rights regime: an interest it shares with the United States.
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 00:19 EST

NRIs Likely to Get Voting Rights Soon

Ahead of the annual Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas, the government on Monday assured the NRI community that it is working on providing them voting rights.

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:37 EST

Our Girl at Noma

What Garima Arora, the only woman in the hot kitchen of the world’s most celebrated restaurant, learnt—and unlearnt

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 00:00 EST

Tulsi's Journey From War Zone to US Congress

Gabbard, one of the first two female combat veterans and first Hindu member in the US Congress, volunteered to join the military.

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 04:31 EST

US Senate Confirms Amit Mehta As Federal Judge

Indian-American Amit Priyavadan Mehta has been confirmed by the US Senate as a federal judge in the District of Columbia, becoming the first Asian Pacific American to occupy this important position.

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:34 EST

Narendra Modi Tops Global Leaders’ List

Prime minister Narendra Modi is the number one global leader when it comes to citizens approving the development strategy of their respective countries.

Friday, Dec 19, 2014 01:39 EST

Mumbai Attacks Mastermind Bailed in Pakistan

A man accused of masterminding the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks has been granted bail by a court in Pakistan.

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 00:00 EST

Italy Recalls Envoy to India

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told parliamentarians this did not mean Italy wished to cut diplomatic ties with New Delhi.

Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 01:49 EST

Intoxicating Freedom

For just over 14 years Goa, India's smallest state, remained under Portuguese rule despite the rest of India having won independence from the British in 1947.

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 00:21 EST

Spy Agencies' Failure Resulted in 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

In one of the most glaring intelligence failures, spy agencies of the United States, Britain and India failed to join the dots gathered after their high-tech surveillance

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:46 EST

Africans in India: From Slaves To Rulers

India and Africa have a shared history in trade, music, religion, arts and architecture, but the historical link between these two diverse regions is rarely discussed.

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:43 EST

India's Sanskrit Speaking Village

Mattur, in Shimoga districtl appears quite oblivious of the raging debate in India over the recent government order to replace German with Sanskrit in central schools.

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:31 EST

IITians Give Up Fat Pay For Social Work

It's no longer a mad pursuit to get seven-figure salaries for these IIT students; it's a quest for their dreams that matters to them.

Monday, Dec 22, 2014 01:40 EST

The Make in India Dream

It is useful to look at disaggregated data at the state level to get a better idea about the performance of manufacturing in India

Friday, Dec 19, 2014 00:26 EST

On SpiceJet, Buffett Trumps Jhunjhunwala

SpiceJet crisis highlights the perils of airline investing

Friday, Dec 19, 2014 00:24 EST

India Becomes Third-largest Market for Dell

Growing at close to 50% in the last one year, India has now become Dell's third largest market in terms of revenue after US and China.

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 02:53 EST

Why Are NRI's Sending More Money Back India

Remittances Zoom as NRIs Pump Back More Dollars on Falling Rupee

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 02:01 EST

Bollywood's Baby Boom

The year 2014 seems to have beeen a very good year for Bollywood couples as many have had new members join their family.

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 01:48 EST

PK Could be Biggest Bollywood Debut in US

Aamir Khan film about alien who questions India’s myriad religious creeds, gets strong opening

Friday, Dec 19, 2014 01:18 EST

Kochi in India is Hosting its Second Art Biennale

In a country with so much poverty, is it fair to spend so much on an arts festiva

Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014 06:29 EST

The Conch On The Khadi

The Gandhi centres are now run as legacies, and then there’s the covert saffronisation bid

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 02:50 EST

Incredible India Stories of 2014

Leopards, tigers and an army of monkey impersonators, 2014 was a year that reminded us that man has not yet conquered nature in India.

Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 01:32 EST

Astrologer Predicts How You'll be Raped

Even though people on social media are lashing at the bizarre astrolger, what’s depressing is that TV9 continues to run the show.

Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 01:11 EST

Nightie Wars

A woman’s group tries to fine those wearing nighties outside homes; inadvertently rakes up a long buried style issue.

Tuesday, Dec 09, 2014 00:51 EST

An Entire Village in Mumbai to Steal From Weddings

In an astonishing revelation that has put cops on high alert, an entire village has entered the city to steal from weddings.

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Globalizing the Indian Diet

The 21st century Indian professional is a global citizen. Well read, well travelled and yes, well fed! She knows her blue cheese from a feta, pita bread from a naan, dim sum from a momo. T

Is the Sheen Rubbing Off The National Film Awards

“The National Awards, sadly, are no longer what they used to be, with the favoritism, regionalism,politics and quid-pro-quo rampant. However, compared to the scores of others they are still streets ahead.

Canned in Cannes

The awkward fact remains that although Bollywood is the world’s largest movie factory, we don’t register even a hiccup in this gala, global, mega feast. Historically we have been conditioned and programmed to believe that it’s not the winning or losing, but participation that is the key.

Are Writers Performers

In a world awash with new tools for communication and engagement, the symbolism, mystique and magic of anonymity, however seductive, is losing ground to new anthems celebrating the spirit of contact, connection and interaction.

Lone Gray Wolf: Black & White’s Last Stand

The scene is a sidewalk just beyond the rather overdone Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, and the camera in question is less instrument, more living fossil — built by the Carl Zeiss company in 1860, it is nearly three times as old as independent India.

B-School for Rural Indian Women

The women who have been educated at MDBS have little in common with the well-heeled students in MBA programs around the world. They are an eclectic mix of ages ranging from 19 to 50. They include a potter, a spice and noodle maker, a seamstress, a goat and sheep herder, a farmer, a homemaker and a bangle vendor.

Seeking Silence

In this interview Iyer spoke on an unusual topic — the value of silence and stillness amid the rush of business.
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